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Holy Crap, Peter

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*personaly, I like this chapter, there's just something about it...* The guys do thier CD release with Amy sitting out in the crowd. When she ventures backstage with Patrick she gets a shock at ho...

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Chapter 34- Lick, Lick Salute

"Are you coming tonight?" Amy had pretty much slept the entire next day and it was now night, she had just sat up when Patrick entered her room, all dressed up for the secret CD release show. Amy sleepily nodded.
"I always seem to make you tired," Patrick smirked as Amy stood up, grabbing her clothes and changing right in front of him.
"Yep, only when you work it, Patty Cakes," she said smiling at his now blushing face.
"Let's go, you can stand by the bar where Dirty will watch you,"

"This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters"

Amy bobbed her head to the music while Dirty leaned against the other side of the bar, refilling her drink.
"So, Patrick, ehh?" he asked raising an eyebrow. "You seem more of a Pete gal to me," Amy sniggered.
"No, Patrick and I kinda went on a break, I disappeared for four years, and then... bam, I'm back, I don't know if we are going out though," Amy explained. Dirty nodded his head and looked up at Pete.
"It just seems like Pete would be the one to bang you before Patrick even met you," Amy sniggered, being that she had two drinks in her system, she was giggly right then.
"I never thought of it like that," she sighed and watched as Pete took the mic.

Pete stood playing quite swiftly when the ended their second to last song. He looked over to where Dirty was, and saw that he was talking to a blonde headed individual. It was his time to say the last part before ripping into 'XO' so he did so, watching the familiar blonde carefully.
"From day one I talked about getting out
But not forgetting about
How all my worst fears are letting out
He said "Why put a new address on the same old loneliness?"
When breathing just passes the time
Until we all just get old and die
Now talkings just a waste of breath
And living's just a waste of death
And why put a new address on the same old loneliness?"

Pete paused when the girl turned, smiling that oh so familiar smile.
Amy? Oh
/"And this is you and me and me and you until we've got nothing left..."/
Patrick took the cue and the guitar line for 'XO' started blasting through the speakers. Pete regrouped quickly and blinked thinking it was just a look-a-like.
It's not really Amy

"I combed the crowd, and picked you out," Amy smiled as Patrick came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Yeah, but did you ever watch me undress threw the key hole?" Amy shot back. Patrick sniggered.
"Nope, but Pete did," Amy widened her eyes. "Just kidding, but he's the one that writes these songs, I just put the music to it, and sing," Patrick told her.
"And a good job you do of it as well," Amy said, finishing her water she had got after her two drinks.
"Let's go backstage," he said, grabbing her hand.
"AMY!" Joe screamed as soon as he saw Patrick walk in with his arm dragging something. And as soon as the familiar blonde fringe crept around the corner, he had jumped off the couch.
"Joe, I saw you like how long ago?" Amy asked, getting twirled around in the air.
"I know, but I still missed you," he said, looking around for the other guys. The sound of drumsticks dropping made them turn towards the other door that led out back and saw Andy standing there with his mouth gaping open.
"Amy Christine Hurley, get your ass over here and give your brother a hug!" Andy demanded and Amy skipped over jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist.
"God, four years, and no calls. What the hell were you hiding? Did Patrick get you pregnant and you didn't want us to know?" Andy always knew how to embarrass his little sister. Amy just sniggered as she stepped down off of him and continued talking.
"No, I just... got caught up with taking care of Rachel and finding a new apartment, you know, I have to pay the rent," Amy relied, slightly rambling. She yelped when pair of tattooed arms wrapped around her waist and hoisted her in the air. Amy laughed as she was put back down, and whipped around to see Pete, a very grown up, hot Pete.
"Holy crap, Peter," she breathed.
"What? No 'Hi Peter Panda, I missed you and your sexy boxers and early morning breakfast meals'?" Pete said quoting himself. Amy smiled and jumped into his arms giving him a hug.
"Missed you Peter," she said, breaking away.
Oh god...from a distance he looked the same...and now, what the hell happened?!!?! He's all of a sudden a cheesy heavenly music SEX GOD!!!
"All of you," she breathed looking at her friends. Later on, after they went to give out the record, Pete came into the back room to see a half asleep Amy, lounging on the couch. He poked her side and she squirmed grunting, annoyed.
"Go away, Peter," she mumbled opening her eyes.
"You tired?" Andy asked walking into the back room as well.
"Yeah," she said, yawning.
"Well we got a couple more business things to do around here," he paused. "Pete, why don't you take her to our hotel room, she can stay with us tonight," Andy grabbed his jacket and headed out. Amy sighed and re-closed her eyes before she felt herself being picked up. She got thrown over Pete's shoulders while laughing her ass off.
"Peter, put me down,"
"Ok," he laughed, throwing her down into his car.

