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Chapter Twenty Nine - Run

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"Poison, I know it's hard, but she won't be her anymore. She'll kill us all."

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A/N Hey! So this chapter's not the most exciting, but it's not that boring either. I'll probably post another chapter tomorrow or on Monday 'cause it's almost finished and it's more exciting than this one is. Thankies to Chemical_30 for reviewing last chapter and please review, I love hearing what you all think ^_^ Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Twenty Nine - Run

Ghoul, Lo, Kobra and Static were running down the halls of the Better Living headquarters, they'd managed to set off the alarms because they saw on the cameras that they were taking equipment. Static had it all in one back pack, that they'd also stolen from Better Living.
"Way to go, Kobra, you set off the fucking alarm!" Ghoul said while all of then continued to run.
"Hey, you were taking shit from there, too, Ghoul! Don't just fucking blame this on Kobra!" Static stood up for her boyfriend.
"All of us where taking stuff from their, Ghoul, they just happened to go off while Kobra was holding something, any of us could've set it off." Lo joined in on deffending Kobra.
"Might not have even been us, there's other Killjoys in the building, too."
They came to a holt when they saw Bob, bleeding with Cyanide next to him, who was also bleeding.
"Bob?!" Ghoul almost shouted.
Bob smiled faintly. His cheeks were stained with tears.
"Hey, Frankie."
Ghoul ran over to Bob, but paused when he saw the blood. He also noticed that Cyanide's eyes were closed. She didn't look like she was breathing.
"Is she . . ." He didn't finish.
"Yeah. She is. A Drac found us."
Ghoul closed his eyes and looked down. A wave of guilt washed over him when he realized that she was telling the truth, yet he'd been harsh with her because he suspected that she was making it up.
"Fuck." He said.
"Yeah. Pretty much read my mind."
"C'mon, let's get you away from here." Ghoul said, attempting to help Bob up off the floor.
"Ghoul, we both know that I'm not going anywhere. I can't even move my legs. I'm not gonna be able to get out of here, Ghoul."
"Then we'll drag you outta here!" He was determind that Bob wasn't going to be left behind. Not again.
"No, I can't. I need you to do something for me."
"Anything." Kobra replied to him.
"Jeremy's still here. I know it's a lot to ask, but he can't have the life that BL/ind want him to. He just can't. He's on the third floor, there's an area where they teach kids who live here. He should be there."
"We'll get him. I promise. We'll get him." Ghoul promised, his eyes filled with tears. It was like the first time they'd been parted all over again except this time he knew it'd be perminant. He'd never see Bob again.
"Thankyou. What are you still doing here?"
"We're not leaving you here to die alone." Ghoul said.
"You gotta keep moving. All of you do. You'll die if you don't."
"We'll hold them off." Lo said. It was the first time that Lo and Static had met Bob and it was obvious that it'd sadly be the last.
"We'll see you on the side, Bob." The tears in his eyes spilled over.
"Don't cry. I'll be with Elli, we'll be happy." His eyes were filled with tears, too. He started feeling weeker with every passing second.
Ghoul, Kobra and Jet smiled back sadly.
"Thankyou." Were the last words before his eyes were no longer filled with life, before he stopped inhaling air.
"Goodbye, Bob." Kobra said.
"Rest in peace, man. You deserve it."
"Goodbye, Bobbert. We've missed you and we'll continue to miss you. See you on the other side."
They closed his eyes.
"He died fighting. That's all any of us can really ask for." Lo comforted Ghoul by wrapping her arms around him, but they quickly let go when some Draculoids joined them.
"Get ready for a fire fight." Static said before hell broke loose.

