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Well, There Go The Pancakes...

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Amy gets a surprise of a lifetime, Pete ruins breakfast, the gang pranks Frankie, and Meagan gets heartbroken, yet again. And low and behold, THEY GO TO VEGAS!!!!!!

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evie says: I ALSO UPDATED FROM UNDER THE CORK TREE, SO PLEASE GO AND READ IT! I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT, SO PLEASE DON'T IGNORE IT!!! Um, I'm going on a trip, won't be back until Sunday night...or Monday, which is my birthday. So you only have this to enjoy until I get back. Props again to Patrick for helping me post this. Hehe...enjoy!
Patrick says: hehe I say hi! Hi I love evie's please read them both and expect more from these wonderful fingers....hehe.

Chapter 55- There Go The Pancakes

A couple of weeks did in fact pass and it was nearing Halloween when things were really exciting and everything was happening. Joe and Nina were deciding on dates for their wedding already and Kylie and Patrick were happy together, flirting and cuddling. Sasha was moved in and Molly hooked up with Gerard. Megan was still trying to figure out if Frankie still loved her while her son stayed with her mother. Pete and Amy you ask?

Amy fluttered her eyes open. Yawning she looked over at her clock.
She smelt pancakes from her room and seeing that Pete wasn't beside her, she presumed he was cooking breakfast. She stretched her arms above her head and closed her eyes, placing her hands on her knees. She slowly walked over to her mirror and took her brush to her hair. Before she could even take a strand of hair to comb, she saw the sparkle on her hand. Amy nearly fainted right then and there when she looked at her wedding finger to see a silver band with a medium sized diamond on it.
Holy shit...HOLY SHIT!
Smiling widely, she ran out of the room with her pajama pants on and found Pete with his back turned, flipping the pancakes. She yelped in a happy way and jumped on his back, swinging her legs around his middle and hugging him tight.
"Yes, yes, and /YES/!" she screamed and when Pete freaked out, by screaming, the pancakes went flying. Joe laughed along with Frankie as they dove with their empty plates and caught them. Patrick still held his mouth hanging open from what just had happened. Amy let go of Pete and when he turned around, she literally jumped on him again, latching onto him in a huge and passionate kiss.
"Petey!" she spoke when he sat her on the counter. Pete smiled in a dorky way and everybody just looked amazed at what was happening.
"How the hell do you do that, Pete? Do you program her or something? Or are you just that good in bed?" Frankie asked, confused. Andy laughed.
"What's going on here?" he asked. Pete just smiled and breathed out, grabbing Amy's left hand and showing it to everybody.
"You freaking proposed, without even asking her yourself?" Andy nearly screamed. Pete shrugged.
"I just slipped in on her finger while she was sleeping about an hour ago in hopes she'd find it," Amy was glowing beyond believe and Megan just squealed in delight.
"Another wedding in the works!" she giggled and hugged Amy. "Baby, you're lucky...twelve year old girls are gonna be soooo pissed when they hear you stole their Petey Wentz," Amy giggled at this and shook her head.
"I don't care, really...I know ninjas that I can send on their ass, and I got Frankie, my bodyguard," Pete wrapped an arm around her as she said this.
"Plus, if they mess with my soon to be Amy Christine Wentz, they mess with me, Petey Peter Panda Wentz," he smiled and Joe whacked him.
"And every one of your friends," everybody nodded their heads.
"Amen to that,"

