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Chapter Twenty Eight - Goodbye

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"Better Living's already ruined me, Poison. They've already turned me into one of their puppets."

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A/N Hey! Sorry this chapter's a little late, but I went to a concert (and had a fucking amazing time!) I didn't have time to post it so yeah =D Anyways, thankies to Chemical_30 for reviewing and please review, I love hearing what you all think! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty Eight - Goodbye

"I think I've found something." Lie said, still searching through the computer.
"What is it?" Cherri stood next to Lie, her wide eyes glued to the screan.
"Incase of an emergency, there's a password you can type in and it automacitcally opens all the doors, meaning everyone'll be able to escape.
"Then what are we fucking waiting for?! Let's get these fucking Killjoys outta here!" Lypse said, eagerly with a wide smile on his face.
"Are you forgetting the fact that he just said there's a password that none of us know?" Attack reminded them.
"Are you forgetting the fact that we all have minds and that we can probably guess what that password is?" Pen defended Lypse.
"Does it say how many letters there are in the password?" Attack asked his younger brother.
"No, it just says it's between four and fifteen characters."
"What about Draculoid?" Devi suggested. Draculoid was the first thing that came into her head.
"I think they would've chosen something less obvious, Devi."
Lie typed in the nine lettered word anyway, but the words Incorrect Password flashed on the screen seconds later.
"We need something less obvious."
"What about Isoda?" Pen said.
"Yeah. The bitch that runs this place is called Dr. Isoda, so maybe we should try Isoda."
He typed it in, but again the words Incorrect Password popped up, mocking him because he didn't know the real one.
"Lemme try."
Cherri began typing, but each time, the same two words mocked her as they had mocked Lie.
Devi felt something hit her ankle and when she looked down, a small scrunched up piece of paper was on the floor. She looked around to see a Killjoy staring at her, who'd thrown the tiny piece of paper.
"Open it." They mouthed.

Make sure that the bitch who did this dies. People know her as Dr. Isoda, the real creator of the company, but when someone takes it down, she'll go into hiding. Her real name's Airi Adosi. She'll probably go by that name. Kill her. Make her suffer.
Ps, yeah Adosi is Isoda spelled backwards. Sneaky little bitch.

Devi looked at the stranger.
"Try it." They mouthed again.
Did the Killjoy mean try Isoda's real name? She didn't know, but she suggested it anyway.
"Try Airi Adosi."
They all shot her a confused expression.
"Just try it."
Cherri shrugged and typed in Airi Adosi. She was shocked to see Access Granted flash up on the screen.
"How the fuck did you know that?!" Lypse questioned.
Devi held up the piece of paper.
"A Killjoy threw it to me." She nodded towards the Killjoy trapped inside a cell not too far away from them, but the gut was no longer there.
They shrugged it off.
"Lypse, Pen and Devi, find Andi and the guys. I'll go find Donna." Cherri said. She'd met Donna before, so she knew what Donna looked like. The only thing that bothered her was the fact that all of them could've already been exterminated.

Cyanide continued the search for her husband, which had been unsucessful so far. She broke down doors, creating bruises on her upper arm, to see either empty rooms or rooms filled with supplies like batteries, guns and even a couple of bombs.
She was beginning to lose hope, she was beginning to think that he wasn't in this part of the Better Living headquarters, but there were still five doors left, so she continued to break them down.
When she got to the second to last door, it took a couple tries until she managed to make it fall down, but in the end, it was worth it. Bob looked up at her, his confused facial expression making her smile.
"E-Elli? Elli!"
She laughed at his excitement. "I've missed you so fucking much."
She wrapped her pale arms around him and swiftly pressed his lips to hers. The kiss that they shared felt like the most incredible thing in the world to her. She didn't know how long it'd been since she'd been with him, at that moment in time, she didn't care. Not one little bit.
She pulled away. "C'mon, we've gotta move."
"Move where?"
"We're gonna find Jeremy then get the fuck outta here."
She held his hand and turned around th exit the room with her husband.
Bang, bang.
She heard it before she felt it.
She looked down at her stomach. There were two bullet holes in her stomach, sizzling because of the burnt flesh.
Cyanide fell to the floor while System grabbed a gun and started shooting at the Draculoid who'd shot his wife.
System was shot several times before the Draculoid's lifeless body slammed against the hard, cold floor.
System and Cyanide both lay there, bleeding.

