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In The Middle Of A Gunfight!

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Gerard POV!!!

"Well you're a lot better but we'll keep you a few more days just to make sure. Try and walk about a little." Says the doctor. I nod and smile as she leaves the room. Frank is looking out of the window. I could see he was trying his best not to fuss over me while the doctor was here.
"Frankie?" His head snaps round at the sound of my voice.
"Yeah." He replies walking over to me.
"Can you help me out of bed?" I ask smiling. He seems to hesitate before nodding. He takes my hand. I swing my legs round to the side of the bed so that my feet are touching the cold tile floor. Frank holds my hand tighter and puts a hand on my back while I pull myself up. I wobble a little but regain my balance.
"I'm all good now. You can let go." I say. He reluctantly let's go but stays beside me, ready to catch me if I fall. I take a few unsteady steps to the window and look out to the world below. I smile like and idiot. I look at what I'm wearing. Oh god its a fucking hospital gown. I laugh and shake my head in disapproval.
"What's so funny?" Frank asks wide eyed. I just keep nodding my head and laugh harder which makes my chest ache.
"I can't believe I'm wearing this." I say once I've composed myself. Suddenly a thought crosses my mind. "Frank where are we?"
"Jersey. Why?" He replies.
"...just wondering...could you go home and get me some clothes?" I ask.
"Sure. You want a coffee before I go?" He says. My eyes light up at the word coffee.
"Yes!" I say far too excitedly. Frank chuckles and leaves the room. I walk back to the bed and sit down. There are a whole load of get well soon cards on the bedside table. I pick one up and read it.
'To Gee
Get well soon bro. Missing you lots. Oh and you're getting a kick in the ass for no apparent reason...just thought I'd let you know.
Love Mikey and Rhiannon xoxo'
Aww that's sweet. Rhiannon is such a sweet girl. She used to come over for dinner a lot. I put the card down and get another.
'To Gerard
Missing you man. Get well soon.
Ray xx'
Short and simple. I can't wait to see everyone again. Frank comes back into the room with two coffee cups in hand. I put the card down and take one of the cups from him. I take a sip.
"Hello my friend. I've missed you." I say to the cup. Frank laughs. I think things are getting better.
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