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I Banged Your Sister!

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Everybody either freaks out, does'nt believe or just shrugs it off when they discover Pete and Amy's new found relationship. And after many complaints, twister is back in motion.

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Chapter 39- Emo Bangs, Tight Jeans and Clothing Lines

"Maybe you are a whore," Amy's mouth hung open when Pete told her this. He just sniggered and poked her side. "I'm just messing with you,"
"Thanks, Peter Panda," Amy smiled and poked him back.
"Is my eyeliner smudged again?" he asked leaning in to look in the bathroom mirror some more. Amy just smiled at his crazy behavior. She fixed her hair by straightening it and blushed when she saw Pete looking at her through the mirror.
"So..." he started.
"Don't you ever learn? There are better ways to start a conversation than that," Amy snapped the straightener in his direction and he jumped back.
"Can I use you're straightener?" Pete asked smiling politely. Amy scoffed.
"Yeah, when you give me my pants back," she told him, fixing her bangs. Pete bit his lip and left the room. Amy leaned back to look out into his room and saw him going threw his suitcase. Pete grabbed a pair of familiar clothing and came back with Amy's long lost jeans.
"They still fit me," he laughed. Amy giggled and handed him the straightener.
"Well I guess your not that big of a Lard Ass, are you, Peter?" Amy asked. He shook his head.
"Now I'm sexy Pete from Fall Out Boy," he smiled and Amy poked his side.
"With emo bangs and tight jeans," Amy continued.
"With a clothing line," he said, turning to her.
"Your in a band," Amy smiled, finished with getting ready and Pete just smiled down at her glowing face.
"And..." he paused stepping towards her. "I have a /girlfriend/," Amy slightly widened her eyes.
"Pete," Amy wasn't used to calling him that, so both of them smiled nervously.
"Amy, can I be your boy with emo bangs, tight jeans, and a clothing line that's in a band?" Pete grabbed her hands and Amy smiled, showing her teeth a little.
"Peter Panda...of course," He leaned down to give her a kiss when her phone went off.
"Two seconds," she pressed a finger to his mouth and ran back out to the room where her phone was.
"Oh...Hi, Daniel," Amy noticed Pete's confused look and she held up a finger to silence him. "Well this is an unusual birthday present...just a week?" Amy sighed. Pete widened his eyes.
Shit! Her birthday is tomorrow
", I'll fly out on the 28th, ok?" Amy sighed one more time before hanging up. Pete sat next to her on the bed and looked at her, eyes full of questions.
"Daniel is Rachel's other guardian," Amy breathed out. Pete's eyes widened even more.
"You have a kid?" he stressed the matter and Amy shook her head laughing.
"Don't you remember Emily's child, Rachel?" Amy turned to him and he quickly remembered.
"Ah that scared me..." Pete paused looking into her saddened eyes. " have to leave?" he asked, saddened.
"I have to watch her for a week, back at home and then..." Pete cut her off.
"The Bat Cave," she smiled.
"You stayed there?" he asked. Amy nodded.
"Well, for a year, switched back a forth between two apartments, when I had to take care of Rachel...she was everywhere...I feel sorry for her, and now her real dead beat dad wants custody over her," Amy shook her head and Pete gripped her hand.
"We have a break in a week, do you think I can come and visit?" he asked and Amy smiled.
"Fucktard, some of your guy's stuff is still in the house," Pete looked down.
"So...your birthday is tomorrow," he said. Amy nodded.
"The big 24," she smiled.
"I just turned the big 26 last month," Amy frowned.
"I always seem to miss your birthday," Pete shrugged.
"I don't care, you being here with me makes up for everything," Amy rolled her eyes.
"Fine, let's have sex on the couch," Amy laughed as Pete slung her over his shoulders.

Chapter 40- Clean Sheets

Andy was just lounging on the couch when Amy came in, smiling.
"Ohhhh Andyyyy," Amy smiled standing in front of the TV. "Guess whose birthday it is!" Andy rolled his eyes.
"Mine?!" he asked. Amy sighed and huffed.
"NO!" she pouted as Pete came in and swung her around.
"Happy birthday, Amiez!" he kissed her cheek and Andy raised an eyebrow.
"What's with you two?" he asked and Pete widened his eyes.
"Oh yeah, umm...Andy," he paused. "The only way I can really say this is, I banged your sister," Amy smacked him in the arm and Andy dropped the remote, sitting up and shifting his eyes between the two.
"What?!" he asked.
"Twice," Pete smiled. "Once in my bed, and then..." Amy just blushed and poked him.
"Oh god," Andy placed his head in his hands and muttered something.
"On that couch," Pete watched as Andy jumped up and screamed running around the living area.
"The /couch/?" he asked, pointing to it, with confusion and utter amazement.
"Don't worry, we flipped the cushions," Amy just kept quiet, watching her brother freak out.
"Oh god Amy," Andy just shook his head and pretended to puke. "Does Patrick know?" Amy sighed.
"We weren't together, so we came to terms, he's fine," she told him. Andy just sighed and pulled her into a hug.
"At least it was Pete and not...some weirdo freak," he said aloud.
"But Pete is a weirdo freak," Joe came in with Nina and Pete frowned.
"HEY!" Amy laughed and noticed Patrick come into the room. Joe scooped her into a hug and gave her birthday hug and she walked over to Patrick.
"Does the 'cuddle buddies for life' thing include birthday hugs?" she asked sweetly. Patrick broke out into a smile and nodded. Amy squealed happily and hugged him.
"Happy 24th, Amiez,"
"Let's go party, there is this really cool club nearby, no need to be incognito," Joe spoke. Amy smiled.
"Love to, let's get ready,"