"What happened to her?!" Death demanded when Poison walked out with her sister in his arms, who was passed out.
"What does it look like happened? She passed out. C'mon, we gotta keep moving, we've already wasted too much time."
"Poison, wait." Avenger said, putting his hand on Poison's shoulder.
"I know that she told you the same thing. We can't take her back."
Rage filled him when Avenger said that. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"That's bullshit and we both know it. Poison, I know it's hard, but she won't be her anymore. She'll kill us all. She could even kill Bandit and Zack."
"You don't know what she'll fucking do! Besides, we won't let it get that bad. We'll remove the chip or something and she won't even have the chance to kill anybody, okay?"
"Poison, she didn't want you to bring her back! She told me herself!"
"What the fuck are you guys talking about?" Death was almost clueless about what they were talking about, but she had a rough idea. Lexia thought that the chip'd take control and that she'd kill them, therefore she didn't want them to bring her back to the diner. It made sense, but she was with Poison on this one. They could at least try to save her rather than leave her here and let them use her sister as their own weapon against Killjoys.
"Poison, you know I'm right. I wish that I wasn't, I really do, but we both know that I am. It's not right to put everyone in danger."
"We have to at least try." Death agreed with Poison. "Look, let's shut up and keep moving, we've wasted too much time here already and you said that yourself, Poison."
Death grabbed Avengers hand and all of them started running.

"You okay, honey?" Dr. Death asked Radio.
Radio nodded and smiled weakly.
"Y'know, while you've been here, I've never seen that boy happier." She assumed that Dr. D was talking about Jet.
She smiled. "I thought I was becoming more of a burden with this fucking illness. At least, that's what it feels like." Her voice was weak. It fit perfectly with how she looked.
"You a burden? Please, I think that there's a better chance at hell freezing over than that every happenin'."
"I know he finds it hard to look at me sometimes. I don't blame him, I'd probably be the same, I just . . . I don't want to put him through anymore pain, y'know?"
He nodded. "I understand perfectly."
"Do you think that they'll make it back in time?"
"In time for what?"
"I just . . . I think it's gonna happen soon. I think that I'm gonna . . . die soon. I know it sounds fucking crazy, but I can feel it." It took a lot for her to say that out loud.
"Honey, they'll be back in a few hours. I promise ya, they'll be back in time."
"Yeah. I guess."
"In the mean time, you just gotta hang on."
She took a deep breath and smiled. "I'll try my best."
Their conversation was inturupted when Draculoids came bursting through the door.
They were paralyzed in shock.
Why the hell are they here? How did they even find this place? Oh fuck, Zack, Bandit and Grace are still here. Will the Dracs hurt them? They're just kids! She screamed in her head.
"Fuck." Escaped her lips when a man, who looked like he was in his late forties.
Her eye brows knotted together in confusion.
"Who the fuck are you?"
"I'm Dr. Livanni, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meating eachother. And if you don't cooperate, you'll know me as the man who ended your pathetic life as Killjoy."

