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Chapter 58- Are You Cereal?

So the house was still full, as in, Frankie, Megan, Rachel, Ryan, Gerard, Sasha, Molly, Mikey, Nina and Kylie were still there. Most of them found themselves eating at the bar or in the kitchen when a flustered looking Kylie came into the room.
"Uhh," she groaned, sitting on an empty barstool. Amy looked at her.
"What's wrong, Kylie?" she asked placing her hand on hers.
"I..." she started and Amy widened her eyes. The rest of the gang had their spoons raised midair, looking at the pained individual. Amy helped her up and directed her to the bathroom, shoving an extra box they kept in the house for emergencies. Kylie gasped and but her lip.
"You're kidding, right?" she asked slightly and Amy shook her head, closing the door. Amy retreated back into the kitchen where everybody was still sitting, wondering.
"So..." Frankie started and Amy shrugged.
"I don't know what's going on," Amy breathed and leaned against the counter. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kylie inch around the corner, tears glazed over her eyes. With a nod of her head, Amy widely smiled. Kylie stepped out, both hands over her stomach and bit her lip, smiling as well. Gerard yelped and did a little dance.
"Congratulations!" he yelled and Kylie smiled.
"What?" Frankie asked, a little confused. Meagan shook her head, amazed at how dumb he was.
"She's pregnant, dumb-ass," Meagan said in a low voice, glaring at him.
"OH!" he smiled.
"Cereal?" Mikey offered.
"Yes, I'm cereal, and I would also like some," Kylie joked.

Christmas neared closer and closer and the day for the guys to arrive home was nearing. Kylie's stomach was growing bigger and bigger each and everyday and she was glowing as well. The house was filled with holiday cheer along with presents that were piled in the corner. Kylie was decorating most of the Christmas tree when the door bell rang. Frankie jumped up and opened it to see a head of black run into the house and tackle Amy to the ground. Amy opened her eyes to see Pete smiling with the red in his bangs yet again.
"Ohh...that's hot. Is it for Christmas?" she asked and he nodded.
"Missed you," he breathed out and gave her smooch, still on the ground. When she stood up, she saw Andy walking in, followed by Joe and Patrick. Kylie gave a hug to him and he smiled, kissing her gently.
"Patrick... I got some news," she started and he nodded his head, not expecting anything too huge. Joe gasped.
"Holy shit! Kylies pregnant," he yelled and swept her up into a hug and swung her around. Patrick's eyes twitched and he stood with his mouth gaping open. Kylie just bit her lip and nodded her head. Patrick laughed dryly and fell backwards. Joe and Andy caught him and Kylie widened her eyes.

"What a Christmas gift," Patrick smiled as Kylie sat in his lap. He placed a hand over her stomach and kissed her softly. "Best so far," he muttered. Amy coughed.
"Come on, let's do presents!" she laughed.
"But it's not Christmas!" Pete whimpered. Joe laughed.
"Who made you Santa?" Andy asked and Rachel giggled from where she sat with Ryan.
"Petey is Santa?" she asked in a cute voice. Pete nodded his head.
"Pete, Amy's boyfriend by morning, Pete from Fall Out Boy by afternoon, Vampire by sunset and Santa by night," he said, naming things off on his fingers.
"You're too emo to be Santa, Pete," Meagan muttered. He poked her and sighed.
"Fine...EARLY PRESENTS!" he screamed and the toddlers, including Frankie started handing out presents.

