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Patrick and Kylie Sitting In A Tree

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If your a fan of Patrick, you will smile and be happy with this filler. ^__^

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Chapter 52- The Beautiful Brunette from Wilmette?

A few weeks later, after many late night parties and Rachel leaving for a couple of weeks, the house was a mess. Amy voted the whole gang to clean while she went out for coffee. Patrick quickly was voted off the "cleaning island", however because he just caused an even bigger mess. So, Amy ended up having a deep and interesting conversation with Patrick at a small café where hardly anybody was at.
"So, Pat," Amy started as he took a sip of his hot coca. He smiled, acknowledging her conversation starter. "How's it been?" Amy asked and Patrick shrugged.
"It's been worse, but things are looking up," Amy nodded.
"Well, things will keep getting better and better," Amy told him and Patrick nodded as something caught his eye. He turned to his left to see a beautiful individual standing at the counter, getting hit on by the guy working there. She kept trying to order her drink, but the man did not let her until he got her number.
"Ohh, she's a catch," Amy whispered, causing Patrick to blush. "Go help her," Amy nudged him out of his seat and he pulled his hat on tighter and walked over, pretending to order again.
"Listen..." the mysterious girl said, sharply to the guy at the counter. "Matt, or whatever your name is, I just want my coffee, I've had a bad day, and I don't find you my type at all. So please just back off," the girl sighed as Patrick approached.
"Oh, come on pretty lady," the guy inched his hand over to where hers was lying on the counter but Patrick swatted it away and raised an eyebrow. The guy obviously recognized him and walked away, to get her coffee. The girl had not noticed who was standing next to her, so when she turned, she nearly fainted.
"Oh my god," she breathed out. "You're...why, you're Patrick Stump, from Fall Out Boy," He smiled nodded his head.
"In the flesh," Amy watched as the girl smiled.
His charms are better this time around...she's so perfect for him, and I haven't even met her yet
"So, do you have a name as well? Or can I call you 'The Beautiful Brunette from Wilmette'?" The girl turned a magnificent shade of pink and she stuttered over her response.
"I'm...I'm Kylie...Kylie Roberts," Patrick smiled and nodded his head.
"It's nice to meet you, Kylie," The disgruntled worker gave her the coffee and mumbled a sorry before going back to work. Kylie bit her lip and smiled nervously, them both still standing there.
"I...I better go," she breathed but before she could step away, Patrick lightly grasped her elbow.
"Do you want to hang out with me and," he paused to look over at Amy, who was smiling, inviting Kylie as well.
"Your girlfriend?" Kylie finished and Patrick shook his head, releasing his hand, but then grabbing hers.
"She's more of a sister than a friend, come meet her, she needs another girl friend," Kylie blushed and slightly nodded her head.
I've picked out a shy one...she's adorable, cute, freaking beautiful and just...amazing already.
"Hi, I'm Kylie," she extended her arm, but Amy just jumped out of her seat and hugged the stranger Patrick had picked out of the crowd.
"Wow, Pat, you sure do a good job of combing people out of the crowd," Amy laughed as the two both blushed.
"Scratch that, she's more of a female clone of Pete," Patrick said, to both of them. Kylie smiled and lightly giggled as Amy just suppressed her laugh.
"I'm not a clone, it's just he wears off on me like I'm a dry erase board and he's an uncapped pen!" Amy laughed at her own lame excuse for a simile. "That made no sense...being Pete's girlfriend makes you dumber and more annoying," Amy shook her head and Kylie raised an eyebrow.
"More cocky too," Patrick added and Kylie giggled.
"Not much of a talker, ehh?" Amy turned to Kylie and she bit her lip and took a drink of her coffee.
"I'm an observer, quiet, intelligent and... to tell you the truth, a bit of a loner," Patrick smiled at this.
Where were you when I was in high school?
"Well that's about to change," he smiled at her and she couldn't help but blush.
"Why?" she asked. Patrick poked her side.
"Cause you're coming to our place to meet the rest of the gang," Kylies eyes widened.

