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Chapter 9 All Coming Together

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The newly acquired daughters of the girl agents in KND are now learning to fight back and so is a certain silent assassin

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In the treehouse ­­­b­­­oys were settling into sleeping bags as Fanny looked on in a crystal ball.
Fanny(Sneering) Sleep is coming hard for you gentlemen because I'm setting Operation Legacy Daughters into action in your dreams.
Fanny's cackle echoed across the night as one by one the boys sleepy eyes drooped and they were all in different dreams all with their worst nightmares.
Fanny(Scratching her nails along the ball) Now to give the newly acquired Legacy daughters time to play he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
The boys moaned as the nightmares started and first was Fanny's daughter and a certain boy Fanny had problems with when she was little.
Fanny(Cackling) I hope somebody likes Princess Merida from Brave because my little Arianna is obsessed­ to the brink with her.

Arianna’s Nightmare
The first boy to fall asleep was transported to a cobblestoned drive where carriages with white horses were pulling a royal family.
Boy(Confused) This isn’t my dreamland where the heck am I?
Woman: Merida I'm glad you chose to lead this country as a princess.
Boy: Merida where have I heard that name before?
Girl: Mama will I really have the choice to torture any boy I want?
Woman: Yes and it doesn't even matter if he deserves it.
Girl: Good because there's a certain boy that's going to be my slave for all time.
Woman(Looking out the carriage window) Well looks like we may have found him.
Girl(Hopping out of the carriage sneering) We- most- certainly- have.
Boy(Looking around) Exactly where is he?
Arianna who was dressed as Merida from Brave grabbed a bow and arrow before the boy could get an answer and shot it at him.
Arianna(Cackling) I still got it, my mama's going to take me to see Brave when it hits theaters but until then I dream that I'm Princess Merida and my mama is the queen passing judgment on Y-O-U.
Boy(Gulping) Wait I know that voice thick with Irish accent, the red hair, the obsession to hurt boys. You're a Fullbright
Arianna(Shooting another arrow at the boy) And as I said I'm a dead eye with this.
Boy(Laughing) Yea a real dead eye you haven't even hit me with it yet.
Arianna(Beaming) I sure have I just haven't broken skin yet and I won't, my methods of breaking skin are far more painful.
Fanny: I bet you wish you hadn't bullied me since preschool now don't you Philip Lewis?
Philip tried running but found himself pinned to a tree with Arianna’s arrows.
Arianna(Cackling) I- told- you- I- was- A- dead- shot.
Philip(Struggling) Very- funny- Fullbright- now- take- these- arrows- and- let- me- go.
Arianna replaced the bow on her back and the arrows in a bag on her thigh.
Arianna: I could do that or I could make you so frightened that you will never want to fall asleep again
Philip cackled as Arianna did the same thing seeing her prey trapped like a wounded deer.
Arianna: I have all the leverage right now Philip Lewis and you have nothing to bargain with.
Philip: I could wake up then where would you be?
Arianna(Grabbing him) In reality with you and trust me if you think I'm bad now once you get me into reality you'll be done for.
Philip(Snapping his eyes open) It's- as- easy- as- opening- my- eyes- wait why am I still here?
Arianna(Chuckling) You and your fellow friends have been awake for days so once you fall asleep you might as well just sign your death certificate.
Fanny(Sneering) That's right and now my Brave daughter is going to make you see why she's feared by all boy agents especially you.
Arianna pulled the arrows from Philip and he stumbled to the ground to be caught by Fanny.
Fanny(Pushing him into the carriage) Get in there and embrace your doom.
Philip snapped his eyes open again and this time Arianna grabbed him and pinched him bringing him and her back into reality.
Philip(Rubbing his butt) That felt a little too real.
Philip stood up and looked around his room to see it was normal no cobble stoned streets, no horse and carriage, and no Arianna Fullbright dressed as Merida from Brave to take his life or so he thought.

Philip's Demise
When Philip saw he was alone he went to the kitchen to get a drink and a snack while Arianna Fullbright sneered in the shadows waiting for her time to strike.
Philip(Eating a piece of cake) What a stupid girl I mean she had me in her sights then she just let me go. I mean how stupid can you get?
Philip made his way back to his room and into his bed with a Coke can in his hand that met an arrow and a cackle met Philip as his door shut and locked and Arianna twirled her bow around her finger and her arrows resting on her thigh.
Arianna(Laying down next to Philip) You know I did warn you but you didn't listen and now it's time for you to pay the piper Princess Merida which in your case is me.
Philip's walls were lined with Brave posters all of them featuring a different pose of Princess Merida and his blankets were tightly tucked into his bed.
Arianna(Standing up) Now here's the deal bub you brought me into reality and my mama will be back soon also. you're going to do as I ask until you either die or I release you from your Merida infested dungeon.
Philip(Struggling) Let- me- go- you- stupid- archer- wannabe.
Arianna shot another arrow through a picture of a girl Philip used to date her smirk turning into a sneer walking up to Philip.
Arianna: Not a wannabe archer a gonnabe archer. Now you should get some sleep tonight because tomorrow you won't be waking up here.
Philip's eyes fluttered shut as Arianna cackled and turned to smoke going back into Philip's dreams cackling the whole way.
Arianna(Stretching her arms) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh great to be back where I belong and this time I won't go back to reality. you had home field there whereas here well we all know who has home field advantage here.
Fanny(Cackling) And that would be Princess Merida, Princess Merida, Princess Merida, and oh yes PRINCESS MERIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HE, HE, HE, HE, HE, HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arianna: And seeing I'm the only Princess Merida here it's about time to make you suffer the Princess Merida way.
Arianna twirled up to Philip and she french kissed him making blue spots appear all over her body.
Arianna(Tipping an hourglass) Once the sand reached the bottom you're stuck here with me forever, and those spots will kill you before the night ends so good luck ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa.
Philip saw the spots growing rappidly all over him as Arianna beamed her eyes of pure evil locking with his.
Arianna(French kissing him again) See cooties don't work unless boys like you believe they do, and I have cooties up the butt and I'm always one to share.
Fanny(Giggling) You should have finished her when you had the chance.
Arianna(Shaking the hourglass) Let's make time move a bit faster shall we?
Philip screamed in pain as the spots disappeared consuming his blood stream.
Arianna: Yeaaaaaa I forgot to mention that cooties hurt worse then anything you or I can think of.
The last of the sand reached the bottom as Arianna and Fanny cackled evilly and Philip moaned knowing the spots were now going to finish him off.
Arianna: Welcome to being comatose Philip. My cooties do what I want them to and I made you go into a coma and your parents will be convinced by my mama to pull the plug leaving you here with me.
Fanny(Dressing into a doctor's outfit) Have fun with three year old me I really wasn't good at sharing at that age or any other age for that matter.
Fanny walked through a wall and on the other end was a hospital where Philip's parents met Fanny in his room.
Fanny(Tisking Philip) Shame he has to be like this, I think we should pull the plug I mean it's the only humane thing to do right now.
Philip's mom: Actually I love that idea and so does his father so let's do it.
Arianna(Cackling) They-can't-hear-you-Philip-welcome-to-the-life-of-a-royal-slave-you-dumb-boy.
Before Philip knew what was happening Fanny pulled the plug and his body in reality dematerialized just leaving him in Arianna/Princess Merida's nightmares forever.
Arianna(Laying down next to him) Get some sleep slave tomorrow's a long day of chores for you.
Arianna cackled as back at the treehouse we see no more Philip but boys a plenty for Trish Mckenzie to torture next.

