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8. Kids are not allowed to listen to any music that is not explicitly Christian (Bach and Beethoven are specifically forbidden as being non-Christian)

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Restoration Path

About Restoration Path:
Restoration Path is a Christian discipleship ministry that exists to restore those trapped in sexual and relational sin through the power of Jesus Christ.

Unwanted same-sex attraction is a deep yearning for authentic connection with others, for true and healthy intimacy.

Program Topics:
Depending on the individual’s needs, some of the topics covered may include:

Learning why you do the things you do
Releasing guilt and shame
Barriers to healthy intimacy with God and others
Confronting false belief systems (replacing lies with God’s truth)
Surrendering to God
Applying boundaries with yourself and others

During this six - week intensive your troubled child will be able to spend over 30 hours in one on one counseling with our staff, be in a place that is conducive to only HEALTHY, heterosexual relationships with other men and become closer to God. During this session of cleansing of sin, the camps' rules will be severely implemented and 100% co-operation is recommended.

In order to assist in your journey discovering how freeing God's true word can be, please be prepared to adhere to the following rules:

1. Kids in the program are not allowed to speak to anyone, not even their parents, for at least the first two days.

2. Kids are not allowed to go anywhere unless they are accompanied by at least two other participants, one of which has to have at least 8 weeks of prior indoctrination.

3. Kids are not allowed to keep a journal or a diary

4. Kids are not allowed to discuss what goes on in the program with anyone, not even their parents

5. Kids are not allowed to have contact with any family members other than parents, who also go through the program

6. Kids are not allowed to have any physical contact with any human being other than a hand shake or a pat on the shoulder, and only when authorized.

7. Kids are not allowed outside of a small geographic area within Memphis, even if accompanied by parents, without prior written authorization

8. Kids are not allowed to listen to any music that is not explicitly Christian (Bach and Beethoven are specifically forbidden as being non-Christian)

9. Kids are not permitted to enter restaurants that serve alcohol

10. Kids are not allowed to speak after 9:00 p.m. under any circumstance

11. Kids may be placed in a state of isolation where they are not allowed to communicate with one another

We look forward to demolishing the struggles you or your child may have with homosexual sexual addictions and overcoming your sex idols. Our passion is so save confused adolescents from the life threatening health risks homosexuality poses and the habits of a notoriously promiscuous community.

Remember: Keep a positive attitude towards all camps counselors!

One last word of wisdom: It's okay, you don't HAVE to be gay!

A/N: That was painful to write. I am incredibly opposed to homophobia and I fully support gay rights. Anyways, hope the introduction to the "camp" (Ugh) was okay, I'm really freaking out over this story
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