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When The Hangover Doesnt Pass

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"I don't know what to do Gee. I feel helpless." I say getting off him and bringing my knees to my chest.

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Frank POV!!!

The morning sun shines through the window as I wake up. I open my eyes to see Gerard looking at me with a soft smile on his face.
"Hey." I say softly smiling back.
"Hey." He replies moving my messy hair away from my face. He leans down and kisses me. I slip my tongue into his mouth and tangle my fingers in his hair. I roll us over so that I'm sitting on top of him. I pull away and begin kissing and biting his neck. He moans a little.
"F-frankie. We have a hungover teenager in the room upstairs. I don't...think this is the best time." He pants. "She was sick earlier." I stop kissing his neck and sit up.
"Is she okay?" I ask getting a little worried.
"Yeah. Its her first hangover. Always the worst in my opinion." He says.
"I don't know what to do Gee. I feel helpless." I say getting off him and bringing my knees to my chest. Tears begin to roll down my cheeks. "I feel like this might be our fault. Maybe we're not supporting her enough."
"Hey, hey, hey. Shhh. We've done nothing wrong baby. Stop crying shh." He says wrapping his arms around me and rubbing circles on my back. "She wants you to teach her guitar. To keep her mind off things."
"Really?" I ask looking up at him.
"Yep. Well once her hangover has passed." He says wiping my tears.
"Okay." I say smiling a little.
"Come on I want coffee." He says pulling me out of bed. I roll my eyes as he leads us downstairs into the kitchen.


"Four letters...uh...and a song by the Goo Goo Dolls." I say. I'm doing a crossword while having coffee.
"Um....I can't remember." Gerard says. He knits his eyebrows while he tries to thing of the answer.
"Iris." I turn to see Melody walk into the room.
"Huh?" I say raising an eyebrow at her.
"The answer. Its Iris." She says sitting across from me.
"Oh thanks." I say smiling and writing it down.
"Why are you doing a crossword anyway? They're for old people." She says hanging her head in her hands.
"No they're not!" I say defensively. "Right Gee!" Gerard rubs the back of his neck and looks at me apologetically.
"I'm gonna have to go with Mel in this one." He says.
"Fine then!" I say.
"Want another coffee you old codger?" Gerard says. I stick my tongue out at him as he comes over to get my cup.
"30 year old codger actually! And yes." I reply shoving the newspaper aside.

Gerard POV!!!

I fix up some coffee and take it back to Frank. I look to Melody who has her head on the table. I take a mug from the cupboard and make another coffee and give it to her. She looks up when I place it infront of her.
"Thanks." She smiles weakly taking it in her hands and taking a sip.
"How you doing?" I ask sitting on the other chair at the table.
"I feel like my brain is gonna explode and the world is gonna end when I move slightly." She says dropping her head on the table causing a thud to echo through the room followed by an "Oww" as she hits her head. I chuckle and turn to drink my coffee.
"Frank says he's gonna teach you guitar." I say enthusiastically.
"Right now?" She says raising her head a little.
"No silly. When you're feeling better." Frank says smiling.
"Oh. Good." She replies and then puts her head back on the table. "Remind me to never ever ever drink again."
"Don't worry we will." Frank replies sipping his coffee.
"I gotta get ready for work." I say looking at the clock.
"You're working today?" Frank asks.
"Yeah. I thought I told you? Must have slipped my mind." I reply.
"Oh okay." He says looking a little confused.
"See you in a few minutes." I say leaving the room to get ready.
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