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How can I fix this?

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Mikey fights for his life and his family can only hope and wait.

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A/N: Here's part 7 for you all. Actually posting it here this time before Mibba because I'm excited to post and still really tired ^^ I hope somebody likes it and feel free to let me know what you think. If anything is confusing or bad then don't get annoyed.. tell me =) I just wanna know what people think. Enjoy xo

The first thing he's aware of is a constant beeping close to him. A steady rythm of beeps from somewhere close to him. But it's dark and he can't move. He doesn't feel anything around him to indicate what's going on.. all he has is that beeping in the distance and he doesn't understand. Where is he? What happened? He drifts deeper into the darkness, the beeping becomes faded and quiet in the background.

It's late at night now but Gerard sneaks into the room silently, not turning on a single light so people won't know he's here. The doctor told them all to go home but he refused to leave his brother. He just got out of his second surgery and Gerard was terrified of leaving him. He sits down at his usual spot and takes his brothers hand in his and squeezes it gently.

"Come on, Mikey.. Wake up." He whispers with a broken voice before he sighs and stays quiet. The only thing you can hear in the room is the damn heart monitor and breathing pump they got hooked up to his little brother. He feels the lump returning to his throat and he takes a deep breathe and a few tears fall in the darkness.

"Please, wake up." He sobs quietly to himself as he lays his head down on Mikey's chest and holds his hand tightly. "Please.."

The days pass slowly but in a way quickly as there's no change in Mikey. He's not getting worse but he's not waking up either. It's been 2 whole weeks now and the family around Mikey's bed is becoming grim and worried, more so by the second. Gerard is in his usual spot but now with Lindsey in his lap, stroking her back as he holds his brother's hand. Frank and Jamia are standing by the foot of the bed, Frank hugging her from behind with his head resting on her shoulder sadly. Ray and Christa are on the couch, Christa is playing with Ray's fingers absentmindedly but everyone's eyes are on the unconcious body on the bed. Alicia's brother's are sitting on chairs against the wall, looking crestfallen and guilty. But worst of all is Mikey and Gerard's parents on the other side of the bed. Donna is crying silently as Don holds her in his strong arms, trying to comfort her through his own sadness.

This is how it's been now everyday. They all just sit there, hoping and praying for Mikey to wake up. Then at the end of the day they all go home, late at night Gerard sneaks back in and sits with his brother for a while. When he's alone he can let out the tears and everything he wants to say. He needs that so much.

Gerard is starting to get way too many flashbacks from this. The same hospital, the same waiting and worrying. He hates it so much. But the days pass and Mikey is actually getting better now unlike.. last time he was in this hospital. Now he's just waiting and listening to that stupid beeping, telling him his brother is alive.

Mikey is starting to hear that steady beeping again, louder this time. He feels different this time, like he's more aware of his surroundings and he can hear someone. He's not exactly sure what he's hearing but he can hear someone maybe mumbeling or whispering. There's pain now too. Intense pain throughout his body that makes him groan. Ok so maybe he's not dead after all. Everything is getting louder and more clear as he realizes he's lying on something and he's in so much pain. He doesn't like this. Mikey groans again and thinks to himself that he just wants to go back. He doesn't want the pain or the ache in his heart.

Suddenly everything comes rushing into focus in a split second and his eyes fly open as he gasps. It takes quite some time for him to understand where he is and what's going on but as he does he notices that nobody is in the room with him. He could have sworn that he heard someone but clearly there is nobody here.

Mikey tries to sit up slightly but pain shoots through his body so he lays back down with a frustrated sigh. The room is slightly set in darkness as the sun is slowly setting outside and it's so quiet his ears are ringing. He's never felt this alone before and he can't help a few stray tears from falling as everything just hits him again.. the pain, the fact that he can't move because of all the machines and needles and the memory of how he got here.

He feels extremely uncomfortable so he looks around to try to see some nurse or someone who can help just as the door swings open and his brother walks through the door, then stops dead in his tracks as their eyes meet.

"Mikey." He whispers surprised and Mikey just starts crying at the sight of someone he knows along with everything else.

Gerard flies over to the bed and throws his arms around Mikey's shoulders, only letting go slightly when he groans in pain.

"Nobody was here." He cries weakly, his voice not quite collaborating with him.

"I'm sorry, Mikes. They made us leave.. I'm back ok? I'm here." Gerard tells him and he just nods slowly. They sit like that for a while before pulling away. Gerard goes about rising the bed and checking his vitals like a pro before sitting back down.

"How long was I out?" He asks after a while, his voice rough and weak. he frowns and tries to swallow. Getting really frustrated with his voice he just points to the glass on the table and Gerard gladly hands it to him to drink before chewing his lips. He knows what that means..

"How long. Gee?" He asks again as sternly as he can in his weakened state.

"About 3 weeks now." Gerard says carefully and Mikey just get this crestfallen look on his face. He lays back against the pillows and sighs.

"Shit.." He whispers and then they just sit in silence for a while. Mikey doesn't know what to say and Gerard doesn't want to push it with questions and facts about his stay at the hospital.

"I didn't do it.. you know, on purpose. I was just upset." Mikey starts carefully, fighting back tears. Gerard grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly.

"I know, Mikes.. I know." Gerard says reassuringly with a slow nod.

"Oh God! The things I said... I was horrible. I can't believe what I said to Peter. I didn't mean it, I didn't. I swear.. I was so angry I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't mean it." He's full out crying again now and Gerard moves closer and slowly strokes his hair.

"He knows that, Mikey. He's been here to see you everyday and they're both really worried and sad. He knows you didn't mean it." Gerard is trying to explain so he won't be so upset but he can't even imagine what it must be like to wake up like this.

Mikey slowly calms down as exhaustion hits him and hundreds of thoughts spin around in his head. How will he make this right? How can he ever face Peter again. He slowly slips into a worried sleep as the painkillers and sadness gets the better of him. How can he ever get his life in order again..

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