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You'll Always Be My Patty Cakes

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Sometimes secrets wer'nt meant to be told. Nina slips it though to Patrick and he becomes heart broken, even though him and Amy wernt going out. Then he confronts her and they fight...

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Chapter 37- Loose Lips

Nina was bored. Like really, really bored, and the guys weren't back yet, well, except for Patrick who had came in the doorway, obviously saddened by something. Nina had an idea and grabbed the key for next door to go search for Amy.
Maybe she can cheer him up; she is his girlfriend...I think
Walking into the other hotel room, she noticed it was unusually dark. Nina did the wrong thing and checked the rooms, ending with Pete's. When she whipped her head into the cracked open door, all she saw was clothes strewn all about, leading to the bed where Amy lie naked in Pete's arms. She gasped lightly and breathed in.
If Amy is with Patrick...then, wait, I'm so confused
Nina slowly backed away and decided to go back to the room to confront Patrick. He was sitting on the couch, and she sighed, getting his attention.
"Pat...are you with Amy?" Nina breathed out. Patrick looked quite startled by this statement. Before he could respond, Nina went on. "I just think what I just saw might make both of us...puke?" Nina's face went cross and she bit her lip.
"What...what did you see?" Patrick was trembling now, on the edge of the couch. Nina gulped shaking her head.
"You have to know, Amy was with, in bed..." Nina paused to see Patrick's face become overwhelmed with sadness. He sighed, shaking his head.
"It doesn't matter...I'm not even with Amy, never have been, never will," Patrick pulled his hat down further and retreated to his room. His back hit the door forcefully and he slid down to the bottom.
So...Amy and Pete, ehh?
He kicked away the new CD from Fall Out Boy and sighed.
This is some serious fucked up shit, right here...
Patrick quickly shed his clothes, noticing the time and snuggled into the warm blankets that were provided. He skewed his mouth to one side and turned to look up at the ceiling.
I wonder what she was thinking...
Patrick shook his head and rubbed his eyes from under his glasses and slid them off, placing them on the night stand.
Pete? Of all people...why Pete, the one everybody liked?
He looked to his side and tried to picture Amy lying there, like it used to be in "the Bat Cave", but nothing came to mind.
Now I'm the jealous one...god damn you Peter Wentz...

Chapter 38- Break a Name

Amy sneaked back into her old room, back at Joe's and Patrick's hotel room to gather the few things she had.
This is crazy; I shouldn't have to be all "secret mission mode" around my friends...
"So...Pete, ehh?" Amy stood up straight and dropped her bag, letting it crash to the floor. She whipped around to see Patrick with a stern and serious look, plastered on his face. Amy instantly felt threatened and took a step back, landing on her bed. She sat down and watched as Patrick crossed the room and stood in front of her.
"Revenge or Lust?" Patrick asked glaring at Amy. She crossed her arms and shook her head.
"Neither," she spoke. He looked quite taken aback and his face turned into a shocked composure.
"/Love/?" Patrick's voice cracked at the end of the word and Amy just dryly laughed.
"No...but I just don't sleep with guys I don't have feelings for. Pete was a gentlemen that night, he took care of me and I noticed he did that a lot through out the years, not as much as you, but still, he deserved to have some kind of feelings from me," Amy spoke so harshly, it made Patrick cringe. "And don't get call me a bitch, because you're the one who started this," Patrick shook his head.
"I'm just wondering just what the hell you were thinking," he snapped back.
"Why do you care so much, Patrick, you yourself said there wasn't anything between us," Amy bit her lip, fed up with his immaturity.
"I never said that, you just jumped to conclusions," he stepped up to her and pointed right in her face. She leaned back and sighed.
"You implied it," she muttered.
"Yeah, whatever," he turned around, not wanting to look at her. Amy coughed a little, much like the cough Pete had last night and sneezed.
"You even caught his are a whore," Patrick let the word slip off his tongue a little too fast and Amy looked up, shocked at his words.
"/What/?" she asked back, sharply.
"You heard me," He decided to press her buttons. Amy stood up and walked over to where he was standing.
"Even if I did sleep with your best friend, I, Amy Christine Hurley," she slapped Patrick hard across the face. "Am not a whore," she turned back around, the tears stinging the corners of her eyes and folded her arms tightly across her chest, letting out a sob of defeat. She heard footsteps come in front of her and she looked up through her tears to see Patrick with a look of sorrow on his face, along with a bright pink mark from where her hand had hit him.
"I'm sorry, Patrick," she said, looking back down. He raised her head with his hand and shook his head.
"No, I'm sorry," he wrapped his arms around her and let her cry into his shirt, making it severely wet.
"Pete's a lucky guy," he whispered into her hair. Amy leaned back and smiled, cupping Patrick's cheek in her hand.
"One more," she whispered. Patrick raised an eyebrow and before he knew it, Amy had gotten on her tippy toes and gave him a small kiss.
"Last one..." Patrick muttered. Amy shrugged.
"You never know...I have to talk to Pete," she said suddenly said. He nodded and gave her one last hug.
"Go get him, Cuddle Buddy," Amy smiled.
"You'll always be my Patty Cakes," Patrick smiled and nodded.
"Cuddle buddies for life," they did the secret handshake and Amy left the room, still giggling.
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