Trish's Nightmare
The next boy to fall asleep smirked because he was the Supreme Leader of KND and he denied Rachel and Trish entry into the KND for no reason at all.
Boy(Yawning) I'm-so-glad-to-be-the-most-important-part-of-the-KND.
Mark Washington finally let sleep take him and he heard cooing and giggling as he fell through a black hole coming to rest in a giant playpen with a baby who looked like Rachel Mckenzie to a T.
Mark(Looking at a folder) Trish Mckenzie I take it? Well good luck joining the KND with me as Supreme Leader because I'm cleansing the KND of shady characters, to be villians, and no goods.
Trish cooed giggling madly as Rachel's shadow covered the bars of the playpen a sneer a mile wide on her face.
Rachel(Tisking Mark) You know I think the KND needs a makeover and it begins with making the Supreme leader of Moonbase that's M-O-O-N-B-A-S-E just that the leader of Moonbase and not the leader of every sector.
Mark: Yea well a lots changed since you were Supreme Leader an ice age ago.
Rachel(Cackling) You got that right and I'm going to make sure Trish, you, and I are the best of friends.
Rachel turned a TV on as Dora The Explorer started and Trish was mesmerized by the colors and the spanglish talking Dora.
Rachel(Beaming) Her favorite show now let's get you and I on good terms he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Before Mark could say a word Rachel grabbed him and dragged him across the dusty floor to an empty room where she shoved him in and locked the door.
Rachel(From behind the door) Your mom read you fairy tales as a kid right, you know Princess' locked in towers, witches, princes coming to save them? Well consider you the first prince locked away in a tower.
Mark banged on the door as Rachel's cackled echoed down the hall bars growing on the windows and pictures of Rachel Mckenzie from toddler all the way to adult decorating the tower's walls.
Mark(Banging on the door) LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT, LLLEEETTT MMMEEE OOOUUUTTT!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel(Behind the door) Sorry prisoner but as you said things changed since I was KND's Supreme Leader which reminds me.
The room changed and Mark was shackled to a wall skeletons joining him on the wall with looks of fear on their faces.
Rachel(Beaming) They were the boys that hurt me in one way or another and soon you'll join them and I'll be Supreme Leader with my Trish being the first infant to be trained on Moonbase.
Mark(Struggling) Let me go and I promise I'll make you and Trish agents again and you know I have the power to do it.
Rachel(Pretending to think) HMMMMMMMMMMMMM what to do what to do about my Supreme prisoner?
Mark: If you keep me here others will come to find me and then you and Trish will be in KND custody.
Rachel(Cackling evilly) I'm counting on it.
Mark: So what are you going to keep me here forever?
Rachel: Pretty much but I forgot to mention the best thing about this world.
Mark(Fearful) You have?
Rachel(Growing into a purple satin robe) Yep see I control it and I always wanted a puppy as a little girl but my mom told me I was irresponsible to have one.
Mark: A puppy?
Rachel: Yep and I was going to name her Damsel you know like in distress that kind of Damsel.
Mark(Trying to pick the shackles locks) So what kind of puppy would Damsel be?
Rachel opened the door sneering with a rod like Jaffars from Aladdin and she walked up to Mark.
Rachel(Grabbing him) A very naughty one for trying to run away from her master.
Mark screamed for help knowing it was no use because boys became scared of Rachel Mckenzie when she was booted from KND for trying expieriments to change them into her daughter.
Rachel(Pushing Mark onto a bed) Now let's see how you handle being my naughty little puppy Mr. Supreme Leader.
Trish began to whine as Rachel sighed walking downstairs and Mark woke up in his own room not noticing that Rachel from toddler all the way to adult still decorated his walls.
Mark(Breathing heavily) Thank- God- I- got- out- of- there- furless- pawless- barkless- flealess- and tailless.
Rachel snickered in her dreamworld knowing that soon Mark was going to start obsessing over her like it or not because she was all over his bedroom walls.
Mark(Yawning) I-just-have-to-find-a-way-to-stay-awake-for-forever-and-Rachel-Ariel-Mckenzie-will-be-puppyless.
Rachel(Sneering) You can't stay awake forever my little Damsel, mama has a collar for you and everything.
Mark's eyes slowly fell again and he lightly snored Rachel's triumphant cackle echoing across his room as his body slowly sank into the bed.
Newsman: It's 10:00 and this is station RCHL signing off.
Rachel's hand reached through the matress grabbing Mark and pulling him inside of it his red robe and all cackling at her prey.

Mark's Demise
Mark screamed until he reached the stone floor of the dungeon Rachel's high topped feet tapping the ground.
Rachel: Mama can't leave you alone for two seconds can she Damsel?
Rachel(Snickering) Nobody's going to save you because of my expieriments I conducted when I was Supreme Leader.
Mark(Moaning) Please don't turn me into a puppy Mrs. Numbah 362. I'll become a mean Supreme Leader like you I promise.
Rachel(Scratching her chin in thought) Hmmmmmmmmm you know you may have something there. But you have to bring me a new boy to turn into my Damsel in 5 minutes or it's no deal.
Mark's brother Gordon fell into the dream as Mark smiled pointing to Gordon and Rachel sneered turning the rod on Mark.
Rachel(Cackling) Gordon's weaker than you and he's next in line for Supreme Leader Mark. So as the fairy Godmother in Cinderella says Bippity, Boppity, Boooooooooooooooooooooo he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Mark shrank as Gordon took his red robe not knowing he also had a nightmare coming to him in the form of Rachel Mckenzie.
Rachel(Chuckling) See I always get what I want and right now I want you as my puppy Damsel, you'll be an internet sensation thanks to how cutesy wutesy you are.
Mark whined and what came out was a puppy whine as he grew paws, whiskers, a cold nose, a pink tongue, and a little tail.
Rachel(Picking Mark up) Come along Damsel let mama show you where you're sleeping and Gordon don't go anywhere because I have a few tips on being Supreme Leader for you.
Gordon shrugged as Rachel giggled looking down at Mark.
Rachel: FYI you're room which is now his is decorated with posters and pictures made by me from toddler to adult. He, he, he, he, he, heeeeeee I'm going to take control of his body and three year old me is going to rule KND ALL-OVER-AGAINNNNNNNNNN HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HAAAAAA.
Mark whined again as Rachel pet his puppy ears and placed him on a full size bed next to hers and kissed his nose.
Rachel: Sweet dreams Damsel here's a T Bone from a steak for a snack if you get hungry.
The door shut and Mark finding it hard to fight Rachel fell asleep thinking he might as well enjoy being Rachel's girl puppy forever.

