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Cliche Cliffhanger

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Pete freaks out after Nina lets a little secret slip out. Confronting Amy leads her to a panic attack that sets the chapter for a cheesy cliffhanger

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Chapter 49- Pete Freaks

Nina was standing making coffee when a worn out Pete came into the kitchen area.
"I take it you didn't sleep well," she said as he sat on one of the barstools. She handed him a cup and he just stared down at it.
"I'm worried about Amy," he admitted. Nina gulped.
Whatever you not let it slip out
"I heard she, sick," Nina said, looking at his bloodshot eyes.
"Yeah, and that's what I'm worried about, she's not acting like herself... and it's scaring me. I've had Amy as my girlfriend for little less than four months and she's already shutting me out," he sighed and ran a hand over his face.
"Well, you can't blame a girl and her raging emotions," Nina shrugged and continued. "Especially when she's preg..." Nina widened her eyes and smacked a hand to her mouth. Pete looked up suddenly and his eyes became the size of grapefruits.
"WHAT?!" he semi screamed, but stayed quiet cause everybody else was asleep. Nina just bit her lip and shook her head.
"You're not supposed to know," she hissed and he shook his head before jolting up and running back to his room. Pete saw Amy sleeping on her back, hand loosely placed across her stomach.
At least I know why she's been sick
He sat down on the edge of the bed and placed a hand over her stomach.
Amy stirred and when she saw what Pete was doing she jumped up and stood, watching him stand as well.
"Amy is there anything extensively important you need to tell me?" he asked burning his eyes into her own. She quickly shook hear head.
"Nothing you would care about," she stepped to the side to get around him, but he stepped with her.
"You're having my baby, why wouldn't I care?" Amy breathed in and nearly fainted when he told her this.
"Who said it's yours?" she accidentally said out loud. Pete's eyes widened and he nearly fell over. "I mean..." Pete looked at her with disgust.
"So you cheated while I was gone, ehh?" he asked, scowling at her. Amy shook her head.
"Pete when I took the test almost three months ago it told me I was already three weeks along, and when I thought back on it, there were only two days that separated my time with Patrick and my time with you," Amy felt hurt inside that Pete would think she would cheat on him.
"What makes you think I would believe that?" he asked bitterly. Amy's heart started to race and her eyes darted across the room.
I'm gonna end up like Emily...Pete's gonna leave...and I'll have to...
Amy's breathing got heavier as she gathered her thoughts, and she started to panic, the tears slipping down her face.
"Because, I'm your girlfriend," Pete shook his head. Amy just closed her eyes tight and her mind slipped away. Before the darkness surrounded her, her knees went weak and she fell forward, only to grip onto Pete's shoulders as he struggled to catch her before she fell completely.
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