Chapter 56- Snow Jobs

"Awww, fuck," Pete hissed as he stubbed is toe in Frankie's house. The gang had traveled to his bachelor pad fro a nice Halloween, and when I say the gang, I mean, Andy, Pete, Joe, Patrick, Amy, Sasha, Kylie, Nina, Megan, Mikey, Gerard, Molly, Rachel and Meagan's son, Ryan.
"Language, Peter, the children," Amy scolded him and smiled down at Rachel who shot her head up.
"What did Petey say?" she asked. Amy widened her eyes.
"He said, Awww, duck," Rachel giggled.
"He's funny," she giggled.
"So now we have to make code words?" Joe asked, plopping down next to Amy, who sat on the couch. She laughed as Megan and Kylie came in after him.
"We should, just as a funny thing, to trick and confuse Frankie," Megan said, giggling. So the whole gang gathered while Frankie was away, shopping.
"So, we know what's what, and for other words, just improvise, ok?" Amy said and they all nodded, taking their places as the door cracked open.
"I'm home!" Frankie sing-songed as he entered the house.
"No shrimp, Sherlock!" Andy laughed, sarcastically. Frankie raised an eyebrow.
"What have you guys been up to?" Frankie asked, slowly, walking to sit down in the arm chair. Patrick smirked as he grabbed Kylie to sit in his lap.
"We ducked," he bluntly said and Kylie laughed.
"We ducked long and hard," Rachel and Ryan sat with weird faces on and didn't even grasp what anybody was saying. Funny thing is, is that Frankie was the same way.
"...ok, then..." Frankie muttered.
"Hey, Amy..." Pete started and she walked in, humming a yes.
"What do you need, flexi?" she asked sweetly. Pete smiled devilishly.
"Can you give me a snow job?" Amy's mouth slightly hung open but she regrouped remembering what they were doing.
"Duck no, you verb," Amy mentally laughed and continued. "Your shrimp out of luck, dumb-bass," Pete frowned and faked a snob.
"God...why do you have to be such a stitch?" he faked sobbed and Frankie looked even more confused. Sasha laughed from where she sat next to Andy and looked over at him.
"We should duck too," she whispered loud enough for everybody to hear. Andy wiggled his eyebrows.
"Bell yes we should," he gasped slightly and Frankie began to whimper.
"Who are you people?" he asked and fell down to the ground as Megan walked over and made her face level with his.
"Frankie, you seriously need to get paid," the whole house erupted in a fit of laughter with the exception of Rachel, Ryan and Frankie.

"God, that was so mean!" Frankie pretended to cry and Megan laughed. Frankie looked up and smiled evilly.
"Get revenge with me," he muttered and watched as Pete and Amy re-entered the house. They didn't realize that Frankie and Megan were on the couch so Frankie thought fast.
"Play along, ok?" he whispered and pushed her down, climbing over her and kissing her roughly. Amy saw first and her mouth hung open and tapped her hand repeatedly on Pete's shoulder he turned around to see Frankie with his shirt off, making out with Meagan. The two gasped lightly and Amy nearly fainted before the two broke apart.
"Frankie," Megan whispered and he just smiled.
"Still play along, ok?" he asked and she slowly nodded, a little dazed from the sudden make out session.
"Oh, hi guys," Frankie turned and pretended to just now see them. Amy looked a little surprised and Pete just looked like he was gonna pass out from shock. "Will you excuse us?" Megan just blushed and leaned up to put emphasis on his statement by kissing his collar bone. He shivered a little bit and looked down at her. Amy pushed Pete slightly and they slipped into the kitchen, closing the door. Frankie looked down and smiled at Meagan.
It's all a fake thing...I can't help but feel slightly used
"Say something sexy," Meagan giggled and nodded her head.
"Oh god, Frankie!" she moaned, giggling. Frankie thanked god that nobody else was in the house, all out for lunch while Mikey took Rachel and Ryan out for ice cream.
"Here...Meagan, like this?" he asked in a seductive voice, looking over at the kitchen door. Meagan sighed.
Actually, I really like this...I wish it was real though...
Frankie looked back own at her and smiled. He pushed himself off of the couch and onto the floor, making sure to make a loud thud.
"MEAGAN! are so dominating!" Frankie yelled and Meagan giggled lightly.
" that again," she moaned and the two bit their lips to suppress their laughs.
"Hey, you like it rough?" All of a sudden Amy came running out of the room with a shocked face only to see that nothing was going on. Meagan was sitting on the couch, playing with her nails as Frankie lie on the ground, scratching his stomach. Pete came next and sighed.
"Damnit, Frankie...I hate revenge, I thought you were actually doing that to Meagan," Pete breathed out.
"Pete, you're so stupid, Meagan's too much like my sister," Frankie sat up and turned his back to Meagan. Her face fell a little bit and Amy bit her lip, knowing that Meagan still loved him and always wished it was back before she got pregnant. Meagan just stood up and sighed, walking back into her room. Frankie raised an eyebrow and leaned his body to watch her retreat upstairs. Amy sighed and ran after her, mumbling something.