Gordon's Nightmare
Rachel made her way back to Gordon who did as she told him and waited for her to get back.
Rachel(Sneering) Good you're still here Gordon, Supreme Leader rule # 1 always dress to impress because there's no telling who you might run into.
Gordon(Making a note) Dress to impress got it. what's the next rule?
Rachel(Slinking up to him) Rule # 2 Never let a boy get in the way of your reign.
Gordon: Never let a boy get in the way- wait what did you just say?
Rachel(Sneering) You heard me right NEVER-LET-A-BOY-GET-IN-THE-WAY-OF-YOUR-REIGN
Gordon(Making a note) Right next rule?
Rachel: Rule # 3 Always look back at other Supreme leaders to learn a thing or two.
Gordon: Got it so is that it?
Rachel(Grabbing him) Nope the last rule is never underestimate ex agents, Supreme Leaders, or villains.
Gordon(Gulping) Maybe it's time I should go.
Rachel(Shaking her blonde head) But we're just starting to have fun.
Gordon(Shivering) Let me go so I can rule KND without using any of your dopey rules.
Rachel(Sneering) I'm telling you those rules are going to save you.
Gordon(Snickering) From what getting a girlfriend while I rule KND?
Rachel full out belly laughed after Gordon said this her eyes dripping with evil.
Rachel(Shoving Gordon down) No it's going to save you from the evilest villain ever which is three people me, myself, and I.
Gordon(Laughing hysterically) You-the-evilest-villain-ever? I-would-hate-to-see-the-nicest-villain-out-there-what-A-comedian-you-are.
Rachel(Sneering) So you haven't heard why they kicked the best Supreme Leader KND has ever seen out of the KND.
Gordon(Smiling) Yea they said you were stupid enough to make expieriments for boys to take so they can turn into daughters for you but none of them worked.
Rachel(Picking up Trish) I found a method that works and that's by making boys wear my baby clothes and veoula I have a daughter to smother with my love and clinginess.
Gordon: Nigel Uno will stop you again just like he did before with the rest of the Legacy Agents you dope.
Rachel(Throwing Gordon Nigel's clothes) Return them to Mrs. Uno because Nigel sure can't unless he learns to crawl soon.
Gordon(Gulping) Crawl?
Rachel(Beaming) Yep Crawl because all babies need to learn to crawl before they can walk.
Gordon: Exactly what boy did you try this expieriment on?
Rachel(Snickering) Your fearless leader Nigel Uno, the others got taken too meaning no more legacy's to teach the training agents unless you count Fanny Fullbright, Lizzie Devine, and myself.
Gordon(Looking at Nigel's clothes) And what's stopping me from becoming Nigel Uno and ruling KND as Supreme Leader?
Rachel(Giggling) Go ahead I'm not stopping you. But I must warn you that if you plan to do that I'm going to be your nightmare forever.
Gordon(Putting Nigel's clothes on) That's a risk I'll have to take.
Rachel(Grabbing Gordon) Time to wake up Nigey you have a whole day of new meetings, new thrones, and new friends to make.
Gordon snapped his eyes open seeing it was only 1:00 in the morning and he saw that Nigel's clothes were still on him from the dream.
Gordon(Bolting up) Wait if I can bring the clothes out I can bring Numbah 362 out too and she's not safe around anyone.
Rachel's cackle echoed down the hall and Gordon ran off to stop her from getting to the KND datbase and signing herself up for KND training all over again.

Gordon's Demise
When Gordon reached the office of the KND database he saw it empty but a computer beeped and when he reached it he saw Rachel not only signed herself as a three year old up for training but also Trish.
Gordon(Cracking his knuckles) Time to make this bitch pay for what she did to the KND.
Rachel giggled stepping from the shadows with Trish who cooed rubbing her head against her mom's arms.
Rachel: Let's see Apply to the KND check, get back into the KND check, get a puppy named Damsel check, train to be the Supreme Leader again check. he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeee.
Gordon(Shoving past her) You may have signed up for KND but you'll never be Supreme leader as long as I'm around.
Rachel(Whispering) Then we'll have to do something about that.
Gordon reached his room and slammed his door in Rachel's face, settled into his bed, and closed his eyes thinking the nightmares of Rachel were now over.
Rachel(Sneering) He thinks his bad dreams are over when really they've only just begun.
Rachel stretched out her fingers and the pictures of her from toddler to adult came to life giggling as Gordon moaned turning over in his bed.
Rachel(Picking the lock on Gordon's door) Now let's see if we can get him and I to find a common bond ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa.
Rachel controlled all of her clones that materialized from the posters and pictcures to grab Gordon who's eyes snapped open and saw all the Rachel's surrounding him.
Rachel(Cackling) Now let's see first this room is soooooooo drabby let's change that first. Because I refuse to be Supreme Leader with a room this drabby.
Rachel raised her arms and a rainbow burst from her armpits making the room perrywinkle as she sighed happily.
Rachel: Much better but now there's a boy messing up the vibe so we're going to change that next.
Gordon got a fearful look in his eyes as three year old Rachel giggled taking Gordon's shoes off and Adult Rachel removed his clothes.
Rachel(Tisking Gordon) I told you the rules were made for a reason but you never listened and now look where we are.
Three year old Rachel(Going through a backpack) Yuky, yucky, yucky, yucky, ahaaaaaaaaaa found it Mrs. Me as an adult.
Rachel was handed a lion costume equipped with mittens for the paws and a black marker.
Rachel: Sooooooooo glad you could Three Year Old Rachel because these were my fqavorite pajama's after I wore them to the Wild Kingdom Halloween party when I was your age.
Gordon knew the PJ's well and also knew that Rachel never washed them.
Rachel(Placing one of the mittens under Gordon's nose) Stinky huhhhhhhhh they haven't ever been washed.
Gordon moaned as Three Year Old Rachel beamed knowing they were never going to get washed ever again.
Rachel(Smoothing the costume out on Gordon) My mom attempted to wash these once but I screamed my lungs out until she promised she would never try washing them again.
Three Year Old Rachel: Just think grass stains, tomato sauce, curdled milk, and throwup are all mashed in there to make that yucky smell.
Rachel forced the costume on Gordon then drew whiskers on his face then colored his nose in with the marker as Three Year Old Rachel opened her mouth kissing Gordon a white light shooting into him.
Rachel: If you have any parting words I'd say them now before she takes over your body and becomes KND Supreme leader with her stinky PJ's.
Gordon(Weak) You-win-this-round-Mckenzie-but-there-will-be-other-boys-to-take-you-down.
Rachel(Giggling) I hope so because Three Year Old Rachel was such a flirt back in her prime. in fact that's how I got Nigel to date me by flirting my three year old butt off.
Rachel(Chuckling) Looks like someone's ready to take control.
Gordon's fingernails and toenails were sparkly blue and purple, his body shrank, the clothes in his closet were sundress's, skirts, girl tops, nightgowns, and a pair of lion furred slippers.
Rachel(Picking the slippers up) You know what they say Cinderella if the slipper fits wear it.
Rachel placed both the slippers on Gordon's feet and they molded until they fit his feet perfectly.
Rachel(Sneering) Now nobody's safe from three year old Rachel's reign of terror, and the first rule she's going to enforce is no boy's allowed in the KND, Arianna Fullbright will be a security guard and so will her mama Fanny Fullbright.
Gordon(Moaning) You're-nuts-you-need-boys-in-the-KND-to-clean-up-the-messes-you-and-Fanny-Fullbright-alone-will-cause.
Rachel laughed triumphantly raising her arms as the rest of the other Rachels went back into their pictures excluding three year old her.
Rachel: Not if I make a new decree saying that any boy joining the KND will suffer the consequences you little wimp.
Gordon's body grew smaller and Rachel skipped up to him kissing his and disappearing into his body also and he screamed in pain seeing two Mckenzies inside of him hurt a lot more than just one.
Rachel's POV: All right Three Year Old Me take control of him now he's losing his grip on himself.
Three year old Rachel giggled maniacally and took control as Gordon could only muster a moan before becoming Three Year Old Rachel forever.
Rachel's POV: Now to make this place a no boy zone like Fanny wants he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.

