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With regards to veganism...

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Is there any vegans/vegetarians on ficwad who could help me with something? I want to make the switch...

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Hello fellow Ficwaddians! So,if you clicked on this, chances are you're vegan or vegetarian or considering either, or just creeping on me.... heheheheh :L

But I am not vegan. I really want to make the switch to being a vegan, but.... I don't know how

All you vegans reading this now are probably like: o_O Rly? Lyk, srsly? its nt dat hrd.

Or not.... But, I just want some advices :D

My mom doesn't know I want to become vegan- my sister told her she wanted to become vegetarian before and my mom basically laughed in her face and told her to cop on.

She's not being mean, but in Ireland it's very recessional at the moment, and I've heard vegan lifestyle can be expensive- meat supplements, vitamins supplements, B12 tablets, iodine tablets and such. You get my gist.

Another problem is that if I were to get my mom to buy vegan food, the most likely case will be she and I wont know how to cook it or whatever so it'd end up going out of date and wasting money. That point reminds me of another problem- availability -_- I can see this will be hard.... my local Tesco's (kind of like a shitty version of walmart) most likely doesn't have vegan food, and there's a health shop in town but it's just vegetables I think.... I need to look into it.

So, as it is, I really don't eat a lot of dairy- I don't eat butter, yoghurt, cheese, and really much milk. I don't like cereal and I drink my coffee black. I also rarely eat ice-cream or chocolate.

As for fish, I only really eat fish cakes occasionally, and I'm not all that fond.

Meat...well, I kind of have to eat whatever is dinner, I am only fourteen and all. So, at the moment I eat meat... mainly mince or chicken, both of which I wouldn't miss. The only thing I'd miss really is turkey, and I only eat that at christmas so...that's not going to kill me.

When it comes to vegetables, I eat things like brocolli, cauliflower, lettuce and tomatoes occasionally, and potatoes, carrots and corn quite regularly. I don't eat a lot of fruit, but I'm hoping to change that.

I only drink water and coffee, so there's no problems there....

So, does anyone have any tips, advice, websites that will help, anything at all, even if it's just the names of supplements I'll need, how to bring it up with my mom, what I need to include/exclude from my diet... I've been researching, but I always find getting information on a more personal level than a website or leaflet can help loads....

So, I want to apologize to you for putting this here, but this is where I know people (kind of) and seems to be the biggest category... go MCR! I'll be eagerly awaiting replies... on my laptop... in my room... because I'm a loner... naw, I'm just kidding, I- wait, that all kind of is true... god my life is sad -_-

I must flee now, tetris and youtube await....

Ignore my sadness and leave an opinion or something in reviews? Thanking anyone who reads/ reviews in advance,

Megan (and Jack. She's switching too.)
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