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Chapter 41- Level 12

"Fuck no," Pete spoke. Amy had her ears pressed against the door that lead to the living room. The guys were in there, discussing a phone call that Patrick had received a few days earlier. "There is no way. I thought we had a week off until the Nintendo Fusion tour even started! I was going to spend it with Amy and help her with Rachel," Amy heard the anger in his voice and held her breath.
"Pete, calm can still see her, just you have to wait until the weekend, it will be only a few days, but we really have to do this promotion thing for the CD," Patrick's concerned voice rang threw the living room and soon there was silence and whispers. Amy backed away from the door and sighed.
At least I know Pete actually wants to keep me around this time...
Right on cue, Pete came through the door, with a sour and cross expression written all over his eyes. He looked over at where Amy sat, on the edge of the bed and then grabbed his notebook before leaving again.

"Amy?" Andy saw Amy come out of the room with a saddened expression written all over her face. "Come here," he took her into a hug and just kept her quiet.
"I have to leave to the airport and Pete's not back yet," she looked up at her brother and he frowned.
"I'll take you," he told her. The guys tagged along and they understood why Amy was silent.
"So are you heading back to The Bat Cave?" Joe asked her as they walked her through the terminal. She nodded, and wordlessly looked down.
"We will be there soon, real soon...and then we can party and have fun," Joe told her, lifting her head up.
"Rachel will be with me until early august, so..." Amy shook her head, changing the subject quickly. "Where's Pete?" Joe frowned and shrugged.
"He was just really...pissed," Amy nodded her head.
"So now he's not even going to send his own girlfriend off, because he wants to see me more often," she spat out. "What an oxymoron,"
Patrick frowned next and shook his head.
"Pete's sometimes the biggest..." he paused, looking for the right word.
"Fucktard?" Amy asked.
"Lard Ass?" Joe asked at the same time. Andy smirked a little.
"Both, actually," Amy just sighed.
"I know what your thinking, Amy, Pete should at least come to say goodbye to somebody he claims he wants to have a lasting relationship with," Amy looked up at Andy who had told her this.
"He said that?" she asked, with hope.
"Yeah, he really wants to keep you've changed the way he thinks about women," Amy smiled and looked down.
"So, I'll see you guys later then, right?" she asked again. Patrick nodded, pulling down his sunglasses slightly.
"We get hugs, right?" he asked and Amy smiled, nodding.
"Its part of the cuddle buddy club," after the hugs, she walked away, knowing full well that this time, she would stay in contact...and keep them around.

Chapter 42- Night Drive need your keys, Lard Ass...
Pete whipped around backstage. It was the last promotional show before the weekend break. He was now rapidly crossing the room searching for every last item he had brought.
"Dude, you really want to see her, don't you?" Pete whipped around again to see Patrick standing with a couple of water bottles in his hand. Pete nodded.
"Patrick I need to talk to you, and ask you something," he muttered, putting his bass case down and looking at him. He nodded, throwing him a bottle.
"What?" he asked. Pete sighed.
"I'm sorry for stealing your girl," Pete bluntly said. Patrick just burst into fits of laughter. "What?" Pete asked, confused.
"Amy hasn't been my girl since 2002, Pete," he told him.
"But what about when she came back?" Pete paused, thinking back to what Amy had told him.
"I don't really know, but it was a mix of a reunion, a relationship tester and heat of the moment," Pete just nodded.
"So it's ok if I tell you something, right?" Pete asked looking at his best friend. He just nodded.
"Go ahead,"
"I really, really like Amy," Pete admitted and felt a blush rise to his cheeks. Patrick just smiled, adoring his friend.
"I haven't heard you say that in a long, long time," Pete just looked down. "Not since..." he paused.
"I didn't really think that way of Amanda, come to think of it, I think it was just infatuation," Pete admitted. Patrick's smile grew bigger.
"Then...maybe Amy is really a life saver for you," Pete shrugged.
"I really hope so, I need it," Patrick sighed.
"I just hope you don't go all 'mooshy, mooshy, gooey, gooey' on the lyrics," Patrick said, worrying while Pete just laughed.
"Thanks, Patrick," he said after a while. "I'll see you guys at the Bat Cave on Monday, right?" Patrick nodded.
"Good luck, Pete," Pete nodded and grabbed his stuff, heading out the door. "Pete," he turned around to see Patrick with his car keys. "I don't think you can make it to Wilmette in less than four hours with out a car," Pete just narrowed his eyes and caught the keys as they were thrown across the room.
"Bye, /Patty Cakes/,"

