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Well after all, we'll lie another day

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Frank POV!!!
I sit on the hard wood chair. Ray, Mikey and Rhiannon also sit on the other chairs in the room. Rhiannon plays with the hem of her Panic! t-shirt. She is wearing black skinny jeans and a zipper that has comic strips over it.
"So how's William and Tyrone?" I ask trying to make conversation. William and Tyrone are Rhiannon and Mikeys cats.
"Yeah still mischievous." She replies. I yawn and rub my eyes.
"God Frank you need to sleep." Mikey says.
"I can't. You know that." I say looking at Gerard.
"Well how about you sleep and we'll stay here until you wake up." It isn't really a question more of a demand. I grunt and fold my arms. I hate not seeing Gerard. "Please Frank." Mikey pleads.
"I'll try..." I say moving my chair closer to the hospital bed. I take Gerards hand in mine and lay my head on the bed. And to my surprise I fall asleep.

I wake up to someone shaking me.
"Frank wake up man. We need to go." Mikey says.
"Waa.." I say half awake. I sit up. "How long was I out?"
"A few hours. Listen I'll be back tomorrow try and relax a little." He says taking Rhiannons hand and leaving. Ray follows giving me a wave before he leaves. I stand up and stretch. The heart monitor beeps still. I walk over to the window, its beginning to get dark. What a great 31st birthday I had. I sigh and just stare at the cars driving below.
"Ugh...Frank?" I hear a groggy voice say. I turn to see Gerard awake. Awake I tell you.
"Oh my god. Gerard." I say rushing over to him and pulling him into a hug. He winces in pain and I pull away. "Did I hurt you?" I panic.
"No no." He replies holding his arms out again."Happy Birthday baby!"
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