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Shove It!

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You'll be happy. Trust me, you will cry at first, then laugh at the rest.

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Chapter 50- Three P's and an M

Amy was sitting up in her hospital bed, looking down at her flat stomach. The restrictions on visitors made the last four hours of Amy being awake very hard for her. But when the doctor came in and told her the news, all she wanted was to be alone.
So...I'm prone to panic attacks, what else is new?
Amy sighed and pressed her hand to her stomach and felt the tears sting her eyes.
Other than the fact I just lost a baby...
She looked up when the door clicked shut. There stood Pete with a bouquet of red roses and a streak of red hair in his bangs to match. Amy just watched him as he crossed the room and placed the roses on the table next to her and pulled up a chair.
"Pete," she spoke at the same time.
"You go," he insisted. She shook her head. Pete sighed.
"I caused all this," he muttered.
Damn right you caused all this, you're the one who got me pregnant
Amy sighed, turning away.
"Peter," she spoke using his real name. He gulped and gripped her hand.
"The baby is gone..." his face dropped and his hand turned cold.
"I've fucked up big time..." he muttered. Amy shook her head.
"It was already dying..." Amy blinked slowly and noticed his eyes become glazed over with tears, just threatening to come out. Amy decided to continue.
"There's something else," Pete looked up and smiled slightly as Amy ran a hand threw his red bangs. "I made the doctor do a few tests," Pete looked utterly confused and Amy just kissed his nose. "Pete, that little baby inside of me was yours," she watched as his slight frown broke out into a big smile and he sniffed away some of the tears.
"You mean...I was gonna be a dad?" he asked and Amy nodded. Pete just couldn't believe it. Four years ago Amy came into his life and he utterly disapproved of her crashing in the apartment. And now, he had he as his girlfriend, who had managed to get pregnant, and then lose it.
"Pete..." she softly got his attention after he was silent and lost in thought for a couple for minutes. He looked up to see Amy smiling at him with hope in her eyes. "Please don't tell me this is gonna change our relationship," she whispered. Pete gripped her hand and shook his head.
"We just have to be more careful," he told her and she nodded, smiling.
"I love you, Peter," after a couple minutes of silence Pete blinked and stammered over his response.
"Amy..." he paused and smiled widely at her figure that lied in front of him. "I love you too," Amy closed her eyes and sighed contently.
"I'm ready to go home.../our/ real home..."

Chapter 51- Dance, Dance Stump-ah

So the way life used to be came back into view after the first two months of the guy's big break. Rachel was coming to stay later on that day, and the house was running frantic of where everybody was going to stay, since Nina had come back with Joe. And since the end of August was coming, he was happy his birthday was nearing.
"Oh many people in this house with a toddler..." Amy was running around her and Pete's room that they still decided to share with Patrick trying to find everything she needed for Rachel's four month stay. Pete just chuckled and escorted her out into the living room where everybody was sitting, waiting for Rachel to arrive.
"Guys...please, no cursing around her and try to lower the sexual content..." Amy sighed and there was a knock at the door. When she opened it, she saw Rachel with Daniel, a smile plastered on her face.
"Aunty Amy!" she jumped on Amy and Amy quickly thanked Daniel before taking Rachel in to meet the rest of the guys.
"Guys...this is the grown up Rachel," Rachel waved and bit her lip, a little overwhelmed of how many people were in the room. A little while later, Patrick left with Andy to go get food while Nina set the table with Pete. Amy was watching Rachel dance around the room to Dance, Dance, the newest single from Fall Out Boy. Joe laughed and sighed.
"It's amazing how much she looks like Emily," Joe told Amy. She nodded.
"It's hard raising her and seeing my best friend in her," Rachel stopped suddenly and looked up at Amy who was sitting on the couch. She climbed up and sat in the middle of the two and bit her lip.
"Aunty Amy...who's Emily?" the little toddler asked and Amy sighed.
"Rachel, honey, Emily is your...well, she's your birth mother," Rachel cocked her head to one side, not understanding.
"I thought you were my mommy," Amy widened her eyes.
"No, no...I'm just...somebody that has raised you since you were born," Amy sighed noticing the saddened expression on Rachel's face.
"Amy..." it was the first time Rachel had called her by just her first name. "Where's my mommy?" Amy's heart broke in two and she heard the clatter of silver where dropping and Pete stepping into the living room.
" have to understand that your not around anymore," Rachel pouted.
"Why am I here?" Rachel was smart for her age, talked well and easily understood life.
"Your mom wanted me to take care of you, and all these people were with your mom when you were born," Rachel frowned again but nodded her head.
"Aunty Amy? I still love you," Amy smiled and gave the toddler a hug.

Patrick came home later than expected with a huge box in his hands.
"What the hell?" Pete asked helping him by placing it in front of the TV. Rachel squealed and ran over to it.
"What is it?" Patrick patted her head.
"It's Joe's birthday present," he breathed out and Pete frowned.
"How come you never got me a present this big?" Patrick sighed as Joe and Rachel jumped around, both wanting to open it already.
"Size doesn't matter," Pete just giggled and Amy glared at him, warning him not to say anything. He just ignored it and slung an arm around his friend.
"Except in the bed..." Pete was cut off by Amy smacking him in the back of the head.
"Pee-ter Wentz," Amy said threw gritted teeth. "There is a child in this room, now shove it!" Pete chuckled and shook his head.
"Where?" Pete asked and Amy smacked his head again.
"You better watch it; Mr. Wentz," Amy looked over to see Rachel sitting on Joe's shoulders and them both dancing around the big box.
"Open it then, if you're that excited," Patrick told him.
"Can I help?" Rachel asked Joe as he ripped the top. He nodded and they dug through the huge box. They soon produced a hard Dance, Dance Revolution mat and Joe jumped up and down like a little kid.
"We are so gonna have fun tonight," he yelled and Rachel smiled widely at the dancing fool.

Nina suggested that the whole gang spend the night out in the living room, taking turns on the new game and pigging out. It was like a grown up slumber party, with childish band members and their girlfriends, along with the little toddler who ended up crawling off to bed around 11. Amy was on her stomach watching Pete be a pro at the game. Joe was already fast asleep on the armchair with Nina sitting in his lap, sideways, legs draped over the side. Andy stole the couch and had a book over his face, arm falling off the couch and touching the carpet. Patrick was sitting with Amy as they both watched Pete get a 99%.
"How the hell?" he asked, sitting up.
"You dance, Pat," Amy pushed him up and he sighed as Pete sat back down and pulled Amy to him. The two sat in awe as Patrick finished the round with a 100%, without even breaking a sweat. Pete gasped.
"No fucking way," Patrick just shrugged and smirked a little.
"Patrick! Where did you get those moves?" Amy asked, as he yawned and sat down on the ground.
"I'm a nerd, comes naturally," Pete just pushed Amy off of him and tackled Patrick to the ground, sitting on him.
"Tell me your secret, Mr. Stumph," Pete said with an evil glare.
"Never!" Patrick shouted and Amy hushed him quickly. Pete just got up and sighed.
"Fine...Mr. Dance, Dance Stump-ah," Pete faked a sob and sniffed a few times. "I've been beaten," he paused and looked at Amy, scooping her up, wedding style. "But I've got the girl,"
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