"So you are really with Pete, ehh?" Andy asked his sister as they sat at their table in the night club.
"Yeah, does everybody not believe us?" Amy said, stirring her drink with the straw.
"I thought you didn't drink, Amiez," Andy commented. Amy shrugged.
"Time and loneliness changes people, you know," she took a sip and breathed out.
"Still not smoking though, right?" he asked. Amy nodded.
"Never," she sighed. "Still vegetarian too," Andy smiled.
"Yay," Pete came over, looking out of breath and wrapped around Amy, sitting down next to her.
"It's heated out there on the dance floor," he sighed.
"Really?" Amy asked, sipping more of her drink. He nodded.
"I requested a song and they didn't have it, so I had to go get the demo CD from my car," he told her.
"What band?" she asked.
"Panic! At the Disco," he breathed. Amy nodded.
"Oh, that CD I was listening to the other day, right?" he nodded.
"I want them to play it before they even start recording the new album," Amy nodded.
"Which song?" she was quickly answered by "But it's Better If You Do" running through the speakers.
"Let's dance, Amy," she nodded and at the same time, Patrick came back to sit with Andy for a while.
"It's a little right, I wouldn't be caught dead in this place," Amy spoke over the music, dancing close to Pete with everybody around her. He smiled and nodded.
"It's not my scene either," he told her.
"But we can still have fun," Joe came over with Nina and danced with them until the song ended.
"Let's go home and play twister," Joe suggested. Nina sniggered.
"That's all he ever talks about sometimes, it's a good thing your back, Amy...he would start having withdraws," Amy laughed with her and then went back to the table to grab Patrick and Andy.

"Left hand yellow," Nina was giving out commands as the other five played on four connected mats. Amy found it first and was completely scrunched at the bottom somewhere near Pete's belly.
"Amy, if you're not careful of where you breathe, you just make me a little too excited," he struggled to say. Andy whimpered and sighed.
"I don't like the sound of that," Joe gulped.
"That does not make me happy in my pants," Amy just softly giggled and gripped his t-shirt with her teeth.
"AMY!" he screeched. The gang wobbled and Patrick let out a gasp.
"My god...this is starting to turn into an orgy," he laughed as Amy pulled it up further.
"Amy...stop," Pete pleaded, looking down at her as best as he could. She just sighed and smiled seductively as he contracted his stomach, feeling a bit.../happy/.
"OH GOD!" Joe screamed and ruined the whole game by jumping up and scooting over to Nina, gripping her tightly. "IT ATTACKED!" he sobbed and Amy just landed on her back, Pete flat on top of her, sideways. Patrick landed on his stomach and he laughed looking at Amy's disturbed face.
" Pete Jr. a little too happy?" she asked. He blushed and stuttered a little before climbing up and running to the bathroom.
"Do you need a magazine?!" Joe called after him. All they heard were muffled whimpers and a few banging noises with the sinks being turned on full blast.
"Amy?! Since when did you get that kind of power?" Andy asked laughing from where he had landed. Amy shrugged sitting up.
"I probably get it from Pete," she smiled as Nina giggled.
"That was outrageously funny to watch, you know," Joe just placed her on his lap.
"God...I'm mentally scared for life...Nina, please don't ever leave me...or I'll end up raped by Pete," Nina smiled and gave him a kiss.
"Awwww," Amy cooed and Andy smacked her arm.
"Hey," she scowled towards him. They heard the toilet flush and a flustered Pete walk back into the living room and with a slight sweat, he tickled Amy, making her roll around, screaming for help.
"Did you wash your hands, Peter Panda?" she asked threw her giggles. He nodded his head and continued.
"This is payback," Amy pouted.
"But I'm your girlfriend, I'm allowed to do that to you," she smiled and he sat, and sighed in defeat.
"I guess...but not in front of the others," he told her. Amy smiled.
"But it's your hormones," Amy pointed out.
"Yeah, but you're the whore that makes me moan," Amy's mouth gaped open and Patrick rolled over, laughing his ass off. Joe just cracked up and sniggered looking at Pete.
"Oh, /burrrrrn/," Andy called out, pointing at his sister. Amy just smacked Pete in the arm and shook her head.
"I have to admit, that was good," Pete just smiled and pecked her cheek.

authors note: I made that up. whore-moans...haha so clever...XD
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