Enter The Mist
Mushi Sanban and her sister Min scoured the nightmares trying to find one boy to become the perfect villian for The Mist Mushi's alter ego
Mushi: Hmmmmmmmmmm who's it gonna be?
Min scratched her chin in thought trying to figure out what boy posed the most threat to Mushi.
Mushi(Looking at a list) Welllllll there's a couple threats but only one boy that I think will pose the mega of all mega threats.
Min sneered as Mushi crossed her eyes sneering like Min and dressing up in a sparkly blue suit with a glittery M in the middle of it and Min latched onto Mushi's back.
Mushi(Kissing Min) And what's The Mist without her faithful sidekick The Steam Wonder?
Mushi and Min saw the boys asleep in the treehouse and they also founf the boy they were going to target to be Mushi's villian.
Mushi(Donning a Purple Cape) You know Min after this we should have mama make you a super suit like mine, I mean after all you are my sidekick and all.
Min cooed nodding her head and Mushi cackled scaling the treehouse until she reached the very unlucky boys window and she and Min snuck in.
Mushi(Ruffling Min's hair) You go find a boy of your own sidekick sissy can handle this one by herself.
Min crawled away giggling maniacally and Kuki knew a very unlucky boy would fall for Min's cuteness like everybody else does.
Mushi(Transforming into Mist) Time to meet your match John Perkins.
Mushi's cackle echoed across John's room and she knew this boy was going to be a hard villain but she had an antidote for him.

John's Nightmare
John Perkins was in a Do Jo this being his dreamworld as far back as he can remember.
John: I dare any beastie to haunt this world I'll be ready for them no matter what they are.
A mist surrounded the floor of the Do Jo that John became accustomed to so he thought nothing of it.
John(Kicking the air) Just let them try to eject me from the KND. Three Year Old Rachel may be the Supreme Leader but I'm not going to leave so easily.
A cackle echoed across the dreamworld and John was on his guard looking around for what made the cackle.
John(Punching the air) You better show yourself whatever you are.
The mist materialized into a body and John knew who the mist was forming.
John: Sanban didn't you learn your lesson last time we fought and I beat your ass?
Mushi(Chuckling) I really should be thanking you for that because you gave me my superpowers.
John(Getting into a fighting stance) Let's make this quick Sanban I have KND overthrowing to plan.
Mushi(Tisking John) Rachel Mckenzie the new and only Supreme Leader won't be happy about that.
John: Fuck her and her guards I have the whole thing planned now as I said let's make this quick because I'm on a schedule here.
John saw Mushi grow ginormous and he gulped as Mushi snickered down at him snatching him up and throwing him threw a wall of the Do Jo.
Mushi(Cackling) Time for a change of venue.
Mushi wigglled her now giant fingers and John was in another room not so familiar to him.
Mushi(Snickering) My times over but your's is just begining Mr. I can't get hurt.
John(Groaning) What-ever at least I don't have to deal with you.
Mushi giggled walking off and the room turned green walls and everything and John sneered knowing who's room he was in.
John(Shaking his head) Fullbright, Fullbright, Fullbright here to cleanse the KND of me and all males are you?
Fanny(Stepping from the shadows sneering) On Rachel Mckenzie's orders and even though she's three she's law around here.
John: Tell the tike she can go suck a railroad spike because I'm not going anywhere.
Fanny's eyes gleamed with evil and excitement as she looked down at John knowing what to do with him.
Fanny: Fine but if you're going to be the last boy standing then I'm going to have to make sure to make an example of you.
John(Beaming) And just how are you going to do that?
Fanny(Picking up a pet carrier) Well I'm going to have to force you in here because boys will think I'm weak if I don't make due on my promise.
John(Cracking up) Good- luck- getting- me- in- there.
Fanny: Either you get in the carrier or I'll make every girl come for you in reality. where you most certainly can be hurt.
John(Walking off) Bring it on I'll be public enemy #1 if you need me to be.
Fanny(Sneering) Perfect because you won't stand a chance in the real world.
John: Then I'll sleep all the time until they either back off or confront me in my dreams.
Fanny(taking out a walkie talkie) I just hope you can survive THE NEW AND IMPROVED KIDS NEXT DOOR TREEHOUSE HE, HE, HE, HE, HE, HE, HEEEEEEEE.
John(Beaming) Bring it on you Irish bitch of a cunt.
Fanny(Speaking into the walkie talkie) That's right John Perkins is public enemy numero uno whoever catches him first dead or alive preferably dead will be greatly rewarded be the Supreme Leader and I.
John(Laughing) Hah good luck getting a girl to catch me.
Fanny: My sister just may have the skills to kill you. her names Sonya Fullbright she's a skilled assassin, a femme fatale of sorts, and last but not least extremely flirtatous since she turned 8.
John: Yea well I know how to deal with Femme Fatales, skilled assassins, and flirtatous girl's seeing I was once in a KND team involving them.
Fanny(Beaming) X's those girls by 100 and you wouldn't even come close to Sonya's silled abilities of stealth, weapons, and cuteness.
John(Walking off) Yea well you better hope she catches me because that's the only way I'm going in that pet carrier.
Fanny(Waving) Ta ta for now but we will see each other again count on it.
John snapped his eyes open to an alarm sounding around the treehouse and all the boys were being pushed down a hall to Fanny who would figure out what she wanted to do with them.