"Poison, you need to go. You need to get away from here." Lexia said, after she had explained the fact that she couldn't go back to the diner.
Both of them were in tears.
"I'm not leaving without you, Lexia, I'm not!"
"You have to, Poison. It's too late for me, you saw what they did to me. I'm never gonna be the same again! Soon, I'm not going to be Acid Bullets anymore and I'm not going to be the woman that you loved, the woman you married or the woman you had a daughter with. Plus, even if took me back, I'd turn into the monster that they've forced me to become. I'd probably kill everyone at the diner and take Bandit and Zack back to the Better Living headquaters. Hell, for all know I could kill Bandit and Zack!"
"Don't say that."
"If I brought them here, they'd be taught that what they're doing to this world is right. If I stay here, then I won't kill any of you and Bandit and Zack'll rebel against Better Living like they should."
"Acid, you'll still be all of those things, you'll still be the woman I love! And we can help you, I know we can."
"You won't be able to help me, I'm a fucking killing machine! And no, I won't be any of those things. I want to go back with you so much and I want to undo what they've done to me, but there's nothing I can do about it anymore, the damage's already been done. Better Living's already ruined me, Poison. They've already turned me into one of their puppets."
He hated hearing this, but he hated the fact that there was a voice inside his head telling him that she was right even more. Soon, she wouldn't be the woman he loved anymore, but that didn't stop him from fighting against it. He still refused to believe her and the tiny voice that were telling him all of these things.
"We'll find a way to make you better. We'll help you, just please don't leave me, Acid. Please." He cried.
It broke her heart to watch him like this. She loved him so fucking much it hurt sometimes.
"Do me a favour?" She asked.
"Remember the good times. Remember when we met, how we had no clue how much we would come to love eachother. When we first kissed, when you told me that you would do so much for me. Remeber when I woke up from being shot and when we both said that we loved eachoter for the first time. Remember when we first slept together, the way we held eachother and they way we said we loved eachother. Remember when you asked me to marry you in the Better Living headquarters and in the diner. Remember when we saw that little pink plus sign on that pregnancy test and how happy, yet fucking terrified we were that we were having a baby. Remeber when we got married and when we kissed eachother as man and wife for the first time. Remember when we saw Bandit for the first time, how beautiful she was and how amazed that we were because we made her. Remeber all of that for me. For us. Remember all of that, do you hear me?"
He nodded. "I'll remember, I'll always remember, but you will, too. We'll take you back to the diner, we'll-"
"Poison, you just don't understand!" She snapped while shouting. "I'm a killing machine, that's what I'll become. I won't remember any of this. Pretty soon, the only way I'll live on is in the memories that everyone has of me. There's two more things I need you to do for me. Make sure that Bandit and Grace have good lives, a better life than I ever had when I was a kid, let them know how much you love them and how much I loved them. This last favour is probably the hardest one you'll have to do for me. I want you to move on. I want you to find someone else, fall in love and be with them. I don't care who it is, as long as they love you, Bandit and Grace, and as long as you love them back, then that's all that matters. You'll be so much happier with them than you ever could with me."
"No! I could never love anyone as much as I love you, I'll never want anyone else! You're the only person I've ever truly loved, Lexia. I love you and I need you. Please, don't leave me." He begged.
Tears ran down her cheeks, she knew that she'd never forgive herself for what she was about to say.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She kept her eyes closed because she knew that she wouldn't be able to look at his face or look into his eyes as she said this.
"That's the thing. I've already left, Poison. I'm already gone and it's too late to do anything about it. You can do or say anything to change this. I'm not yours anymore. I'm pretty much dead, Poison. I'm dead."
Poison knew he'd never experience as much pain again as he did in that moment.
"No . . ."
"This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, Poison."
She was really leaving him . . . he'd have to live with out her, but how could he? They'd been through so much together and they'd helped eachother through so much. All this time, they've had eachother, but he'd have to live without her.
"Look at me." He said.
She was reluctant to begin with, but she eventually looked into his tear-filled hazel eyes.
"This is really happening, isn't it?" He said
She could only nod. "I'm so sorry, Poison. I'm so fucking sorry."
"Why are you sorry? I said this before, if I hadn't been a fucking idiot and told you about the kiss with Cyanide, or if I hadn't kissed Cyanide in the first place, then none of this would have happened. This is all my fault."
"Do you know what I realized? This isn't your fault or my fault, this is Better Living's fault. But do you know what? If I could go back in time and make sure that Better Living wouldn't exsist, do you know what I'd do? I wouldn't stop it. As much as I hate Better Living and what they've done, if it weren't for them, then I wouldn't have met you and Grace, I wouldn't have fallen in love with you and Bandit wouldn't be alive. The same goes for Kobra and Static, they wouldn't be together right now and Zack wouldn't exsist." She took off the locket, that'd been in her family for years, off from around her neck and gave it to her husband. "Give this to Bandit one day, tell her that the time I spent with you, Grace and her was the best time of my life. Tell her that I loved her and Grace so much."
He took the neckless from her hand and he put it in his pocket.
"I promise, I will."
She looked into his eyes again. "I love you so much, Gerard."
He pressed his forehead to hers and he closed his eyes.
"I love you so much, Lexia." He repeated back to her.
They heard the alarms in the Better Living centre go off, but they acted as if they'd never even heard it.
They pressed their lips together for what they knew would be the final time. She tangled her fingers in strands of his bright red hair and he held her close to him. Their tongues danced together for the last time, they could taste the bitter salt of their tears, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that they were together for the last time in their lives.
Acid could feel herself slipping away again, she was about to pass out again like she had countless times, but she didn't pull away, she wanted her last moment to be like this. This was going to be the last thing she ever did as Acid Bullets and as Alexandria Way, she had a feeling in her stomach that this would be the last time she was ever herself, so she continued to kiss the only man she ever loved and would ever love.
Poison pulled away when he felt her go week in his arms. Before she passed out completely, she smiled warmly at him.
"I love you," was the last thing she said before she was gone completely.
He pulled her close to him again and he kissed her forehead. Anger and sadness burned inside him at the same time. Why sadness was burning inside him was obvious, but the reason anger was inside him, too, was because all of this wouldn't have happened to her if it weren't for his stupid actions and Better Living.
"I love you. I fucking love you."
He didn't know what to do. He could either leave her here and wonder what could've happened if he brought her back or he could bring her back and try to make her Acid again. They had the medical equipment to do it, it was completely possible. He knew that she didn't want him to do this, but he couldn't leave her like that.
He picked her up bridal style and left the room.