Pete was close, he knew it. It had been a long time since he had been back to the apartment where all of it started. He could have guessed that Amy would be staying there after all these years. Hell, he would too if his four best friends abandoned him...the house was one big memory jerker. Pete pulled up to where he always used to park the van and looked to his left to see a red mustang with a car seat in the back.
Amy...damn, she has good taste...
He sighed and decided to unpack his stuff the next day, so just took his phone from the car charger and made his way up the stairs to the apartment door. Pete scratched his head and checked his watch.
He searched threw his keys for a moment and sighed.
Damn, forgot, lost my key...
Pete remembered where they kept the spare. He lifted up the doormat and saw the key, begging for attention and when he picked it up; he noticed the mark of it being there.
Eww, at least nobody else knew where this was
The first thing he noticed when he walked in was all the toys lying in the living room where the couch still stayed the same. Pretty much everything was the same, except when Pete crept into his room, he noticed different bed sheets and it cleaned up a bit. On the bed slept a little girl, above the sheets, due to the heat, with hair of dark brown, just like Emily. Pete smiled, knowing it was Rachel.
Amy's done a good job...
Pete looked around his old room and saw all the band posters along with some of Rachel's little stick figure drawings. One stood out, a picture of her with Amy, and what she presumed to be the guys.
So Amy's told her about us...
It was the names too.
ME! Aunty Amy, Patty Cakes, Peter Panda, Trohmania, Uncle Andy...
Pete walked out and searched the rooms, noticing they were barley touched. He found Amy snuggled up in her own bed; it was different seeing her out of Patrick's. Pete smiled and sat on the bed next to where she lie, on her back, arms up and wrists by her head, blonde hair sprawled all over her pillow. He raised a hand and combed some of her hair and watched as she smiled in her sleep, turning on her side towards him. Pete looked around and closed the door before stripping down to his boxers and slipping in next to her, draping an arm around her waist.
This is a great surprise

Chapter 43- "Did You Use Permanent Markers?"

Amy's eyes fluttered open and she yawned before she was about to get out of bed. When she moved to do so, a grip on her waist kept her back. When she pushed the blankets down slightly with her free hand, she saw the tattoos and smiled. Amy slowly turned around and saw his sleeping figure, his mouth slightly open and hair hanging in his face. Amy brushed it aside slightly and watched his sleep for a moment before feeling his hands twitch at her back. His honey colored eyes fluttered open and he instantly smiled down at the woman in his arms. Their legs intertwined and he kissed her nose.
"So you snuck in?" Amy asked, in a whisper. Pete nodded, tightening his grip on her. "What time?" she asked, looking over his shoulder to see the clock flashing 5:30am.
"Four thirty," he breathed and Amy smirked.
"An hour ago?" she asked. He nodded.
" are gonna be sleepy today," she said, tracing some of his tattoos. He shook his head.
"I don't get a lot of sleep on tour, so I'm used to it, plus, it's Sunday" he told her. She nodded.
"What's the plan for today?" Amy asked looking back up at him, her fingers lightly brushing his upper arms. He shivered a little and smiled devilishly.
"First, I have to apologize for not saying goodbye, then..." he pulled Amy closer and kissed her in the sweetest way possible. Amy smiled and placed one of her hands on his bare waist and bit her lip.
"Then what?" she asked, in a whisper. Pete wiggled his eyebrows up and down and pulled Amy on top of him.
"A little rumble, cause we still haven't done it in this house," Amy sniggered a little and nodded her head.