Sonya's Vengance
Sonya Fullbright Numbah 83 was dressing in a black jumpsuit a teddy bear gun at her thigh as Rachel and Fanny sneered at her.
Rachel(Chewing a Nerds Rope) The boy doesn't stand a chance with Sonya the skilled assassin on his tail.
Fanny(Giggling) That's right because she's a Fullbright and being an assassin is in Sonya's blood.
Sonya: So any gadgets for me ladies?
Rachel(Handing Sonya a compact mirror) This is a two way communicator. Once you catch him make sure to let us know first.
Fanny(Handing Sonya a backpack) In here you'll find rations, knives, a bow and arrow which will make your niece proud, and other guns invented by the KND take no prisoners.
Sonya(Beaming) Don't worry this boy's butt is mine and mine alone.
Before Rachel or Fanny could respond Sonya was off her teddy bear gun at the ready.
Sonya(Looking down the halls) All right you stupid boy time to make you my first mission.
Sonya got in the shadows as a group of girl's ran down the hall ushering boys to Fanny's room.
Sonya: Sorry ladies but John's mine and so's a promotion and a wad of cash I'm sure.
A poster fluttered to Sonya's black high tops and she saw a $250000.00 reward plus next in line to be Srctor V leader which was a job Sonya dreamed of.
As soon as the girl's were gone with the boys Sonya scuttled to John's room and slipped inside to find him downing sleeping pills hoping to fall back to sleep.
Sonya(Smiling) B-I-N-G-O time to meet your assassin John Perkins and her name's Sonya Nora Fullbright you too full of himself agent.
John yawned and slowly drooped his eyes as Sonya quietly stepped from the shadows her teddy bear gun locked and loaded and her finger on the trigger.
Sonya(Whispering) My-sister-is-soooooooo-getting-you-into-that-pet-carrier.
John quickly opened his eyes but it was too late as teddy's flew at him and Sonya had a detonator that blew the teddy's up as soon as they reached his body.
Sonya(Cackling) And here I was thinking this was going to be a hard mission, but I was in I was out and you're going in a pet carrier to be made an example of.
John(Weak) How-how-how-how did you find me?
Sonya(Doing a backflip) Silent as a ninja, fierce as a tiger, cuter than a puppy it's the super assassin Sonya Nora Fullbright.
Sonya shot an arrow at John pinning him to the bedpost as Sonya cackled replacing the bow and teddy bear gun in the backpack and pulling out a hunting knife.
Sonya(pulling out the arrow) Now let's get a move on prisoner numero uno I have a reward to spend on makeup, clothes, toys, and shoes and a promotion to accept.
John(Sitting up) Owwwwwwwwwwww did you have to use explosive bears?
Sonya(Positioning the knife at John's back) Yes because I always go out with a bang now get the hell up and get moving because boys are no doubt watching you on a big screen in the decommissioning room as we speak.
John moved as Sonya kept the knife at his back leading him and her back to Rachel and Fanny who were going to be proud of her.
Sonya(Giggling) So what do you think of Sonya Super Assassin, or Sonya silent ninja, or Sonya Fullbright silent but deadly?
John(Groaning) You-got-lucky-you-stupid-bitch-the-next-boy-will-be-harder-to-find.
Sonya(Pulling out the compact mirror) Well that was almost too easy I caught him and I'm on my way back.
Fanny(Slapping Rachel five) I told you he wouldn't be too hard for her.
Sonya walked into the room and pushed John Fanny's way.
Sonya: Fanny he's all yours sis and the niece will be proud to know that I trapped him with an arrow. Now let's talk reward and promotion.
Rachel: Numbah 83 I now make you the assassin of the KND and you are $250000.00 richer girl.
Sonya(Beaming) An assassin imagine it me stalking boys all over the treehouse until we're rid of them.
Fanny(Laughing at John) One I told you I'd find her and two the carrier is too much torture even for me. So here's what I have for you.
Fanny shoved John into an adult sized cage and placed it next to a seat at a table that said assassin and Sonya knew he was hers to do what she wanted with.
Sonya: First we'll and we'll meaning you'll unpack all the boxes in my room so I don't chip a nail and then you'll run me a hot bath not warm, not cold, not luke warm but hot H-O-T and bubble bath and these are just two thing's I'm making you do slave.
Fanny(Sneering) Looks like we found a use for the only boy in the KND hey assassin of the KND?
Sonya(Cackling) We sure did I never have to lift a finger again, and FYI those explosive teddy's are a G-O because they so work wonders.
Fanny(Handing Sonya a pillowcase) You can thank Elizabeth Lauren Devine the 2nd for those, she provided you with more.
Sonya: Good now if you ever need another dog catcher because that's what boys are to me flea bitten dogs just ask.
Rachel: We'll be sure to do that now since there are no more assassin missions right now you have the whole day to yourself.
Sonya(Picking up the cage) Only not but I get where you're coming from Numbah 362 ma'am
Fanny(Sneering) Have fun catering to her every wimb Mr. I Can't Die In Dreams. She's going to break you to tears her being a Fullbright and all.
Arianna walked up with Philip who was being pulled by a jump rope.
Arianna: Now the next time I tell you to undress me and dress me you're going to do it or I'll find a slave that will and I'll make you a new skirt for me.
Philip(Gulping) But-that-means-I'll-have-to-look-at-your-butt-all-day-long.
Arianna(Slapping Philip) Don't be stupid skirts don't have eyes but if they did then yes you'd have to look at my butt all day.
Philip: What about the boy in the cage why isn't he serving you?
Arianna(Sneering) Because he's serving someone worse than me, he's serving my Aunt Sonya Nora Fullbright the assassin of the KND.
Sonya walked off with the cage as John had fear in his eyes for the first time in his life.
Arianna: Now why don't we try this again undress me and then dress me up with the clothes on my bed or it's skirt ahoy and I'll take another of the boys that are being held in the dungeon thanks to my mommy and the Supreme Leader of the KND.
Philip(Defeated) Fine let's go.
Arianna: You know slave you're lucky I'm giving you a second chance because most boys only get one chance with a Fullbright.
Sonya(Sneering at John) Now unzip my skirt and remove my shirt and undershirt, then you'll run me a hot bath and join me in it.
Arianna(Beaming) Man I hope one day I become as mean and bossy as her, I mean just look at the tortured look on John's face.
Philip: Are we leaving or what?
Arianna(Grabbing the jump rope) I'm going with or what. I'm taking notes on how to make you as tortured as John is.
Philip broke free of the ropes binding him and he ran off leaving a flour sack at the ropes not knowing how angry Arianna could get if you tricked her.
Arianna(Pulling the sack) All right let's go I think making you see my naked body is torture enough for- wait a second this is a flour sack.
A flour trail was across the floor and Arianna's eyes burned like hot coals until she saw the footprints in the flour and she followed them ending at an emergency exit out of the treehouse.
Arianna(Angrily tapping her black boots on the floor) Going somewhere slave? Have you forgot that you're dead and belong to me now?
Philip(Grabbing Arianna) Alright twerp what's the code for the door? You better give it to me now or I'll hurt you so much you'll wish you-did.
Philip paused after the last two words seeing a little girl he knew well waiting at the door grinning from ear to ear.
Laura Limpin: You know roughing a girl up like that makes me angry so I'd apologize if I were you, unless you want HER TO COME OUT BOY.
Philip(Dusting Arianna off) Sorry Arianna so what do you say we go and get you dressed for the day.
Arianna(Sneering) What are you sorry for slave?
Philip(Dejected) I'm sorry for tricking you, roughing you up, saying no to you, and I'm sorry for trying to escape.
Arianna(Snapping her fingers) That'll be all Laura and thanks for the positive reenforcement to make this boy hurt emotionally.
Laura(Skipping off) No prob Ari just whistle if you need me again.
Arianna(Looking down at Philip) We're not going to need her again are we?
Philip(Gulping) No Mrs. Fullbright Ma'am.
Arianna(Sneering) And guess who just blew their second chance trying to escape?
Philip(Backpedalling) No wait I never left I never had the chance.
Arianna(Pulling Philip into her room) And I was also thinking a skirt isn't what I need undies are what I need and you're the perfect size.
Philip(Putting his arms up) Wait isn't this like Baseball three strikes and I'm out?
Arianna(Grabbing a magic rod) Nope as I said you're lucky you got the second chance, and thank you for showing me why I don't give boys second chances.
Before he could scream the rod emitted a white light and pink frilly underwear was what was left of Philip and Arianna giggled stripping her clothes off having the perfect boy to be her slave next.