"The kiss," Meagan's words escaped her mouth as soon as Amy entered the room. She pulled the younger woman into her arms and just let her cry.
"Babes, I think it's best to move on from him and try and find somebody who cares for your heart" Meagan shook her head.
"Frankie does care about me," she whispered through her tears.
"But does he care about your heart?" Meagan looked down.
"Your right, Amy," she breathed out.
"Well, let's on a vacation, do something, VEGAS!" Amy smiled widely at her friend and Meagan broke a smile.
"Sounds great,"

Chapter 57- Credit Card Roulette

After much whining and complaining, Amy was finally able to pressure everybody to get on a plane and go to Vegas. She was planning on showing Meagan just how much fun she can have, without involving Frankie. They left the kids with Daniel, because he offered to take the tykes for a while. The first thing the gang did when they got into the whole top floor they had to themselves was play Frisbee in the hallway. It ended up in Pete diving for it, and hitting his head on the elevator. After that came to an end, it was night time, the right time to hit the strip.
"Ok, so everybody pull out their credit cards, except for the girls...we get treated no matter what," Amy laughed and got a black tub from somewhere in the suite. Pete sighed and dropped his card in and Patrick followed suit. Frankie raised an eyebrow, looking at the tub, after dropping his card in.
"What's this for?" he asked.
"The credit card that Nina here pulls out will be the credit card that will pay for everything that happens tonight!" Andy shrugged.
"It's fair, I mean if we stay reasonable," he dropped his in and the rest of the guys followed suit. Amy shook it around a little and the plastic cards clanked against each other. Nina reached in and she laughed as she showed Pete his own card.
"Oh, bloody hell," he sighed. Amy smiled.
"Let's go do something expensive!" she smiled and Pete whimpered.
"This is gonna be one rough night..."

Everybody was walking down the sidewalk streets when Joe stopped suddenly, causing everybody to bump into him. Nina stopped next to him and looked up at him with question.
"What's the matter, Joe?" she sweetly asked and most of the gang noticed.
"Let's get married, right now, right here," he said suddenly and Nina nearly chocked on air. Yes, air. She widened her eyes and looked to see a wedding chapel and sighed.
"Seriously?" she asked and he nodded, smiling.
"So...I can guess right now that I'm buying your wedding, right?" Pete asked and Joe nodded his head, grabbing Nina's hand as they ran inside.

So...I'm dating a famous band member, and just witnessed another band members Vegas wedding to one of my best friends...what more could come of this?

Amy smiled as everybody retreated to their rooms. Pete snuck up behind her and kissed her cheek before diving onto the soft looking bed.
"I'm so is my credit card," his voice was muffled in the pillow and Amy laughed slightly as she climbed into the bed next to him.
"Life is so weird," she said after a few minutes. Pete turned his head towards her and raised an eyebrow.
"Why do you say that?" he asked, turning on his side to face her.
"Four years ago I was with Patrick, you were silently crushing on me and writing songs about me, Joe was crushing on Emily and we had silly worries, like what drinks to buy for the next party and who would control the spinner while we played twister," Pete smiled and pushed back some of her curls that were in her face. Amy smiled and continued. "And now, Patrick found the female equivalent to himself, you and me are engaged/, Andy and Sasha are going strong, while Joe just got /married to Nina and now our worries have come to what are we gonna name the baby, or who's coming to the wedding!" Amy sighed as Pete intertwined their hands.
"It's life..." he simply said and she smiled. After a few moments, Amy furrowed her eyebrows in disappointment.
"You guys are going on tour again, huh?" Amy whispered, sadly. Pete nodded. They actually had to leave on a different flight the next day while the girls and Mikey went home to the bat cave for a while. It would only last up until around Christmas, but Amy was still a little unsure of things.
"It's short, and you have company this time..." he smiled and kissed her nose.
"Then hopefully time will fly by fast," Another few moments of silence followed and thinking it was time to sleep, Amy closed her eyes. Pete shifted a little and pulled her to him and smirked a little in her ear.
"What's so funny, Pete?" she asked quietly. He shrugged.
"Have you ever had sex in Vegas?"
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