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Episode 16: The Strange girl

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who or what is the little girl that Rayne found. what hidden secret does that girl have that makes vampires nervous.

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Rayne: that guy was unbelievable. (She pauses.) I forgot about Luna!
(Rayne runs to Luna.)
Rayne: are you all right?
Luna: I'm fine Rayne.
Rayne: let me look at your wound.
Luna: what wound?
(Rayne looks at her stomach, and the wound is completely healed.)
Rayne: (To herself.) A moment ago she was bleeding, no there is no wound. How could she heal that fast? She heals faster than Vampires do.
Luna: Rayne.
Rayne: yeah.
Luna: thanks for saving me.
Rayne: I had a little help though.
Luna: I thank you both then.
Rayne: well, your welcome.
(Luna's stomach growls and she blushes.)
Rayne: that's right your hungry. Lets go in the restaurant.
(They enter and Rayne tells Luna to sit down. Rayne goes to the back to get food.)
Rayne: I hope you like Hamburgers and fries.
Luna: (Enthusiastic.) Yes I do.
(Rayne starts frying up the food.)
Luna: you know how to cook?
Rayne: Brimstone taught me.
(Rayne then serves Luna two hamburgers, with fries.)
Rayne: this should be enough.
Luna: thank you.
(Luna starts eating, but she eats the food in ten seconds.)
Rayne: you're a fast eater.
Luna: I hate to ask, but can I have more.
Rayne: more? You sure do eat a lot.
(Rayne whips up ten hamburgers and Luna starts eating in a fast pace.)
Rayne: (To herself.) This girl eats more than I do.
Luna: (Giving some to Rayne.) Here Rayne.
Rayne: no thanks, I'm not hungry. You eat it.
(Luna finishes her meal.)
Rayne: I have to step out for something. Stay here, I'll be back. Don't move.
Luna: yes Rayne.
(Rayne was lying. She was hungry, but she hardly eats human food. Her hunger was for blood. Rayne looks for vampires and finds one roaming the street.)
Rayne: come here.
Vampire: what you want?
Rayne: come here.
(The vampire comes to Rayne.)
Rayne: (In a sexual voice.) You are so sexy.
Vampire: I am.
Rayne: come closer.
Vampire: hell yeah.
(The vampire comes closer and Rayne grabs him and bites him on the neck, sucking the life out of the vampire. Then Rayne finishes and slices his body in half.)
Rayne: that was good. Now to go to Luna.
(Rayne arrives at the restaurant and doesn't see Luna.)
Rayne: Luna. Luna!
(Then Rayne hears a sound from the back. Rayne goes to the back and sees Luna eating Raw meat.)
Rayne: are you crazy.
(Rayne takes the meat away.)
Rayne: this is bad for you.
Luna: I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist the smell. It also tasted so good.
Rayne: (To herself.) I don't think this girl is human.
Luna: I'm sorry.
Rayne: that's okay. Now come on lets get you clothes and also a bath.
(Rayne goes to an empty building. Then Rayne goes into an apartment. She turns on a shower.)
Rayne: go in Luna the water is fine.
Luna: okay Rayne.
Rayne: take your shower and I'll look around here for kids cloths.
(Lucky for Rayne the apartment had the cloths she needed. She found sneakers and a shirt. She also found a pair of pants. Luna finishes her shower and Rayne dresses her.)
Luna: why are you doing all these things for me?
Rayne: I really don't know, maybe I don't want you to suffer through your childhood like I did. When I was little people told me I was a freak. I want you to be happy. I guess I have another mission. I have to kill Kagan, and protect the ones who need protecting.
(Rayne looks at Luna and sees Luna eyes closing.)
Rayne: your tired. I'll put you to bed.
(Rayne walks Luna to the Bedroom and tucks Luna in.)
Luna: thanks for everything.
Rayne: you deserved it, now go to asleep.
(Luna falls asleep moments later.)
Rayne: sweet kid. I guess I'll take a nap before I go looking for Kagan, but I'm in deep shit. Having this kid around can be a weakness. She would only hold me back.
(Rayne watches over Luna. Luna starts to struggle in her bed. She is dreaming. In her dream she running from a large hairy animal. The moon is full. Luna screams as she runs. The animal calls out, you can not escape your destiny. Then she wakes up screaming and crying. Rayne goes to Luna.)
Rayne: Luna, it's all right. I'm here. It was only a nightmare.
Luna: it was scary.
Rayne: don't worry. Your safe with me.
(Luna starts crying.)
Rayne: now, now, no more crying, just lay your head down and sleep. It was only a dream. In a couple of hours we will get out of here.
Luna: could you hold me.
Rayne: (To herself.) I'm getting soft. (To Luna.) Okay Luna.
(She holds Rayne and rocks her. Luna falls asleep, but Rayne notices that Luna's hair grew longer. Rayne ignores it though.)
Rayne: it's alright Luna, I'm here.
(Then Rayne falls asleep.)

(Meanwhile Shiva reports to Kagan.)
Shiva: Rayne is alive.
Kagan: so she's alive.
Shiva: yes.
(Ephemera enters.)
Ephemera: lets send the Roach Queen.
Kagan: ah, yes. Rayne has no chance against her. Ephemera, send her at once.
Ephemera: yes father. (She exits.)
Shiva: also Kagan, Rayne is walking with a little girl.
Kagan: a little girl?
Shiva: yes.
Kagan: I want her kidnapped.
Shiva: at once master. (He exits.)
Kagan: that girl will be Rayne's downfall. (He laughs.)

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