Elizabeth Lauren Devine II was at a workstation inventing things for the new assassin to use on missions humming happily to herself.
Lizzie II: Man are boys going to hate Arianna after the perfume I give her is unveiled. Skunky Monkey it makes her smell like a skunk but just to boys ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaa.
Elizabeth also had a boy she hated because he made fun of her all day every day but she also had a plan for him and his friend.
Lizzie II: Done now to find the two bullies and introduce them to my stress ball he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeee.
Lizzie II skipped off to the dungeon of the KND to find all the boys begging for food. water, and help.
Lizzie II: Sorry but I have business with two boys in particular here.
Lizzie II found the boys she wanted to torture and sure enough they were both asleep which pleased Lizzie II.
Lizzie II: Time to introduce these boys to my alter ego in dreams SUPERRRRRRR LIZZIEEEEEEEE he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Arianna Fullbright skipped down the stairs to the dungeon and the boys gulped knowing one of them were going back with her.
Arianna: So who's the lucky duck that get's to undress then dress me?
Lizzie II: Ewwwwwwwwwwww thanks for the mental image Ari, and for the boys let me say good luck not fainting due to her smell it's an acquired taste.
Arianna(Sneering) You heard her good luck not fainting due to my smell because it's an acquired taste of sorts.
The boys shivered as Arianna knew a way to find her slave as she opened all the cages and all the boys stayed in the cages acting like they weren't scared but one runt of a boy who ran from the cell.
Arianna(Grabbing the boy) Boy did the rest of you luck out because if he didn't run you were all going to witness the unveiling of my clothes the Princess Merida dress and corset first.
Boy(Struggling) Let me go, let me go, let me go, llleeettt mmmeee gggooo.
Arianna(Carrying the kid away) Welcome to the pre school of tough luck kid as in it's your tough luck that now you have to serve the one and only me.
Lizzie II: Now time to wake these two lazy's up.
Lizzie II morphed herself thin and walked through the bars then turned into mist cackling as the other boys watched her do this and gulped knowing either one of them could be next.
Boy: Boy am I glad I didn't tick that girl off she's scary because she was once fat then became thin.
The other boys nodded also glad they didn't tick Lizzie II off.

