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Hump The Stump

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This, is one you'll have to read to find out what happens. Haha ;]

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Chapter 31- "Bumping" Into People

Tick...tock...tick...tock...tick...tock...there goes the clock

Amy watched the clock tick by. She was standing in Emily's apartment getting ready to leave again, to head back to Wilmette. Blinking slowly she walked over to where the TV was and looked at the pictures on top of it.
These pictures are all I have left
Amy walked over to the calendar. It was July 20th, 2005.
My birthday is in six days...
She skewed her mouth to one side and plopped down on the couch, turning on the TV to MTV hits. A video was ending when she saw a video starting.
Amy jumped up and looked at the TV. Frankie's band had made it. She smiled and looked around for her new phone, which still had his number.
Come on...come on
"Hello?" a voice echoed through the line.
"FRANKIE!" Amy screamed, now standing on her couch.
"Amy?" he asked, slightly confused.
"Yeah," she whispered.
"Oh my god, Amy!" he screamed back down the line.
"Frankie! I just saw you on TV!" Amy said, excited, watching the video roll by.
"And?" he asked. Amy smiled.
"I STILL LOVE YOU!" she screamed jumping up and down.
"Even after three years of not talking to me?" he asked. Amy bit her lip.
"I'm sorry," she muttered.
"Ah, it's ok, Amiez, I still love you too," he told her. "Don't tell me you haven't talked to anybody," Amy sat down on her couch.
"I haven't...not even Andy, I think they forgot about me," she sighed.
"Chea right," Frankie interrupted her thoughts as the video neared its end. "I talked to Patrick the other day, he really misses you, and he wishes he had a way of contacting you," Amy smiled.
"Oh my god!" she screamed again. A new video popped up on the screen.
"What?" Frankie asked, slightly worried.
"Patrick? Pete? Joe? Andy?" Amy turned up the TV and watched the video.
"Let me guess... their new video?" Frankie asked.
"Yeah," she said. "Patrick...he...grew up," she said threw happy tears.
"Amy, come visit me," he said suddenly.
"Come visit me," he repeated.
"Well where are you?" Amy asked.

It was a triumphant reunion, however cut shortly when he was called off for an interview. Amy was not too disappointed, but left to take a walk in a side of town she had never seen. You could Amy for not watching where she was going, because moments later, she bumped into somebody who was wearing quite oversized sunglasses. When she looked up, she noticed the curly brown hair and raised an eyebrow.
"Joe?" she asked quietly, when he grabbed her elbow to help her up.
"Oh crap, wait...Amy?" he raised his sunglasses and shock was written all over his face. Amy smiled widely and nodded her head.
"AMY!" he shouted and engulfed her into a hug. She hugged him back, but was defeated by the rib crusher. "Come on, you have to see the rest of us! Oh my god, I've missed you!" he smiled and grabbed her hand, dragging her to wherever they were staying.

Chapter 32- Don't Open the Door When You Hear Moans

Amy was lucky to find out that the rest of guys had not even gotten to the hotel yet. And that they wouldn't be there until the next day. So Amy crashed in Joe's hotel room while he left to pick up his girlfriend. The next morning came quickly and Amy sighed, getting ready. She was honestly scared to see Patrick, she didn't really know what was going on in between them, and quite frankly, she was even more scared to see Pete, for some odd reason. Amy didn't pay attention to what she was hearing from the other room, and walked out to see Joe getting to third base, clothes being shed.
"Oh god," she breathed out and they stopped almost instantly.
"Joe," the girl re-placed her shirt and had a look of worry on her face. "Who is she?" Amy smiled, embarrassed and shook her head.
"Don't worry, I'm just a friend, a long lost friend," Joe smiled down at the girl, pulling back up his pants.
"Amy, this is my girlfriend, Nina," Joe smiled widely wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her cheek. Nina flashed a blush and nodded.
"I'm sorry for the...awkward greeting," she said.
"Ah, it's ok," she waved her hand around and sighed, knowing what was going to happen today.
"You couldn't hide from us forever, we are storming the scene, Amiez," Joe joked.
"I know, saw you on my TV and freaked out," Amy admitted. Nina laughed.
"Well, I'm guessing you took it well," she laughed at Amy's flustered face.
"Well, at first I saw MCR's new video and called Frankie, cause I actually had his number," Joe scowled.
"So you talk to him and not us?"
"I made a pact with him, never talked to him until today," Amy admitted.
"Ah so that's why you were on the streets," he said.
"Why are you guys in New Jersey?" Amy asked. "Wait," she paused.
"Yeah, you guessed right, we got a secret show tomorrow night, to you know, release the CD," Joe told her.
"Oh," Amy smiled. "I'm so there," she whispered. Joe nodded.
"Patrick should be here soon, he got his own ride, and is sharing my room," Joe said quickly. "I got to go get the others," he tugged on Nina's hand. "Come on babes," Amy didn't get the chance to say anything before they ran out the door. She opened her mouth and raised a finger.

Chapter 33- Leave Your Hat On

Amy sighed and leaned against the hallway walls that had the door at the end, and the bedroom doors lining them. Amy's was the open one and she sighed seeing two other bedrooms.
I'm really scared...what will he do? This is one way to give a 21 year old a heart attack...
The door shifted slowly and Amy gasped, pushing herself off the wall to see the brim of a hat sneak it's way around the door. She hid behind her open door, peeking through the crack to see Patrick dragging his bags into the empty room next to hers.
"Joe? Hmm, must be out getting Pete and Andy,"
So he talks to himself now...hmm
Amy mentally gasped when he made his way out and walked right past her door, making her hold her breath. Patrick paused for a moment, observing the kitchen and living space they had in the penthouse suite.
Damn allergies
Amy sneezed. Yep, sneezed, which caused Patrick to turn around sharply and watch Amy sneeze at least three more times. Once she stopped she bit her lip and held her breath even more, watching as he raised an eyebrow. Amy raised her hand slightly and shyly waved, a blush starting to appear on her cheeks.
"Was Pete completely right about me going crazy or is Amy Christine Hurley standing right before me?" Patrick spoke a little to fast. Amy smiled and nodded her head. Patrick walked over calmly and watched as Amy blushed even more. He raised a hand up to her face and let his calloused fingertips brush over her cheek. Amy shivered involuntarily and closed her eyes briefly as his fingertips trailed down to her lips. When she opened her eyes, he was looking down at her, eyes scanning her face, for anything different.
"I've missed you," he spoke, breaking the silence. Amy breathed out, breath shaky and knees trembling. Patrick scooped her into a giant hug and all Amy could feel was his breath on her shoulder.
"Patty Cakes," she breathed, smiling through her tears.
"Cuddle Buddy," he breathed back, tilting his head back to look at her again. Amy rested her hands on his chest and felt his heart beat quickening with every blink he took.
"Don't cry," he said, taking her face in his hands and wiping the tears away. Amy smiled again, showing her teeth and placed her head on top of her hands.
"I'm just so happy," Amy felt Patrick's arms tighten around her torso and she felt like she was back at the apartment, her home. Pulling back Patrick looked down into her green eyes.
"Amy," he barley spoke her name before she felt his lips come crashing down on her own. When he backed away, he smiled while Amy rested her hands on his shoulders.
"I've missed that too," he told her blushing as well. Amy ran her hands down his arms and latched her hands into Patrick's.
"Me too," she whispered. "You know what else I missed?" she asked quietly. Patrick raised an eyebrow. Amy tugged on his arms slightly, remembering she was just outside her room. He smiled evilly getting her hint.
"Amy" he said slowly. She just simply dragged him in and closed the door. not disturb me and my soon to be naked Patty Cakes
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