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Asleep or Dead.

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Frank POV!!!!

"How did you know." I ask pulling him closer but being careful not to hurt him.
"It says the date on the machine." he replies. I bury my face into his neck, the tears spilling over. Thank god he's ok. My body shakes as the tears continue to fall.
"Hey. Hey shh. Why are you crying?" he says pulling away to look at me.
"They're happy tears Gee." I manage. He smiles and pulls me to him.

Gerard POV!!!
I must have put him through hell. Is Mikey and Ray ok?
"How long was I out?" I ask knowing I'll regret asking. Frank stays silent for a while.
"A few weeks..." he replies in a whisper. I gasp. God well at least it was me instead of Frank. "Are the guys alright?"
"Yeah they're fine. I thought I was going to loose you Gee, you dont know how happy I am right now." he says pulling away and standing up and smiling. I smile back. He looks exausted. I try and sit up more but the pain in my chest stops me. Frank rushes over to help me. He puts a pillow behind my head and sits on a chair. I take his hand and stroke it with my thumb. He relaxes a little but not much.
"Oh! I need to call Mikey and Ray!" he says standing up.
"No dont. I just want to be with you right now." I say
"Ok but I need to go tell the doctor. I'll be back in a minute." and with that he walks out of the room.

Mikey POV!!!

Oh god I'm nervous. What if she says no. I have taken Rhi out on a little date. The ring in my pocket feels as if its burning through. We have just finished desert and I am waiting for the right moment. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Ok I'm ready. I get up from my chair and kneel down beside Rhi. She looks puzzeled.
"Rhi for the past two years you have made me so happy. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." I take the box from my pocket and reveal the ring inside. "Rhiannon Christine June Kiloh... Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?"
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