Two Nightmares In One
The sleepy boys found themselves in a house that was unrecognizable to them but they thought nothing of it walking around looking at all the pictures on the walls.
Boy #1: Hey I know that Porky in the picture it's Elizabeth Lauren Devine II. Named after her mother who was the scariest villain in the KND The Strict Babysitter she still gives me the Willies.
A huge shadow followed the boys and it was Lizzie II dressed in a red, white, and blue sparkly suit with a red cape and she was gigantic.
Boy #2: If Elizabeth Lauren Devine was so bad as a villain why isn't she still doing it?
Boy #1(Shrugging) Some say she still does it in other countries with KND, and others say she saw Nigel Uno her crush defeated by another villain and she decided to just give up on being the scariest villain.
Lizzie II(Whispering) It's more the first than the second you dumb boys.
Boy #1(Wildly looking around) Did you hear something?
Boy #2: Quit trying to scare me Jason it's not going to work.
Jason(Smiling fearfully) Yea- maybe- your- right Tyler. It was just the wind maybe.
Lizzie II: Or a 50 FT. tall three year old looking to get her revenge.
Jason(Stopping dead) There it is again.
Tyler(Fear on his face) I heard it this time.
Jason: Whoever's following us better show themselves or I'm going to kick-your-butt.
Jason paused after his last three words seeing Lizzie II 50 FT. tall in all her glory and Tyler hid behind a stairwell.
Tyler: He was the one who said it not me.
Lizzie II(Looking down at Tyler) BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Tyler screamed and ran the other way trying to find a way out of the house of his doom.
Jason(Smiling innocently) You know that whole kicking your butt thing was a joke you know ha ha?
Lizzie II(Lifting him up) You wouldn't be saying that if I were 50 FT. shorter.
Jason(Squirming) Sure-I-would-I-mean-all-the-things-I-did-to-you-were-Tyler's-idea.
Lizzie II(Going through her utility belt) Here take a grappling hook to your wrists you dirty- rotten- liar.
Lizzie II bounded Jason to the wall and skipped off to find Tyler the whole house shaking as she jumped.
Jason(Trying to untangle himself) I-think-Tyler-and-I-have-finally-met-our-match.
Meanwhile Tyler was in a room of pictures thinking they were of Lizzie II but they were of Lizzie and she also wanted to exact her revenge on Tyler for making people boot her out of the villains side of the KND.
Lizzie II(Sneering) Jason's mine this was almost too easy.
Lizzie II walked back to Jason to find trying to untangle himself from the grappling hook.
Lizzie II(Snatching Jason up) Lucky you get to deal with me and only me seeing Tyler and my mom have unfinished business.
Jason(Gulping) How about we let me off with a warning?
Lizzie II(Turning Jason upside down) See the rip in my undies gee I wonder how that happened.
Jason(Smiling) You were chasing me and got caught under a chain link fence.
Lizzie II(Squeezing Jason tight) And who decided to hop that fence?
Jason(Gasping) That-be-me.
Lizzie II(Pinning Jason to a wall) My mama had a canary when she saw my ripped undies and it's all because you hopped a chain link fence knowing I couldn't.
Jason(Squirming) Here I'll let you rip my underwear.
Lizzie II(Roaring with laughter) Sorry-but-you-unleashed-the-beast-inside-me-and-now-your-going-to-help-me-control-it.
Jason(Scared) How-do-you-expect-me-to-do-that?
Lizzie II giggled dragging Jason like he was a teddy across the dusty hardwood floor to her room which was decorated with pictures of her and cut out pictures of him next to her.
Lizzie II(Hugging Jason) Isn't it amazing and lovely. I mean we're only three but love can still creep it's way into our hearts.
Jason: How does this help you control the beast inside of you?
Lizzie II(Puckering up) It doesn't but this will.
Jason screamed as Lizzie II's giant lips made for him and he fell backwards her on top of him becoming just Lizzie II again without being SUPERRRRRR LIZZIEEEE and Jason sighed relief until Lizzie II sat on his legs.
Lizzie II: I weigh 600 pounds soaking wet 500 dry. did you really think you were safe just because Super Lizzie's gone?
Jason(Groaning) Owwwwwwwww please get off of my legs.
Lizzie II(Cackling) What so you can run off on me? I don't think that'll be happening on my watch Jason Saunders.
Jason(Weak) What-are-you-going-to-do-to-me?
Lizzie II(Applyling lip gloss) You and I have a fun night planned Json Saunders. Candlelit dinner, a walk in the moonlight, kisses here and there, a chick flick, then we'll come here to seal the deal.
Jason(Petrified) Seal-the-deal?
Lizzie II(Poking his nose) Uh huhhhhhhhh see I have a contract which you will sign because if you don't then Super Lizzie will be the only girl you see forever and ever.
Jason(Groaning) We-don't-even-go-to-the-same-preschool-so-I'm-not-scared-of-ever-becoming-her-boyfriend.
Lizzie II(Slinking her body up Josh) That can be arranged Joshy.
Josh(Kicking Lizzie II off of him) Then arrange it then I'll be scared.
Josh walked off as Lizzie II became really angry and followed her mother's footsteps making every picture in the hall Josh passed of her.
Lizzie II's POV: You know forget you Josh Saunders I have a plan for you and I to always be together.
One of the pictures grabbed Josh and he screamed that being his dreampower not knowing Lizzie II had a stronger imagination then him.
Lizzie II POV(Cackling) My mommy told me to embrace my imagination and it looks like it paid off Super No Scream.
Josh was pulled into a picture of Lizzie II's bedroom and she sneered locking her door and moving to Josh evil dripping from her eyes.
Lizzie II(Turning Josh's head to a television screen) Let's watch Tyler deal with my mommy first Josh. she's my idol when it comes to scary monsters and villians.
Josh gulped seeing all the pictures of Lizzie come alive to make a huge Lizzie and Tyler turned around a minute too late.

Tyler's Demise
Lizzie(Booming) So Tyler Sanchez we meet again but this time you're not going to get me fired as a villain or as your babysitter you shrimp.
Tyler(Shrieking in fear) I-knew-I-saw-you-before-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you're-
Lizzie(Beaming) Lizzie Lauren Devine and your new babysitter as soon as your mom dots her eyes and crosses her t's.
Tyler gulped as Lizzie cackled having special plans for the boy that made everybody forget her.
Lizzie(Staring down at Tyler) You ever hear of a teacher's pet? Well you just became the babysitter's pet and that's a thing you don't want to be.
Tyler(Backing away from Lizzie) Look Devine I know you're mad at me but maybe you should see a therapist and see how that turns out.
Lizzie(Stamping Tyler's head) You get The Evil Babysitter's seal of approval. Man are you in for a hard, scary, terrible ten years fifteen if I'm lucky.
Tyler(Smiling) I'll just wake up there's nothing you can do to me in reality.
Lizzie(Giggling) You'd think so but if I'm here then wouldn't that make me in reality too?
Lizzie(Sneering) Sadly that's not me it's my daughter Lizzie II and I've got to say she's certainly a good asset to my family tree.
Lizzie: Me naturally now let's talk about that no me in reality theory you have shall we? Because as luck would have it Sonya The Silent Assassin knows exactly where you buried my remains seeing you took her with you.
Tyler(Weak) I-had-no-choice-she-followed-me-around-everywhere-she-was-like-a-lost-puppy-whining-begging-for-food-and-panting-with-her-dumb-pink-tongue-out.
Lizzie(Beaming) And now guess who's going to get my remains and reserect me?
Tyler gasped seeing Sonya in a black jumpsuit in the KND treehouse's boiler room where Tyler left the remains in a boiler.
Lizzie: She'll find me in 3-2-1
Sonya opened a vaccant boiler and pulled the remains of Lizzie Lauren Devine out of it placing them on the floor.
Sonya(Coaxing a dog) Come on Damsel do your business peeing on the boiler.
The newly made Damsel peed on the boiler and a fire emitted from the boiler as Sonya threw Lizzie's remains in.
Sonya(Sneering) She'll be back any second to torture the boys of KND by babysitting them and being mean to them.
Lizzie(Pinching Tyler's cheeks) No one as much as you Mr. Sanchez.
Tyler: But if you make me the babysitter's pet what will be left for the other KND agents that got kicked out of the treehouse?
Lizzie(Pointing to her head) My imagination will deal with that. Now to make you petrified of me ­Tyler Sanchez.
Lizzie flexed her fingers at Tyler as he woke up as a three year old in a pair of puppy pajamas and Lizzie's cackle echoed triumphantly around the room.
Tyler(Shaking) Oh no what do I do now?
Tyler's mom(Kissing his forehead) Bye Tye I have to go to work but the sitter's here and I'm sure she has a bunch of fun games for you two to play.
Tyler(Running down the stairs) No mama I had a nightmare of the sitter and she wants to make me a babysitter's pet and petri-something of her.
Tyler's mom(Agitated) Tyler you aren't running this one away like the others, She's really nice and she said she'll get you pizza and soda. now is that a mean girl?
Tyler was determined to have his way standing in front of the door stopping his mom from leaving.
Lizzie(Snatching Tyler up) And you must be Tyler I heard a lot of bad things like you chase babysitters away. But not me because I'm a special breed of sitter.
Tyler's mom(Kissing Tyler's cheek) Bye sweetie have fun with Lizzie. she'll definitely get a raise if she hasn't left when I get home.
Lizzie(Squeezing Tyler tight) Ohhhhhhhhhh we'll have oodles of fun.
Tyler's mom was gone and Lizzie cackled sitting Tyler next to Lizzie II who also came for the visit.
Lizzie: Seems Josh really likes sleeping so during nap time is when my Lizzie Lauren Devine II will rid you and the word of Josh Lawerence.
Lizzie II(Nodding and throwing her arm around Tyler's shoulders) But there's so much time before nap time so get used to me.
Lizzie(Turning the TV on) You two get better acquainted I'm going to make sure the list Sonya The Silent Assassin gave me is current.
Lizzie II(Kissing Tyler) Ohhhhhhhhh we will because unlike Josh Tyler enjoys my kisses and he will always get them.
Tyler shrugged letting Lizzie II kiss him again and snuggle closer to him a smile on her face.
Lizzie II: Now let's figure out how to haunt Jessie shall we?
Tyler: He hates clingy girl's, babies, and platypy or platypuss's to the english speaking-
Lizzie II(Sneering) You've told me more than enough and as it turns out there's a clingy girl with a baby looking for a platypy and that babies nap time happens to be now.
Tyler(Snuggling with Lizzie) Good because I don't want Josh messing my love for you up.
Lizzie II(Kissing Tyler) Not to worry he'll never bother us again.
Tyler smiled thinking he was the lucky one without a nightmare little did he know how demanding Lizzie II was to her boyfriends.