It didn't take long for Ghoul, Lo, Jet, Static and Kobra to kill the Draculoids that'd been sent their way, so Ghoul and Kobra decided to leave to get Bob and Elli's son Jeremy.
They were still wearing the scrubs from before, so they hoped that the children there would just think that they were getting Jeremy for a medical reason.
They walked in to a room, everything was white, but it was to be expected. Everything in there was white for fuck's sake.
There was a teacher there, wearing white clothes with a white coat. You can get the picture with how boring the outfit she was wearing was.
"Can I help you?" She asked.
"Yes, you can. We are looking for Jeremy. Jeremy Bryar."
All the kids looked at a fair-haired boy with pale skin and crystal blue eyes. The child they were looking at was with out a doubt Bob's child.
"Do you mind if we borrow him for a little while?"
"Of course not."
Jeremy looked worried, but he still got up and left the room with Ghoul and Kobra. The second they were out, Jeremy started crying.
"Please don't take me to the bad man again!"
"The bad man?"
"Yeah! The meanie who the doctors took me to last time. He hurt me badly last time. Don't make me go again!"
"Jeremy, what did the bad man do to you?"
Jeremy was hesitant to begin with, but he still rolled up his sleeve to show them the fresh burn mark on his arm along with other tiny scars.
"Why did they do this to you?" Ghoul's voice was soft and gentle because he didn't want to scare the little boy infront of him, but on the inside he wanted to scream at the bastards who'd done this to a child.
"The bad man told me not to tell anyone else. Only him and the bad lady can know."
"You see, we work with him and he told us to find out what happened through you. He wants you to tell us, Jeremy. It's okay to tell us."
He paused. "They've been doing tests."
"What kind of tests?"
He shrugged. "They don't tell me."
"Jeremy, what do they do to you?"
"Sometimes they give me kneedles with things in them," By that he meant injections. "Some times they do other things."
"Do they do this with all of you?" Kobra asked his friend's son.
He shook his head. "No."
"Why do they do it to you?"
"Because I don't have a mommy and a daddy that'll ask questions about the marks. My mommy and daddy are brave. They're going to take me away from here one day."
It pained them both that Jeremy'd never see his mother and father again.
"You see, the people who work here, Jeremy, most of them are bad people who do bad things."
"Like what?"
"Like . . . hurting people who don't deserve it. They hurt innocent people and make them do things they don't wanna do."
"Are you bad people? Are you gonna hurt me?" Jeremy was getting worried.
"No, no we're not bad people Jeremy. We're the good ones and we're gonna take you away from here."
"Are you people like my mommy and daddy?"
"Yeah, we are. We were friends with your mommy and daddy."
Jeremy smiled. "You are?!"
"Yeah, we are and we're here to save you."
"Are my mommy and daddy with you?"
Ghoul knew it'd be hard to tell the small boy that his parents weren't alive. "You see . . . your mommy and daddy . . . they're brave people like you said before. They're very brave and sometimes. . . brave people get hurt for no good reason. You mommy and daddy . . . they're in a better place now."
"Where are they?"
"Have you ever heard of a place called heaven?"
"Yeah, but that's where dead people go. My mommy and daddy aren't dead people, they're alive."
"Jeremy . . . they're not here any more, but do you know what? Your mommy and daddy, they loved you so much and they're watching over you right now, just like they'll always be watching over you. They love you so much, Jeremy."
Jeremy knew what he was trying to tell him. His parents were dead and they weren't coming back. Not ever.
Ghoul expected Jeremy to cry, to start asking more questions, to demand why they were dead, but he didn't. He just said, "Can we go?"
Ghoul paused. "Yeah. Let's go, buddy."
He picked up Jeremy and they started walking to place were Jet, Static and Lo were.
"Jeremy, this is Jet Star, he was friends with your mommy and daddy too. And that's Demolition Lover and Static Angel. They knew your mom."
They all smiled at Jeremy.
"Hi Jeremy. I'm Demoliton Lover, but you can call me Lo." She smiled kindly at him and he decided that he liked Lo, so he smiled back.
"Now, what do ya say we get out of here?"
He nodded frantically.
"Okay. C'mon, little man."
She picked him up and they headed to the ground floor, where they were supposed to meet the rest of the Killjoys.

"Jesus Christ! Lypse! Pen! Steph!" Andi said when they found her and the rest of the group. "What the fuck are you doing here?!"
"What does it look like? We're saving all of you, dumbass."
"Shut up Lypse."
"Hey, we could just leave you to rot here."
"By the way, It's Devi now." Steph informed Andi while Lypse tried to get the password to unlock the door that held them all inside the cell and tried not to get caught at the same time since there were a few Dracs hanging around.
"Devi? Oh my god, are you a Killjoy now? Like an official Killjoy?"
Steph smiled. "Yup. Devi's sort for Angelic Devil."
"Dude, nice name!"
"Can you two have this conversation later? I can't concentrate when you're fucking screaming in my ear about Killjoy names." Lypse snapped.
"Jesus, no need to take your PMS out on us."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to save your ass."
He remembered the name Adosi, then the door opened quickly, setting them all free.
They ran over to the other Killjoys where. Cherri had Donna, so they released everyone else then they ran.
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