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He Loooooves You!

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Nina gets faced with a HUGE question, and Pete thinks about his and Amy's future as a couple.

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evie says: i actualy had to get up and puke while attempting to post this...sorry for the wait, just kept getting sidetracked and my friend patrick came over and took care of me for a while...he helped post this. so please give props to patrick, my super best friend for helping out with copy and pasting. ON WITH THE STORY!!!

Chapter 54- Stage Dives and Iguanas

"Sit," Pete pushed Amy into a chair that sat amongst seven other chairs. She rolled his eyes as he disappeared behind the stage that sat in the empty concert hall, the guys had rented out to treat them to a private and "intimate" show. Nina soon arrived and sat next to Amy, and then Kylie came, and sat on the other side.
"Did Patrick ask you out yet?" Amy asked her and she blushed.
"No, but we kissed," she whispered. Amy smiled and sighed.
"That means we can be friends! He's keeping you around!" Amy gushed and Nina smiled as well.
"Welcome to the Cuddle Buddy club, you now officially a "bat"," Nina told her. Kylie burst out laughing and Amy noticed Patrick smiling from where he was eavesdropping. Amy just screamed out.
"Patrick liiiiiikes you. He wants to hooooold you, he wants to looooove you, he wants to baaaaaang you, he wants to have baaaaabies with you," Amy got up and danced a little and she could hear Pete's laughing from back stage. Kylie covered up her embarrassment by laughing even harder. Just then, Andy came in with Sasha and her sister, and Andy just shook his head.
"I seriously do not want to know what you fed her this morning," Amy just wiggled her butt.
"I'm just excited," she sat back down and poked fun at Kylie and Patrick's 'relationship'. Frankie came in a little while later, and from what Amy remembered and recognized, saw Gerard and Mikey along with the unmistakable, Meagan.
"Ladies and Mikey," Mikey whooped from being the only guy in the audience.
"Please, welcome, your sexy boyfriends, lovers and crushes, cause it's that obvious, Kylie," Amy turned to see Kylie blushing at Pete's comment. They heard the drum beat go and the gang bust into their first song they had planned. A while later and after many dances with Kylie and Nina in the little walkway before the stage, they came to their last song.
"Ok, Amy knows this already, but I wrote this song for her, a long time ago...and Patrick don't hit me, but anyways, you cant because you got Kylie now, and before I start rambling even more, this is the song," Pete paused for a moment. "Oh, and it's really dedicated to all our girls...and Frankie, my hot lover," He winked and Frankie smiled at Amy who stuck her tongue out.
"Where is your boy tonight?"
Amy leaned her head on Kylies shoulder and smiled at Pete as he concentrated on playing his best. When they finished, they sat along the edge of the stage, microphone in each of their hands. Andy started.
"Sasha, you're moving in," he smiled as she just laughed at his blunt way of telling her. Pete was after him.
"Amy, can we have a cuddle tonight...pwease?" Pete pouted and Amy just nodded her head. Patrick coughed slightly and sighed.
"Take a look at my girlfriend," he half sang half said and pointed over at Kylie who stirred under Amy and she breathed in, smiling. Joe looked really impatient, and so did Nina.
"What you got for me, babes?" she asked and he jumped off the stage and walked over to her. Everybody gasped as he got down on one knee and opened that little treasure box. Nina widened her eyes and gasped as she stared down at it.
"Don't ask," Joe had his mouth open but closed it when Nina said that.
"Yes," she whispered and everybody clapped for them. Joe scooped her up into his arms and literally screamed like a twelve year old girl who just saw...well, Pete Wentz.

Pete turned when he felt a poke to his side. He saw Amy crawling into bed and she stopped to poke him.
"Hey," she said, tiredly. Pete kissed her cheek and brought her close.
"Snuggle, right?" he asked and Amy nodded, wordlessly. "A quiet one...I just want to hold you," Amy blushed, and felt like she was 16. She buried her head in his neck and sighed.
"I'm happy for everybody," she whispered.
"Things are looking up, you know?" Pete agreed. "Now shut up, cause I want to savor this, just in case I get my memories erased," Amy giggled and clamed down. She lightly kissed his collar bone and snuggled a little bit more into his form.
"Night, Petey," she whispered. He just kissed her temple and nodded.
"Night, Amiez," Soon, she was out and her breathing steadied. Pete was still awake and just watched her, observing her and creating a mental image to remember her when he went away on tour.
This girl is amazing...
Pete looked up at his ceiling and sighed. The moonlight from outside seeped through the window and made patterns. He tried finding answers in it but ended up seeing iguanas and dinosaurs fighting over a guitar.
What the hell am I trying to find out?
He shifted slightly and faced her more, putting is forehead to hers. my girlfriend...what more could I want?
She smiled in her sleep slightly and snuggled her head more into her pillow, mumbling something incoherent.
Maybe there is more I want...
Pete furrowed his eyebrows in thought and intertwined her nearest hand in his own.
Is it too soon for marriage?
Again, Amy smiled in her sleep as if she was reading his thoughts. Pete kissed her cheek lightly and smiled.
I'll take a week to think...
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