Josh's Demise
Kuki Sanban was on the prowl last measuring every boy she found with a tape measure to see if they would fit a newborn Perry The Platypuss costume turning the wearer into a platypuss forever.
Kuki(Walking down a row of boys) Too fat, too thin, not sweating milk, ewwwwww green is soo not your color, annnddddddd not very belivable to be a platypy or platypuss to the English speaking.
Isabella Angel Sanban giggled shaking her head no at all the people Kuki already denied.
Kuki(Thinking) Hmmmmmmmmm there has to be someone to fit in this platypy costume.
Isabella saw Josh fall through the roof and cooed in glee as Kuki approached him already knowing he would fit the costume.
Kuki(Measuring Josh) Hmmmmmm a little here, a little there and veoula we have a perfect fit to be my little girl's first and only pet.
Isabella cooed in glee as Kuki waved a very small Perry The Platypuss costume under Josh's eyes.
Kuki: And be sure to growl all the time, I'm sure my Izzy can show you how to growl very well seeing her and Perry are like this.
Kuki made a motion with her thumb and pointer finger showing Josh how close Isabella and Perry were.
Isabella giggled reaching for Josh with Kuki cackling and pulling Josh to Isabella's nursery where pictures and posters of Kuki, Isabella Garcia Shapiro, and Isabella Angel Sanban decorating the walls.
Kuki(Laying Josh down) Any last words Platypuss bait?
Josh(Stabbing Kuki) No I think you get the point. FYI that point line is a pun.
Kuki screamed in pain and fell on the floor with Isabella crying as Josh ran off thinking Kuki was done for not knowing she was imortal thanks to the keeper of dreams and nightmares.
Kuki(Standing up sneering) He better get a head start because once I catch him he's going to be one sorry Platypy.
Kuki took the knife from her stomach and turned her blood into warpaint on her face as Isabella giggled grabbing a Perry The Platypuss stuffed animal glad soon she'd be getting the real thing.
Kuki(Putting goggles on) These are the kid finders thank God for Lizzie II's smarty pants brain.
Kuki switched the goggles on and infared sensors surrounded the dream world until she saw a body materialize at the exit.
Kuki(Through a walkie talkie) Lizzie II clog up the exit of the dreamworld with you giant sized butt. My Izzy's getting her Perry one way or another.
Lizzie II sneered evilly also wanting to get even with Josh for A leaving her in the dreamworld and B for turning his back on her.
Lizzie II(Sitting on the only escape from the dreamworld) Sorry Josh but this is where you get off.
Lizzie II's butt made a black hole on the escape from the dreamworld and when Josh reached it all's he saw were purple, silk, frilly panties and a green smoke indicating her bad smell.
Lizzie II(Swinging her butt around cackling) No escape no escape hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah.
Josh(Struggling) Wait let me out you fat piglet.
Lizzie II(Cackling) I'm going to enjoy watching you become Perry The Platypuss.
Kuki(Giggling) You're the first boy to survive Hurricane Lizzie II and her stinky butt. but no matter soon you'll be Perry The Platypuss and my Izzy's first friend.
Josh: But wait I stabbed you and saw you bleeding, You were left for dead.
Kuki(Beaming) Yea well the dream and nightmare people and I have a common understanding. I haunt people like you in dreams and I get to live forever and ever in this world.
Lizzie II(Laughing) Yea I mean I thought everyone knew Kuki could live forever. I certainly did and so do all the girls in the KND treehouse because Kuki's the one they send when they need to get a very hostile boy.
Kuki: Now lucky for Lizzie II she has a choice of boy A she can take the boy that calls her names all the time which is you, or she can continue dating Tyler and allow me to make you Perry The Platypuss.
Lizzie II: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I'm going to stick with Tyler because he's in love with me and he's about to experience Hurricane Lizzie II first hand.
Josh(Gulping) Wait I can be your boyfriend I mean you always said you wanted to get even with me so get even with me.
Lizzie II(Beaming) I already have by giving you to the one girl you can't kill so hah, hah, hah, and another hah for good measure.
Josh(Staring down at Kuki) There has to be something we can work out.
Kuki: Nope because every other girl in the treehouse has a slave, a boyfriend, has a pet, or has killed a boy taking their soul.
Josh ran off again as a stink cloud followed him and he fainted due to Lizzie II's smell.
Kuki(Cackling) Aaaaaaannnnddddd he's down for the count, Liz go show Tyler Hurricane Lizzie II I can take it from here.
Lizzie II giggled taking her underwear off revealing her butt and skipping off to find Tyler and make him regret ever falling in love with her.
Back in Isabella's nursery Josh moaned as his clothes littered the floor and before he realized what was going on Kuki threw the Perry The Playpuss suit on him.
Kuki(laughing Triumphantly) No more training agents now no boy sleeps.
Kuki: Looks like your new master ins giving you your first lesson in being a platypuss speaking.
Josh eeped as he saw he no longer had feet but webbed feet with a beaver tail, green fur, and a duckbill.
Kuki(Skipping off) You two enjoy yourselves I have a KND treehouse to inform that no more boys will haunt them again.
Kuki cackled as Isabella grabbed Josh and snuggled with him the both of them getting lost in Phineas And Ferb on Netflix.
What happens to Tyler and Lizzie II read part 10 No More Mrs. Nice Villain and reply to part 9
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