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Move Your Body When The Sunlight Dies. Everybody Hide Your Body From The Scarecrow.

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Ray Pov!!!

"And he's still in the hospital." I finish. Autumn places her hand on mine and smiles.
"You've been through so much." A tear rolling down her cheek. I smile back and wipe the tear away. She blushes and looks to the floor.
"So what's a pretty girl like you doing working in here? I mean you could easily be a model." I say. Why the fuck did I say that?! I mentally slap myself for saying it.
"That's a very imaginative chat up line you used there my friend." She laughs.
"Um yeah." I laugh rubbing the back of my neck.
"Autumn the bar is closing in a few so finish your drink." Says a man behind the bar. I look around to see no one else but us two in the bar. Where the fuck did they all go?
"Ok Ryan." She replies taking one last sip from her glass and handing it to Ryan. I finish my bottle and put it in the trash.
" you wanna um hang around for a while?" I ask nervously.
"Sure. Where to?" She replies.
"Um...we could go to my house but you don't need to if you dont-" I say but she cuts me off.
"Your house if fine." She says smiling. I smile back like and idiot and she ruffles my hair.


We are sitting in my living room drinking and talking. She has told me a bit about herself. She likes to write and she likes a whole load of music. We are interrupted by my phone ringing. I fish in my pocket for it and look to see it is Mikey that is calling.
"Hey Mikes!" I says cheerfully.
"Hey I have something to tell you." He says with so much excitement I think he might burst.
"Ok calm down. What is it?" I say laughing. Autumn looks at me curiously.
"Ok. Ok. I asked Rhiannon to marry me and she said yes!" He says. I think he has burst now. My jaw drops and it takes a second to regain myself.
"That's awesome congrats!" I reply 'You're going to make each other so happy!"
"Yeah. Thanks I'm going to tell Frank tomorrow. I'll talk to you later. Night." He says
"Night." I say hanging up. I turn to Autumn and start to explain.
"Its okay I heard. That's so cute!" She says. I nod my head in agreement. A sudden sadness washes over me as I think of what could have been. Autumn must have noticed cause she moves closer to me and cups my face with her hand. I lift my hand and place it on top of hers. I look into those beautiful eyes and I move closer until our lips touch. Sparks begin to fly.
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