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Please Don't Notice

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Chapter 46- Porn Ninjas and Moon men

Joe took Amy's hand as they walked out of the airport.
"We have to be incognito, Amiez," he told her. She laughed as he dragged threw the big crowd of people that were waiting for rides and such. They shortly arrived at the hotel and Amy couldn't be any more nervous than she already was.
If Pete notices, I'm screwed
"AMY!" he screamed when he saw her walking down the top floor's hotel hallway, where he and Patrick were playing Frisbee. She giggled as he scooped her up into a giant hug and kissed her multiple times everywhere on her face.
"Pete, I missed you too," Amy told him, making him stop. He just smiled down at her and guided her to the huge penthouse suite.
"You ready for tomorrow?" he asked taking her bags to his room. She nodded and sat down on the bed and looked down at his phone that was sitting down on the nightstand. Pete walked over and sat down next to her, smiling.
"Yeah," she whispered. He leaned in and kissed her softly as she smiled and snatched his phone.
"So how many famous people do you have on this phone?" she asked, lying down on the bed, back against the head board. Pete shrugged and lied down next to her, head in her lap.
Please don't notice
Amy worried for a moment but then looked back at the phone noticing the name she had stopped on.
"Oh my god!" she squealed.
"What?" he asked looking up. Amy immediately pressed the talk button and Pete freaked out not knowing who she had called.
"Hello?" a voice came threw the speaker phone and Amy giggled.
"Frankie? It's Amy," Frankie gasped.
"What are you doing using Pete's phone?" Pete laughed, causing Frankie to gasp again.
"And what are you doing with each other?" Amy couldn't stop laughing.
" should know that I'm with Peter now..." Frankie just started laughing.
"Is this the sign of the apocalypse? Peter, ehh?" Amy just sighed.
"Yeah, the only person that believed that me and Pete were together was Joe," Pete smiled up at Amy and grabbed the phone.
"Frankie, come over, we need to wake the others," Frankie laughed.
"Porn ninjas?" he asked. Amy raised an eyebrow, confused and slightly disturbed.
"Yep. Just stay away from my girlfriend...I get to do her," Pete winked up at her and Amy sighed. The phone call ended and Pete ushered her out of the room and locked her in the room where the guys had all managed to pass out in. Sighing, she sat on the loveseat and rolled her eyes hearing Frankie and Pete's muffled giggles and shuffling.
What the hell is going on here?
All of a sudden the two came barreling in, bathrobes on, but open exposing them in all their glory. They woke up the rest of the gang in the process and they did dances in front of them, flailing their bits and pieces about. Amy just closed her eyes and laughed her head off as they woke Patrick up, causing him to scream and cover his face with a pillow.
"Eww, Pete, I told you not to do that anymore," Amy heard him say though it was severely muffled. Pete just sniggered and tied up his bathrobe and took a seat next to Amy. Frankie copied and pulled Amy up into a hug.
"My lover, oh how I've missed you..." he cooed and Amy giggled.
"Missed you too, Frankie," Pete pulled her back down into his lap and Amy sighed.
"So that's porn ninjas, ehh?" Andy nodded, making a screwed up face.
"A very disturbing way to be woken up," Amy just laughed.
"We need to get ready," Joe said suddenly noticing the time. Amy smiled, ready to show off her dress.

"Holy shit," Pete breathed when Amy stepped out of the room. He glanced her up and down and admired her beauty in the dress she wore. "You're...beautiful, Amy," he whispered as she blushed.
"Not too bad your self, Peter Panda," Amy saw him blush slightly and straightened his tie. "You look handsome,"
"You guys make the hottest couple I know," Frankie bust out, in his outfit that included a bullet proof vest. "Hot emo guy from a band and a sexy blonde nanny," Frankie wiggled his eyebrows up and down while Amy giggled.
"Well...if you put it that way, Frankie, maybe we were meant for each other,"

Amy was sitting by them in the audience, very nervous from the amount of famous people that surrounded her. All she knew were the boys and Nina who sat next to her and Frankie and Mikey who sat a few rows away.
"Pete, will you please introduce me to people later on tonight?" he nodded kissing her cheek and they continued to watch the show until it was time for the MTV2 award, which the guys were nominated for. Pete gripped Amy's hand tightly as their video flashed across the screen and a few people screamed along with the claps. The winner was announced and Amy gasped as Pete jumped up with a huge smile plastered all over his face. He leaned back down and gave Amy a smooch before running off with the guys to retrieve the award they all so desperately wanted.
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