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Ode To The Hourglass

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*WARNING: Tearjerker- have tissues ready* Emily goes into labor and the gang goes only to find that it was too late. The baby is fine but Amy learns she is the guardian Emily chose for her baby, i...

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Chapter 30- The Hourglass

"HOLY SHIT!" Amy sat straight up in bed, along with Patrick when they heard Joe scream from his room. Amy ran over there, and saw Emily with a cross face, and a wet stain on the bed.
"Amy, the baby is coming," Emily struggled to say and Joe helped her sit on the edge of the bed while Patrick woke everybody else.
"Let's go," Amy pushed everybody out of the door and rushed down to the hospital. Pete was driving and Frankie had his rental car, so he was taking Megan, Sasha, Mikey and Andy.
"Emily, we have to walk fast if we want to make in time, ok?" Amy turned to see if her friend was listening, and she saw that she was slipping into unconsciousness.
"PETER!" she screamed and he cringed.
"What?!" he asked, already annoyed by the whole situation.
"Step on it, I don't think Emily is doing to well," Pete glanced back and saw Amy's eyes starting to water and did as she told.

They sat there waiting, for what seemed like hours. Amy hand was clutched tight in Patrick's while Joe and paced the room. The rest sat in silence, Frankie getting another head and hair massage from Meagan. A knock at the room where they were in made most of them look up. An older man walked in with a stern look on his face.
"Um...there is no easy way to say this," the tears were already flowing out of Amy's eyes by then and Patrick had engulfed her into his chest before the doctor even spoke the words.
"Miss Roberts has passed, she was able to name the baby, who is currently in the baby room, where it will be watched for a short time," Amy heard every word and her body shook of fear, anger and sadness. Patrick's arms tightened around her as her sobs got louder and louder.
"You are welcome to see the baby, and Amy, I must speak to you, quickly," Amy broke away from Patrick and stood up, stepping outside with the doctor.

Amy pressed her hand to the glass that separated her from the last thing that remained of Emily. She quietly read the name.
Rachel McKenzie Roberts
"She's beautiful," Amy heard Pete from behind her and blinked slowly, nodding her head.
"Just like her mother," she whispered. A few footsteps and he appeared next to her, shoulder to shoulder.
"How are you holding up, Amy?" he asked after a few moments of silence. Amy sighed.
"I don't know," she paused. "I don't know what to do," she turned her head slightly to see Pete with a confused face.
"What did the doctor tell you?" he asked, placing his hands on the windowsill that held the glass.
"He told me, that Emily had wished I take care of her baby until a proper guardian would be found," Pete looked at her with shock on his face.
"Are you going to?" he asked, and watched her figure slouch a little.
"Yes. Emily was my best friend, and she told me herself her baby would rock the world. I want to make sure of it," Amy gulped back the tears and let her hand fall from the glass and hit the windowsill as well. She closed her eyes for a brief second but opened them when Pete clasped her hand in his own.
"We will help, all of us," Amy turned to him and bit her lip before pulling him into a hug.
"Thank you Pete," Amy breathed, using his nickname.
So she finally warms up to me, ehh?

A few days passed. Amy wouldn't get Rachel for another week, when all the legal paperwork was set up. The boys had another show, along with Frank and Mikey's band, so the nine people still stayed. That night, was real life changing, for all of them. Both bands walked away with a record deal, and were to fly out to start recording real soon. Amy was completely excited until she herself got a call that she was to fly to New Jersey where Emily used to live, to take care of Rachel. Now, there was a dilemma. The boys were to be gone for a whole four months, without Amy. They had no way of knowing how to contact each other, except for email.

"This is not a good day," Frankie mumbled. Amy looked around. It was the day they all went in different directions to do their own things in life.
"I know," she said, sadly. They were in the airport, and while the others were still getting their tickets, Frankie had sat Amy down.
"Give me your phone," he demanded tapping his hand. She complied and he entered a phone number.
"When you see my face on TV, in a music video, on MTV or anywhere really, call me and tell me you still love me," Amy laughed as he hugged her tight.
"Alright Frankie," she laughed as he checked his watch.
"I gotta head out. Please don't forget me...or I shall in pregnant you like I did Pete!" Amy laughed as he waved and walked off to a silently crying Meagan. He tilted her head up and gently kissed her before him and the rest of his band mates walked through to another terminal. Amy watched as she softy smiled, going through her own terminal, that was heading home. Amy clutched the ticket she had firmly in her hand and looked down.
"Amiez," she looked up to see Joe pouting with his arms wide open. "Hug?" he asked. Amy nodded and stood up, laughing as he twirled her around.
"I swear we will bump into each other again," he said before pushing her into Andy's arms.
"Ah, my sister, I'll miss you," he muttered. She skewed her mouth to one side from the squeezing but smiled.
"When you guys become rich and famous, will you come and sweep me off my feet?" she asked in her cute face.
"Sure thing, Amiez," Pete got her next and he almost forgot that they were in front of the others before letting go.
"I'll miss your breakfasts and babysitting," Amy laughed through her tears when he smiled.
"I'll miss your womanly touch to everything we did," he muttered, loud enough for her to hear.
"Peter Panda," Amy let his nickname roll off her tongue and saw that the rest were not paying attention to them. She looked up at him and kissed him. It was only a small peck on the mouth, but Pete still felt the butterflies fluttering about in his stomach even after she left his side to go say goodbye to her real boyfriend.
Now how long do I have to wait for another?

"Patty Cakes," Amy sobbed once she ran into his arms. Patrick scooped her up and hugged her so tight, he lifted her off the ground.
"Cuddle buddy," he breathed. Amy leaned her head back and saw his own tears forming.
"I love you, Patrick," she whispered kissing him slightly. He smiled and kissed her back.
"I love you too, and if you ever see me on TV, you have permission to hump the Stump," he told her, lightening the mood. Amy giggled and when it faded their flight was called. Patrick wrapped her up into another hug before he kissed her one last time.
"It isn't goodbye, Amy," he told her.
"It's a 'see you later'," she finished for him. They both nodded before he started to back away, their hands slipping away from the others.
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