Chapter 53- Can I watch you Smile?

"I wonder how long Amy would be in her pregnancy by now," Pete mumbled out loud, thinking he was alone in the kitchen.
"About five months," he whipped around to see Joe sitting on the counter, messing around with something in his hands.
"How did you know that so quickly?" Pete asked, finishing the dishes. Joe shrugged.
"I guess because I was the second to find out, I saw it when she was two months...I guess I just remembered..." Joe screwed up his face in thought.
"How are things with you and Nina?" Pete suddenly asked. He had not had the chance to really ask about his friend's love lives lately, and even though they didn't strike Pete as the relationship guru, he was always curious.
"Great!" Joe beamed and showed what he was holding, a little red velvet box. "I'm doing it next week; you know how I was planning that special secret show for our friends?" Pete nodded. Joe smiled widely. "Its part of the whole plan...Nina doesn't expect a thing," Pete smiled.
"Well, then...I'll play ten times better than usual," Pet joked and Joe sighed.
"This makes me so excited for next week, we should have fun tonight though, as well," Pete nodded.
"After we just cleaned up the place?" he asked before he was suddenly hit full force by a blonde headed individual.
"A good job of it too, Peter Panda," he smiled as he recognized Amy clinging to him.
"What are you so happy about?" Peter looked down to see Amy smiling.
"Patrick met this girl at the coffee shop, she's really cool, and," she paused as Pete looked over the counter to see a brunette with Patrick's arm around her waist in a sort of claim. He turned back to Amy and she smiled up at him and Pete nodded.
"She's a good catch for him," Amy kissed his cheek.

Kylie had been introduced in the oddest way possible but survived, until Frankie decided to make an "emergency visit" in which he dragged Meagan along. Kylie was standing as Amy stood in front of her and they talked as the boys played DDR and socialized. The door was stupidly left un-locked and Frankie just busted through the door and mistook Kylie for Amy and tackled her to the ground.
"Am...WAIT! Who's this cutie?" Frankie pushed himself up on his arms and hovered over her face. Kylie didn't know whether to freak out or to laugh or to just answer the question.
"That's Kylie...Patrick's new..." Pete looked over at Amy and she smiled.
"Girlfriend..." They sing-songed and Patrick and Kylie both blushed as bright as they could get.

So instead of twister, since the mat was completely destroyed, they ended up playing Scrabble. By then, Kylie was invited to stay the night and everybody had either retreated to their rooms, or crashed in the living room. Patrick and Kylie were the only ones playing and they both sat on the barstools, their bodies turned slightly to face each other and to hide their tiles. The drinks from earlier were still in their system and they had decided to play a game with dating and naughty words. Kylie put down her first word.
"That's good for a first word," Patrick mumbled. Using the 'I' he formed a word.
Kylie giggled and sipped on her drink.
Make out
Patrick skewed his mouth to one side.
Damn, two words... it counts...
Kylie smiled nervously and sighed.
Patrick laughed suddenly and Kylie just smiled.
"Men sometimes act like that," Patrick nodded and looked down at his tiles.
He added it to 'friend' and Kylie bit her lip. After a few minutes, she looked up in defeat.
"I got nothing," she muttered. Patrick smiled as his tiles.
"I got something," Kylie nodded. Patrick took 'can' and placed it down. Then took his 'I' and put it next to it. He pushed it up to 'kiss' and smiled as Kylie blushed again. Ending with his three last tiles, he put down 'you'. When he was done, it read across in a line and Kylie just smiled.
"Can I?" Patrick whispered and Kylie looked down.
"Yes," she answered after a few minutes and Patrick looked up, confused. Kylie just leaned over and kissed him lightly. He closed his eyes quick enough to savor the moment but not long enough to kiss back.
"Bed?" she asked and he nodded his head.
"Bunk with me, Kylie," Patrick whispered.
"Seriously?" she asked a little taken aback. He nodded his head and took her hand.
"Come on," Patrick gushed as she smiled again.
Hopefully I get to see that smile more often
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