Amy lied on the couch of the hotel room watching the lights from the glowing TV dance on the ceiling. She turned her head to the opening door, seeing Pete come back in with some food and a bottle of champagne.
"What's with the champagne?" she asked. He smiled and walked over to where she was and sat down, lifting her legs first.
"Its good champagne, I like it, and I thought we could have our own little party," he wiggled his eyebrows and Amy lightly smiled, sitting up.
"Where did all this confidence come from?" Amy asked. Pete shrugged.
"Maybe all the screaming girls wanting to give me head, I don't know," Amy sniggered as he handed her a champagne glass.
"So that gives you to power to woo any girl you want?" Amy was full of questions that night.
"I only need to woo one," Amy smiled lightly, wondering just what he was getting at. Her glass was quickly filled and just as quickly emptied. A few glasses later, she was still pretty sober. The two were now watching some weird made for TV movie while they sat next to each other, Pete's arm extended over the couch above her.
"Peter," Amy spoke, looking up at him. "I'm gonna get some sleep, ok?" Amy yawned, raising her arms above her head. He nodded and helped her up. Amy bit the corner of her lip and re-gathered her thoughts before she did something stupid.
He's just standing there with our hands still loosely together
Amy dropped her hands from his grasp and they stood there in an uncomfortable silence. Amy was fidgeting around with one of her rings while Pete was smiling like an idiot.
God...why do you have to be so hot? God damn you, Peter Wentz...
Amy was about to turn to leave when Pete's hand extended out and lifted her chin up to look at her. Her eyes fluttered closed when she felt him place his own lips on hers. He broke away after a moment and left Amy with her mouth slightly open.
"Good night, Amy-Pants,"
"Kiss and tell...loose lips sink ships"
Remember those words, Amy Christine. Patrick's heart depends on it.

Chapter 35- Drop a Heart

Guilt was plastered all over Amy's mind. She wasn't sure what Pete had meant by the kiss, but it made her completely crazy the next day. Amy didn't know if she and Patrick were actually together or not. And just what the hell is with this new and improved Pete.
I need to talk to both of them... Patrick first, then Peter
Amy got up and thought about what to do.
She knocked lightly on the door, and just as she presumed, Patrick opened the door, smiling, obviously happy to see her. Amy smiled and stepped in, and walked over to the couch.
"Cuddle buddy," Patrick breathed.
"Patty Cakes," Amy said back
"Guitar Girl,"
"Guitar Guy,"
"Pink Cheeks,"
"Cute Cheeks,"
"Shoe Freak,"
"Hat Freak,"
"Marsh mellow,"

"Patrick?" she got is attention quickly and he sat down on the couch next to Amy. "I have to ask you something," Amy's voice got quieter and Patrick's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
"Yeah, what?" he asked shifting to look at her better. Amy sighed.
"What are we?" Amy chocked out. She bit her lip and watched as Patrick's eyes moved about, nervous of how to answer that.
"Patrick Martin Stump, what are you up to?" Amy placed her hands on her hips, standing over his lounging body. He laughed.
"Being a loser...Amy, can I be your loser?" Amy raised an eyebrow as he asked this.
"What?" she asked, standing up straight.
"Amy Christine Hurley, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Um..." he started. "I don't know," he said, truthfully. He really didn't expect to get back together with Amy that quickly.
"Nothings going to happen, uh?" Amy asked, slightly disappointed. Patrick pouted and slightly nodded. He didn't have anything to say back that wouldn't hurt Amy even more.
"It isn't goodbye, Amy," he told her.
"It's a 'see you later'," she finished for him. They both nodded before he started to back away, their hands slipping away from the others.

Amy sighed.
"Good bye Patrick,"
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