"So, where's Jeremy?" Ellouise asked her husband while they both lay there, bleeding.
"The last time I saw him was the day he was taken away from us. I know that he's still in this building, but they never let me see him again."
She nodded, sadly.
"You're hair's shorter." He observed.
She smiled. "Yeah it is. Once I was Isoda's assistant I didn't see myself as the same person anymore, so I wanted to change how I looked and the only thing that Isoda'd let me change was my hair, so hair it was."
He smiled, but it quickly dissapeared.
"How bad are you bleeding?" He asked her.
"'S not that bad." She lied.
"You're lying. Let me see."
He removed her hand that was covering up her wound and he saw the blood rushing out of it, Ellouise's skin was also extremely pale.
"Fuck, you need help. You really need help, Elli."
"So do you." She nodded towards the wounds on his stomach.
She sighed and he put an arm over his wife's shoulders.
"It's been so long since I've seen you." He said.
"I know. I've missed you so much, Bob. I met them all by the way. I met Fun Ghoul, Party Poison, Jet Star and Kobra Kid and all of their girlfriends. I've been staying with them for the past few months and you were right. They're really good people. I can understand why they were like brothers to you."
He smiled. "Good. I knew that you'd like them, I'm just glad that you got to meet them and see them for yourself."
"Me too. Do you think that we'll make it out of here alive?"
He wanted to so badly. He wanted to get away from this place and leave and go into the Zones with his wife and son, but they'd been shot and they were both losing a lot of blood with each passing second. They probably weren't going to get out of there, so he answered her honestly.
"I want to get out of here so much, but look at us. We're in fucking pools of blood here, Elli."
She nodded. That was one of the many things she loved about her husband, he wasn't afraid to tell the truth or tell people what he thought. She completely agreed with him, she wanted to get out of there with Bob and Jeremy, but that was a dream she'd had for years and she knew that it would probably always remain a dream of hers. A dream that would soon be forgotten.
"Atleast we'll go together, right?" She said.
He smiled sadly. "Yeah. I can't think of a better way to go. I just wish that you could live, too. I love you, Elli."
"I know, I wish that we both could live. I love you, too, Bob. Always."
They kissed and they laced their fingers together.
"Always." He said back to her once their kiss had ended.
She rested her head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of her head. She closed her eyes and they remained closed.
"I love you, Bob Bryar. Always have, always will."
He smiled and he looked at Ellouise. That was when he realized that her eyes were closed and that she wasn't breathing.
"Ellouise? Elli, look at me." He shook her slightly, but nothing happened.
He let a few tears escape his eyes, but he quickly whipped them away. He took a deep breath.
"It's okay, it's okay." He told himself. "I'll be with you soon. I love you, Elli."
He kissed her forehead again and held her body close. He knew he'd be with her soon, he just wished that they could've had a real life together before they died.
"We'll be together soon. I promise."
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