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Tears Are Words, The Heart Can't Express.

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Mikey POV!!!

Everything seems to go in slow motion as I watch her. She lifts her hand to her mouth and tears fall from her eyes. She holds out her hand and nods. YES! I put the ring on her finger and hug her.
"God I love you so much!" She says still crying. The whole restaurant cheers and congratulations come from everywhere. I can't wait to tell everyone.

Ray POV!!!

I sit in the bar and take a swig of my bottle. The bar has very few people in it. I guess eveyone is to busy with their kids going trick or treating. I wonder if I would have kids by now.
"Would you like another one?" I look up to see a girl on the other side of the bar. She has long black hair.
"Nah I'm good thanks." I reply.
"You been stood up?" She asks.
"No." I reply looking down at my bottle. She sighs and holds out her hand.
"Autumn." She says.
"Ray." I reply taking her hand.
"I finish in a while. If you like I'll sit with you." She says.
"If you like but I'm not great company if I'm honest." I say smiling a little. She laughs and goes into the back.
She comes back several minutes later with her jacket and bag. She walks round to the side I'm on and she sits on the stool next to me. She has a glass of what I presume to be coca cola in her hand. She takes a sip from the straw.
"So why are you lonesome?" She asks looking at me curiously.
"Just wanted to get away for a while." I reply.
"From what?" She asks. I feel like I can trust her and all my feelings are welling up inside and I begin to tell her everything.
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