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Lardass Fucktard...Has'nt Changed Much

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Pete really messes up with ignoring Amy at the after party and when she gets even more sick, he realizes that he's been neglecting her problem. She doesnt let him in on what's wrong, and Pete trys ...

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evie says: i really feel like this, puking and, but I love my readers so here:

Chapter 47- So...You're Amy, Pete's Girlfriend

Amy felt quite dizzy standing in the middle of the after party the band was invited to. Pete tried desperately to not leave her side, but was soon dragged away from her by other people. Amy was still introduced to a lot of people thanks to Frankie who had taken her under his wing until Pete noticed his girlfriend was missing.
"Gerard, come meet this sexy fuck," Frankie yelled over to a guy who was standing with Mikey, who Amy recognized. The guy's eyes lit up and swept Amy up into a big bear hug.
"Frankie never shuts up about you and all the good times you guys had...raping Pete," Amy glared at Frankie.
"What?" she asked, slightly laughing.
"So you're the infamous Amy, Pete's hot new girlfriend," Amy nodded slightly flustered from all the attention and breathed out. Gerard leaned over and whispered in her ear.
"When are you due?" he asked. Amy moved her hand to her stomach and widened her eyes. "I'm guessing your trying to hide it...does Pete know?" he asked again. Amy shook her head and sighed.
"You're the first to notice tonight," he just laughed.
"Go find him...he shouldn't be leaving you all alone, even if you are with Frankie here, he's a moron," Amy sniggered and nodded her head. While roaming about she noticed how crowded the place had gotten. A lot of people were around her, and the people that stood out were the couples... the married, the affectionate and the couples that were together for the entire time. Amy frowned and looked around, feeling uncomfortable.
Peter...I could really use you right now...
She crossed her arms over her and bit her lip, moving one to her stomach.
Pete doesn't seem to really care about my safety...I wonder if he knew about the baby he would be by side, constantly
As if on cue, Pete came up behind her and hugged her from behind, a little too tight around the stomach.
"Pete, not too tight," She breathed facing him. His face turned to worry and his eyebrows creased together.
"I just don't feel very good," Amy admitted, feeling a bit lightheaded from the baby.
"Do you want to go back to the hotel?" he asked and Amy nodded.
"That would be nice," she whispered. He nodded his head and looked up.
"Andy has my keys, so wait here, ok?" Pete told her and gave her forehead a peck before running off into the crowd again. Amy sighed after a good half hour passed. She noticed Andy a few fee away from her and walked up to him.
" you have Pete's keys?" she asked and he looked at her pale face.
"Yeah, here," she snatched them; a little pissed off that Pete got sidetracked again.
God damnit...I could of fainted and he wouldn't have even noticed until the ambulance arrived...
Amy bit her lip as the tears threatened to come out at the corner of her eyes. She breathed in deeply and shook her head, feeling strong again and walked down the steps of the big beach house that they were at. Amy simply walked around the house until she spotted Pete's car parked on the side of the road. She unlocked it and sat in the passenger seat, with the air on, doors locked and waited...

"Andy!" Pete screamed and got his attention over the music. He looked up and raised an eyebrow.
"Do you have my keys?" he asked and Andy widened his eyes at the worried bassist.
"Amy has them...I thought you were with her, so I gave them to her," Pete gritted his teeth and smacked his head.
"Shit," he shook his head and ran out of the house and down to where his car was parked to see Amy in the passenger seat, looking quite flustered and pale. Pete quickly opened the drivers seat and saw her look over and glare at him before turning back to lean her head against the window pane.
Damnit...Amy, I'm sorry
Pete frowned and drove all the way back to the hotel and watched as Amy wordlessly grabbed her purse and got out of the car, stumbling a bit. Pete followed closely behind her and she stopped in front of the hotel door. He looked around in his pockets and unlocked the door, he quickly stepping into the suite and disappearing into their room. Pete decided to follow her, taking his suit jacket off and loosening his tie before throwing it somewhere on the ground. Amy rushed to the bathroom and dropped all her things before closing the door in his face. He simply sat against it and listened to her puking and her coughs and sneezes.
She really is sick...I'm such an ass hole...a bad boyfriend on top of that
Amy slowly emerged from the bathroom, looking really sickly and her once bouncy blonde curls were dull and frizzy. She looked down at Pete and shook her head before crossing the room and grabbing her jacket and opening the door to the balcony.

Chapter 48- I Confess, I Messed Up

Pete stood at the open door that led out onto the balcony where Amy stood leaning out, overlooking the city's streets. He was contemplating where or not to say anything. He decided the let the slight breeze take him over to her and stand to her right. Her hands were placed firmly on the thick railing where multiple tear drops stained the metal. Pete placed his hand near hers and he could almost feel her from how close their pinkies were. Amy had her eyes closed and Pete couldn't help but feel like a complete jackass.
Just tell her...that you are sorry, and that you love her before she decides to leave again...
"Amy," he softly spoke her name and her eyes opened, a few tears attaching to her eyelashes. When she didn't respond, Pete inched his pinky further and latched it onto hers, bringing her hand closer to his own. She sighed, in a soft way, almost with no emotion and Pete turned towards her, her hand still clasped inside his own.
"Amy," Pete spoke her name again and this time she turned her body completely towards him, exposing her smeared makeup and teased hair. His heart almost broke in two, just seeing how hurt and sick she was and engulfed her in a gentle but still loving hug.
"I'm sorry Pete, I've just been really sick lately and tonight's atmosphere really did put a strain on me," Pete shook his head.
"I'm sorry for not being there when you needed me," Amy smiled at his apology.
"Can we just...kind of forget this?" Amy asked slowly. Pete nodded.
"One more thing..." Pete told her as she looked up at him. He smiled down at her and kissed her.
Tell her. Now, before...something big don't know...
"I love you, Amy," he breathed out. Amy couldn't tell him it back, and he knew why, it was because of tonight, and even though she wanted to forget it, women don't forget those kinds of things that quickly. She just smiled, on the verge of tears and slipped out of Pete's grasp, and fell asleep before he entered the hotel room again.

"Nina, you would tell me if you were pregnant, right?" Joe asked Nina as she walked around their hotel bedroom getting ready for bed. He was lying down in bed, thinking and worrying about Amy. He heard her smirk a little and the bed sink down a little more.
"Of course, Joe," Nina looked at him. "Why the completely random question?" He sighed and looked down at his girlfriend.
"Amy will literally make sure I don't have kids if she found out I told you," Nina raised an eyebrow and poked him.
"Fess up already," she said. He sighed.
"Amy's pregnant," Nina's eyes widened. "Three months..." he finished. Nina smiled.
"I knew it..." she sighed and laid her head on his chest.
"There's a problem," Joe sighed again.
"What?" she asked sitting up slightly.
"She hasn't told Pete for two reasons. One, she really doesn't know if it's Patrick's or Pete's and Two, Pete already told her that he wasn't ready for kids, and she freaked out," Nina's face was plastered with sympathy.
"Amy really needs to talk to Pete," she whispered. Joe nodded.
"I'm worried about my twister buddy... she just seems to be getting more and more worried each day that Pete is gonna notice her stomach getting bigger," Nina smiled.
"We can go check on her tomorrow. They are only like what? Next door?" Joe laughed and lied back down.
"Night Nina,"
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