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Three P's. Not Good.

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Can you guess what the three P's are? Let me give you a hint. Peter, Patrick and P_ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Chapter 44- The "P" Word

When Amy woke up, her clock was flashing ten in the morning and she frowned noticing Pete wasn't beside her. She got dressed and walked out to the living room to see her brother sitting on the couch, watching some music videos on the TV.
"Where's Pete?" she asked, making him look up.
"Hi to you too, Amiez," he sighed when she didn't break a smile.
"He said he had some thinking to do, took his notebook, which means he wont be back for a while," he paused noticing Amy's worried composure. "Did you guys fight or something?" Amy shook her head and screwed up her face in a screwed up fashion.
"No, I just feel a little sick," she stated, sitting next to her brother.
"Where's Rachel?" she asked turning to him.
"A guy named Daniel came and took her, said that Rachel would be back in time for her birthday," Amy sighed, glad in some sort of way to be rid of one of her responsibilities.
"Andy?" Amy asked suddenly.
"Yeah Amiez?" he looked at her and stood up noticing what she was talking about.
"Hold my hair, ok?" she quickly said and ran to the bathroom where most of her stomach contents empties into the porcelain as Andy rubbed her back and held back her tossed blonde curls back. She leaned back and sighed, wiping her mouth and flushing the toilet. Amy stood and looked at herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. Andy got up behind her and she watched as he opened up the medicine cabinet. She slowly finished up and when she looked up and into the mirror, Andy stood with a box clasped in his hand, a worried look on his face.
"Andy...don't be stupid," Amy spoke, turning around to face her brother.
"Take it," he shoved it into her hands and left the room. Amy skewed her mouth to one side and looked down at the stick in her hands. Pregnant? This is complete bull-shit...
Andy came in when about ten minutes passed to see Amy blinking, leaning over the test that lie on the bathroom counter.
"Amiez?" he asked slowly. Amy just rested her hand on her stomach.
"AMY!" he scooped her up into a hug and she bit her lip.
"Don't hate me," she whispered the tears finally threatened to come.
"How could I? I'm gonna be an uncle! Pete's gonna be so happy!" Amy's breath hitched.
But...This piece of advanced technology tells me I'm three weeks...
"Uh, Andy," Amy muttered and he looked down at her worried face.
Patrick...that one night...then two later...Pete...oh god...oh god!
"Andy," Amy paused and just decided to tell him everything from her first night back to now and he stood there with shock written all over his face and Amy sat on the counter in tears.
"I am a whore," Amy whispered. Andy hugged her tightly.
"You're not Amy," she just sniffed more and more, making wet stains on her brother's shirt.
"Yes I am! I don't even know who the father of my own baby is!" she sobbed out.
" need to find out," Amy shook her head.
"I'm just gonna sit it out for a while," Andy just looked at her.
"You can't hide this kind of thing forever," Amy sighed.
"I know, but when I'm ready, I'll spill...please don't tell anybody," Andy thought about it for a while.
My sister is 24 years old...I really hope she knows what she's doing...

Chapter 45- Trohmania! To The Rescue

The boys went on your, yet again, this time it was short, it being Warped Tour and all. Amy was ok with everything, the alone time was great; she had a lot on her mind. Rachel wouldn't be around until the guys actually came back for their big break and Amy was eternally grateful for the huge break. One day, about two weeks before the guys were supposed to come home, Amy was standing in front of a mirror in her bedroom, examining the little bump that had appeared over the last two months. She frowned, knowing that in about another few months, it would be completely noticeable.
"So, when are you due?" Amy gasped and whipped around to see Joe standing in the door way, nose pink and tissues in hand.
"Joe...oh god," she instantly felt ill and ushered him back out into the living room.
"I'm sick, Amy," he simply said. Amy sighed and handed him a box of tissues.
"So am I," she breathed, sitting next to him and grabbing a tissue. She sneezed quickly after that and smiled when Joe looked at her.
"Pete or Pat's?" he asked shifting his eyes between her rounding stomach and her eyes. Amy sighed.
"Not sure yet," she whispered. Joe sneezed and blew his nose before pulling her into a one armed hug.
"I'm assuming nobody knows, right?" he asked. Amy smiled.
"Andy does, he's the one that was there when I first threw up," Joe narrowed his eyes.
"So, I guess this is one secret I have to keep to myself, right?" he asked. Amy nodded her head and leaned against her buddy.
"Are we gonna be sick together until the guys get back in a couple of weeks?" Joe chuckled a little and breathed out.
"Actually, the VMA's are coming up," Amy looked up at him. "And we are performing," Amy nodded. "Pete wants you to fly out with me and that way we can come back here together, you know, hang out in Florida for a while before we have our big break," Joe explained and Amy gulped.
"I'm scared," she admitted, placing a hand over her stomach. Joe's eyebrow's furrowed together in worry and just hugged Amy tighter.
"Pete's stupid...he won't notice...but maybe the paparazzi will...we need to find you a dress that will cover it up," Amy smiled.
"Let's shop,"

"Here," Amy watched as Joe placed at least 14 dresses in her arms.
"Joe...this is gonna take a while," she sighed as he sat in the chairs outside the dressing rooms. After a few dresses that made Amy really uncomfortable, she found a summer dress that hung loosely above her knees and was a little tight around the waist, but was scrunched up, so it made an illusion, a good point. It was a halter top, which was no problem. Amy twirled around in front of the mirror. The dress was a soft creamy yellow, almost like creamed tea with light pink polka dots that barley stood out. Amy slowly opened the dressing room and Joe's expression was priceless.
"Forget the rest, it's perfect," Amy smiled and walked away from the store, happier than ever.
"I've missed Pete a lot," she admitted as they walked the Chicago streets. Joe smiled.
"You're all he talks about," Amy blushed and stuck a hand in her hoodie pocket, felling her stomach again.
"That makes me feel better about the baby," Joe smiled as they neared his car.
"Well good, it needs a happy mommy,"
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