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Ray POV!!!

I wake up to a presence beside me. I turn my head to see Autumn peacefully sleeping and fully clothed might I add. Her hair is fanned across the pillow and her eyes move a little but she doesn't wake. I get up from the bed, get some clean clothes, a towel and head to the shower.
Turning on the water I don't bother to wait until it heats up. Its fucking cold! I quickly wash my hair and get out. I dry myself and put my clothes on and go back into the bedroom. Autumns eyes flutter open and a tired smile forms on her lips.
"Hey." I say sitting on the bed and drying my hair.
"Hey." She replies sitting up and running her hand through her dark wavy hair.
"Did you have a nice sleep?" I ask not really knowing what to say.
"Yeah." She says moving closer and kissing me. I close my eyes and drop the towel. Her fingers pull at my wet hair and I groan. Just as we are getting deeper into the kiss my phone rings. I reluctantly pull away and search for my phone. I find it under my pillow.
"Yello." I answer.
"Hey its Frank. I need to tell you something!" He says excitedly. I think I'm having deja vu like this happened yesterday with Mikey if I remember right.
"Yeah what is it?" I ask sitting back down beside Autumn.
"Gerard woke up last night after you left and the doc said he can leave in a few days!" He says joyfully.
"OH MY GOD! That's amazing. Do you mind if I come see him?" I say looking at Autumn.
"Sure that's why I called you. See you soon." He says and hangs up. I put the phone down and smile more.
"What?" Autumn asks.
"Gerard is awake. I'm going to go see wanna come?" I say standing up.
"Uh will they guys mind I mean I only just met you last night." She says rubbing the back of her neck.
"Sure they'll love you! What's there not to love." I say smiling even more which before now I didn't think was possible. Autumn smiles back. "If you like I'll drop you at your house to change." I say.
"Thanks that would be nice." She replies.


Autumn and I are walking to Gerards room hand in hand. We walk into the room to see Mikey, Rhiannon, Frank and a very awake Gerard who unsurprisingly is drinking coffee. Gerard is the only one that notices me coming in and his smile is so wide I'm worried his face will stay like that.
"Raaaaaaaay!" He says standing up. I notice he's wearing black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. Everyone turns and looks at us. Autumn shuffles nervously beside me. I squeeze her hand in reassurance.
"Hey Gee how ya doing?" I say hugging him while still holding Autumns hand.
"I'm feeling great and who's this pretty girl." He says taking Autumns hand. She blushes and hides behind her hair. I chuckle.
"This is Autumn." I reply.
"Hey Autumn!" Gerard says hugging her too. She blushes again. Cute. I take her over to a chair and make her sit on my lap.
"So when did you guys meet?" Rhiannon asks.
"Last night. I know it might sound a little sudden but well..." I trail off looking deeply into Autumns eyes. I hear and aww come from Rhiannon.
"Uh Frank, Gerard. Rhi and I have something to tell you." Mikey says standing and taking Rhiannons hand. Gerard sits on the bed and sips at his coffee. "We're getting married!"
"Oh my god. That's amazing Mikes." Gerard says getting up and hugging both Mikey and Rhiannon.
"Also Gee I would like you to be my best man." Mikey says. I see tears form in Gerards eyes but he manages to keep them back.
"Of course Mikey!" He says throwing his arms around him again. Frank smiles and hugs Rhiannon. This has been a great day!

Gerard POV!!!

God I love my brother and I know he is going to make Rhi very happy. All of that excitement has made me out of breath so I sit back on my bed and breathe deeply.
"Are you ok Gee?" Frank asks me rushing over.
"Yeah just got too excited." I reply smiling. He smiles back and sits beside me. I rest my head on his shoulder and watch the others talk.
"So Autumn what kind of things you into?" Mikey asks.
"Well I like writing..." She says.
"Oh have you got anything you can show us?" Rhiannon asks.
"Yeah I carry my notebook everywhere." She looks in her small bag and brings out a green note book. She flicks through the pages full of writing until she finds what she wants. "Sorry for any fuck ups." She says handing Rhiannon the book. I watch Rhiannon put her glasses on and begin to read while Frank strokes my hair and talks to Ray.
"Wow Autumn this is awesome. You're a great writer." Rhiannon says taking of her glasses and handing Autumn back her book.
"Uh thanks." Autumn says blushing and putting her notebook back in her bag. I have the urge to draw and thank god Frank brought my sketch book. I sit up and lean over to the bedside table where it sits. My chest aches a little but I ignore it. I wonder what I can draw. I can't think of anything from the top of my head. I decide to draw Autumn since she is the only one here I haven't drew.


Finished! Oh this looks really good Autumn has a very nice face to draw. I decided not to use colours to shade her and instead just made it black and white. I sign my name and date at the bottom and carefully rip the paper from the book.
"Autumn." I say handing her the drawing. She looks at it and smiles.
"Aww thanks this is awesome. Do you have any other drawings I can see?" She asks. I nod and hand her my sketchbook. She looks at the different drawing for a long time. Sometimes she outlines the pencil with her finger.
"Wow these are amazing." She says in awe. I blush and look away. So many people have said it before but it never fails to embarrass me.
"Hey everyone sorry but visiting times are over." Says a nurse. She walks out of the room.
"See you later." Ray says holding Autumns hand. She hands me my book before leaving. Mikey and Rhi say their goodbyes and leave too. I look lovingly at Frank as he closes the curtains.
"I love you Frank." I say when he turns round.
"I love you too." He replies smiling.
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