Amy lay on her stomach with the sheets at the bottom of her back, right above her bottom. Pete was beside her, on his side, his head propped up by his hand, elbow close to Amy's shoulder. He was tracing patterns on Amy's back as she breathed in and out in a calming way. They both had their eyes closed so didn't expect to see or hear Rachel walk in.
"Aunty Amy, why are you 'nakie' with..." she paused and both their eyes snapped open. "Peter Panda?" Amy struggled to gather the sheets up and around her, causing Pete to freak out and grab some to cover him up as well. Rachel stood there, in her night clothes, with a questionable look on her face.
"Rachel...could you go out in the living room and wait for us out there?" Amy spoke, embarrassed as ever. When she nodded and left, Pete chuckled.
" one way to teach your kids where babies come from," Amy smacked him in the head.
"She's only three and a half!" she said, making a face at Pete. "Peter! I can't explain this to her!" Pete just gave her a one armed hug and rubbed her bare shoulder.
"Well, hopefully she won't mention it..." Amy sighed and kissed his collar bone.
"You better pray to god that she doesn't, because I'm gonna make you tell her," Pete widened his eyes.

"Rachel," Amy got her attention and the little girl looked up from the TV to see her guardian holding hands with a man she had not met before.
"This is Pete, you know, Peter Panda," Rachel smiled widely and jumped up and hugged his leg.
"Petey!" the little girl squealed and Pete just smiled. "Petey, why do you have drawings all over you?" Rachel inquired, pulling away slightly. Amy smiled sitting down on the couch.
"Um, they are called tattoos, they are like...permanent drawings," he smiled, sitting down next to Amy. Rachel climbed up and sat in his lap sideways, looking up at him.
"Did you use permanent markers?" she asked, struggling to say 'permanent'. Pete just chucked and explained it to her.
"That sounds...scary," Amy smiled at Rachel.
He's such a great guy...and he seems to know how to raise children...
"It's not after a while," a science came threw and when Rachel's stomach gurgled, Amy poked Pete.
"Do you think you can go get us some food, like...something good?" Amy asked and he nodded.
"I'll be back in a few then," When he left, Rachel just whipped her head around and looked at Amy who was sitting next to her.
"Aunty Amy?" she asked sweetly. Amy hummed a yes and Rachel smiled. "I like Petey...he's nice," Amy just smiled, remembering all the good times in this apartment.
"Yeah..." she said slowly. "He is," A few minutes later, Amy was sitting on the ground, back turned to the front door, with Rachel sitting in front of her, asking begging for more stories from the apartment where she was staying at the moment.
"Aunty Amy?" Rachel asked again.
"Yes, Rachel?" Rachel paused and watched as Pete re-entered the apartment. Noticing Amy had not noticed, he stood there and Rachel went on with their conversation.
"Do you love Petey?" Amy found herself flustered. Pete raised an eyebrow and decided to stay quiet and be a bad boy this time around.
"Well...Rachel...I..." Amy stuttered over her words and sighed. "Yeah, I love that dork," Pete's composure softened and his heart started to flutter in his chest.
Amy Christine Hurley...loves me? Me? Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Third?
"Are you guys gonna get married?" Pete smiled as Amy nearly choked on her water.
" day, when the time is right," Rachel's eyes gleamed knowing that Pete had been standing there the whole time. He coughed suddenly and Amy dropped her bottle. He came up behind her and slung an arm around her shoulder, kissing her cheek.
"Really now?" he asked and Amy's cheeks flushed a bright pink and Rachel noticed what she did made Amy a little worried.
"Let's eat,"
Thank all heavenly forces for three year olds...

Amy was lying in bed that night, freaked out that Pete would ask her about what she had told Rachel this morning. Amy sighed looking at the clock.
Pete had offered to put Rachel to sleep that night and Amy agreed. Rachel had told Amy she was sorry for making the rest of the day quite quiet and uncomfortable for Amy. She just shook her head and smiled at the little girl that stood in front of her.
It was true...Amy Christine, you know it was true...all of those things...
She closed her eyes and rolled over facing the wall when she heard the door start to creak open.
"Amy?" Pete's hushed voice rang through her room and he sighed when she didn't answer. "She's asleep," he told himself, out loud. Amy's heart was beating a mile a minute as he climbed into bed with her, afraid of what was going to come off of this.
Hopefully he won't bring it up in the morning...the guys being here will help...
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