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*This one goes out to punkprincess GC, cause she will sweat when she reads this* Pete saves Amy from doing something stupid, and thier heated conversation turnes into even moer heated kisses and f...

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*Girls, please refrain froms ticking your hands down your pants, yes I know Pete Wentz is fucking hot, and you all wish this would happen to you, but please...just read, and enjoy*

Chapter 36- Friction in Your Jeans

Amy came threw Andy and Pete's hotel door room, already with tears streaming down her face.
I should have known what four years would do to us
She tried to be quiet as she walked over to the bar that was in the room.
That sounds good right now...I need a good burn
Amy grabbed the bottle quickly and before she could take a drink, a familiar hand grabbed it away from her.
"It's not good to drink the pain away, you know" Amy sighed and closed her eyes when she heard Pete screw the bottle again and throw it in the fridge. He scooped her into a hug and brought her to the couch where she sat, legs thrown over Pete's lap. After a while, her tears subsided and while she was staring up at the ceiling again, Pete started to cough up a storm.
"Peter, are you sick?" Amy asked looking at him with concern.
"A little," he spoke, throat a little scratchy. Another silence came over them and Amy decided to talk to him, hoping he was more mature than four years ago.
"Peter, do you remember when I found you that one night in the park?" she asked, watching as she turned his head to her. He nodded slowly.
"Yeah, why?" he flipped his hair to one side before staring at her.
"That song..." Amy stated. Pete's eyes widened remembering.
Grand Theft Autumn...her song... the song I wrote for her...
"What about it?" he asked still fidgeting inside.
"Who was it about?" Amy's eyes glowed brighter than usual and she made sure they burned into Pete's honey colored ones.
"...A...a girl," he stuttered.
You can never know, not as long as Patrick's around...
"Me?" Amy asked, quietly. Pete's mouth flattened and his heart started to race.
Am I that transparent?
"Peter," Amy said his name sternly and he sighed in defeat. "Why didn't you ever make a move?" Amy asked, now intrigued by his past motives.
"Cause...Patrick," he simply said, admitting his secret from a long time ago.
"Peter...this.../this/, is too much," she moved swiftly and moved walked over to the hallway. Pete got up after her and stopped her right before she entered her bedroom. He grabbed her elbow and twirled her around.
"Amy...things were complicated back then...things are different now," Pete told her, as she crossed her arms and leaned on one leg.
"So are you going to tell me it was all just infatuation?" Amy pursed her lips together when he didn't answer. "I was just another girl you could have wet dreams to, right?" she asked, pressing him even further. Pete stood only inches away from her as she ate him from the inside out.
"Let me guess? You just wrote that to make me sorry for you, then when I found out, you could just use me as an easy /fuck/," Amy spat it out.
"Shut up, Amy," Pete spoke threw gritted teeth.
"Don't tell me what to do, Peter...even if I did have feelings for you, what would happen now?" Amy shook her head and turned only to be pulled back by his strong hand again. Amy slightly gasped when his lips came crashing down on hers and when he gripped her wrists lightly and pushed her up against the hallway wall. The kisses turned into love nips along Amy's collar bone and breaths turned into long gasps for air.
"Peter..." Amy whispered his name through her breathing and gripped his shoulders when he hushed her. "What about Andy and the others?" she breathed out.
"They are at an interview, I'm here.../sick/," he smiled devilishly and Amy saw the twinkle of hope in his eyes.
I hope I'm just not another trophy in his trophy case...
Amy shook her head and pulled him into another heated kiss, one that ended up quite sloppy, but neither cared. He picked her up and when she threw her legs around his waist, Pete pushed them through his bedroom's door. He slammed it shut with his foot and threw Amy on his bed, watching her giggle.
She's smiling at! The day as come...Amy's mine
Pete smiled seductively as he climbed over her, intertwining their legs, and placing another kiss on her neck.
"Will this make the fans jealous?" Amy asked, as her hands rose to the hem of his shirt. He gulped, taking a breath before answering back.
"If they find out..." he spoke softly, focusing on finding her soft spot on her neck. His shirt was soon thrown somewhere on the ground and he leaned up on his knees to look down at Amy's widening eyes.
I'm...too sexy for Miss Amy Christine
Pete wiggled his eyebrows as Amy traced his tattoo right below his belly button.
"That's hot," she breathed, looking back up into his eyes. Pete leaned back down, holding himself up with his arms on either side of her and pressed himself to her still clothed body.
"We have to change this," he muttered, Amy giggled as his calloused fingers crept up her shirt and slowly removed it. "You should be a model," he smiled and she blushed.
"Is that a cheesy pick up line?" Amy asked. Pete shook his head flipping her over and onto him. He sat back up, Amy in his lap, smiling, out of breath already.
"I already got the girl, Amiez," he breathed down her neck and pressed his heated hands onto her even more heated hips and gave them a gentle squeeze.
"With her shirt off," Amy finished for him and he nodded.
"Girl with soon to have pants off as well," Pete's raspy voice bellowed threw her own body and she shivered slightly when his hands found the clasp on her jeans. "Hey Amy, guess what? I'm the friction in your jeans!" Pete chuckled while he pulled down the zipper.
"Really now?" Amy asked. Pete wiggled his eyebrows and nodded, flipping her over again and giving her a kiss before trailing down and planting smooches down the trail. One right below her belly button made her shiver and Pete noticed.
"Excited much?" he asked curling his fingers into her jeans and tugging them down. Amy closed her eyes tight when she felt her pants come off completely. They loosened a bit when she felt Pete kiss her once more, this time a little more passionate than expected. He pulled away smirking. Amy looked down at her half naked self and breathed out. He had managed to discard his pants and the only thing on him was his boxers that hung quite loosely on his waist.
Me and Pete...this... this could work...
"Nice panties, Amy," she blushed remembering all those times...
"Nice boxers, Peter," Pete felt flustered already and silenced her with another kiss. He found himself treating Amy differently than the other girls he had been with over the years, and he didn't expect to be really reunited with her like this.
"Amy...I got a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck," Amy giggled when he pressed himself to her whispering in her ear.
"Quoting other bands, ehh?" she half screeched when he flipped her up into his lap again.
"Fine...I'm sitting out dances on the wall, trying to forget everything that isn't you," Amy smiled and kissed him, knocking him back a bit.
"You know what?" Pete smiled through the dark in the room and wrapped his arms around her back, unclasping her bra. It was thrown across the room and soon Amy was flipped over, panties sliding down her now Goosebumps clad legs. She shivered; closing her eyes again hearing the plop of more clothes hit the ground. Amy breathed in sharply when she felt Pete's breath on her neck again, the sheets falling over their bodies.
"It's about time, we got it on,"
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