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Turn Away, Cause I'm Awful Just To See

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"Hey. Its okay." I say putting a hand on her back and rubbing it

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Melody POV!!!

I feel groggy when my wake up. I open my eyes. The room is blurry. I try to sit up put I just get nauseas. I lie back down. I look to my left and see a glass of water and two pills sitting on my table. I sit up and ignore pain in my head. I swallow the pills with the water and lie back down again. Every single noise seems to make my brain want to explode. I groan and roll onto my stomach. Shit. I sit up and get out of bed. I get a little dizzy as I run out of the room and down the stairs. I just make it to the toilet before I puke.

Gerard POV!!!

What's that? I open my eyes and look around. I can hear someone being sick. Melody. Frank has his arm round me and is sound asleep. Soft snores escape his mouth as he sleeps peacefully. I slowly take his arm off me and sit up. I kiss his head and go out of the room.
The bathroom door is wide open. Melody is hunched over the toilet puking her guts out. I go and kneel beside her.
"Hey. Its okay." I say putting a hand on her back and rubbing it. I use my other hand to keep her hair out of her face. She's sick for a little while longer. When she's done she leans on me. I reach up and flush the toilet. She rests her head on my chest and closes her eyes.
"Thanks for the painkillers." She says. "Not quite started working yet."
"What where you thinking?" I ask.
"I wasn't." She replies squeezing her eyes shut.
"First hangover huh?" I say.
"Yeah...I'm sorry." She replies.
"Its okay sugar. You needed to release the emotions inside you. You just didn't pick the best thing to do. I can't say much though that's exactly what I did." I say.
"What happened?" She asks opening her eyes and meeting mine.
"My grandmother died. I resorted to drink and drugs. And when my girlfriend Hayley died I went and got drunk. Frank helped me with Hayley. I told you about her right?" I ask.
"Yeah. She sounded great." She replies.
"She was. But she just wasn't right for me." I say.

Melody POV!!!

His eyes go distant after he says that. I put a hand on his face and his eyes come into focus again. He places his hand on mine and smiles.
"So what would you say is a better way to deal with it?" I ask.
"Well music really. That's the best thing for me." He replies.
"Oh right." I say.
"I think now is a good time to get Frank how to teach you guitar." He smiles.
"I guess its worth a shot." I say doing my best to make my smile real.
"Come on let's get you a back up to bed." He says. We slowly get up. He let's me rinse my mouth and wash my face before we go up to my room. I crawl under my duvet and he tucks me in. He then leaves the room silently and I try to fall asleep.

Gerard POV!!!

I creep into the room and get into bed. Frank is still asleep. I smile and put my arm around him. I'm not really in the mood for sleeping. Sit up so that I can see his face. His eyes move a little as he dreams. He rolls over onto his back which makes him closer to me. I play with his hair. He stirs a little but stays asleep.

A/N: its going to get to the main, exciting part of the story after the next two chapters. I would make it sooner but Melody has to build up her relationship a little more with Frank and Gerard before I can make anything exciting happen. R&R would be amazing! If I get a few then I'll try and make the chapters longer!
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