Later on at night, on the bed that came out of the couch, Meagan sat there, alone as everybody either went to their own rooms or retreated back to a hotel room near the apartment. She closed her eyes, and sighed but opened them when she felt somebody sit down next to her. The dark engulfed the person's face, so she couldn't see who it was. The person sighed suddenly and shifted their body with their head landing in Meagan's lap. Their head turned away and faced the TV. A hand quickly grasped her own and they intertwined. Meagan instantly knew who it was just by touch. Frankie stirred a little to get comfortable and sighed again. This kind of contact was rare for them ever since Frankie "kissed" her, and she felt used. Meagan just smiled and placed her hand in his hair, running it threw his black hair like she used to.
"Meagan," he whispered and she just hummed a yes. "I'm sorry about everything stupid I've done ever since we became friends," Meagan just shook her head.
"I'm sorry for breaking your heart," she had known she did when she got her boyfriend that eventually got her pregnant. She felt Frank contact his stomach contract slightly at the mention of a broken heart.
"And I'm sorry for breaking yours," he whispered back. Meagan nodded her head; them still not looking at each other threw their entire conversation. A few moments of silence followed and Meagan assumed Frankie was asleep due to his steady breathing. She thought wrong however because he quickly sat up and picked Meagan up. He sat back down with her in his lap and looked her straight in the eyes.
"Meagan..." he started and she bit her lip, nodding her head.
"Yeah?" she asked quietly.
"I love you," he breathed.
Emily was right...something would work out...and this is something...

Chapter 59- Chipped Black Nail Polish

"The court case is tomorrow," Amy sighed and Pete did as well.
"I know, I'll be there," he told her as they exited a coffee shop. It was the day after Christmas and not everybody was out.
"I just wish I could keep her as my own," Amy sighed and Pete smiled.
"Why don't you just adopt her?" he asked.
"They think I'm an unfit mother," Amy muttered.
"Things will turn around," Pete took Amy's hand as they walked down the not so busy streets of the city near the apartment. She nodded hear head, and placed a hand inside her new Clandestine hoodie Pete had bought her for Christmas.
"You know you still have one other present, right?" Pete asked, stopping Amy. She raised an eyebrow and poked him.
"Well, what are you waiting for? What is it?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye. Pete smiled and pushed her back a little. When she turned around, she was pushed into a small building where Pete dragged down a hallway until they were standing in an open office where Patrick and some older man were sitting.
"Ok...what the hell is going on?" Amy asked and Patrick just laughed. Pete came up behind her and took her jacket off of her.
"Babes, just stand here, ok?" she gasped as he blindfolded her. Amy freaked out when his hand left her own and stayed still, fearing if she took a step she would make something go terribly wrong. A few minutes later, she felt what she recognized as Patrick's hands grip her waist.
"Now just walk with me, ok?" he whispered in her ear and she nodded. His arm moved and slipped threw her own as he walked her to wherever she was going. The blindfold was lifted and Amy gasped as she saw Pete with a shirt that had a tux printed on it with his red hoodie un-zipped, hood still up, bangs falling in his face, the red tint fading again. Amy felt the tears come instantly to her eyes when she saw the paperwork on the desk in front of them the old priest standing in front of it. Amy looked down at her hands and noticed her black chipped nail polish and bit her lip, looking at the ring. When she looked up, Pete took her hand and intertwined them, bringing her to stand next to him. Amy looked down at their hands and noticed his chipped nail polish as well.

"I do..." Pete smiled and looked over at Amy who was smiling although silent tears slid down her face. Her blonde curls fell loosely around her glowing face as she opened her mouth to say the same exact thing.
"I do..." Amy whispered and the grip on her hand tightened as the priest smiled at the two. Amy looked over at Pete who still had his hood up, and noticed a small tear that ran from his eyes, taking a smudge of eyeliner with it.
" the power invested by me by the state of Illinois, in this Justice Of The Peace, I pronounce you, man and wife," Pete slowly turned to Amy and she to him. She lifted her hand slowly and pushed back his hood as he cupped her face with his hand. The kiss was small yet loving and showed the most pure love anybody could ever find. The papers were signed and away Pete went with his new wife.

Amy woke up with a start and saw that it was nearly time for the court case. Before she got out of bed however, Pete pulled her back.
"I have to tell you something, Mrs. Wentz," he whispered. Amy giggled and then raised an eyebrow.
"What?" she asked slowly he smirked devilishly.
"While you were away with Rachel last night, I got some papers, and the court is letting you, or more like us adopt her..." Amy gasped sharply and turned her body to face him.
"You court case, no more fights, no more switching back and forth?" she asked softly and Pete nodded his head.
"God...I love you," she breathed and Pete wiggled his eyebrows.
"I love me too," Amy just poked him and they sat there just staring at each other.
"Amy, let's have a baby," Amy widened her eyes at the sudden comment and stuttered over a response.
"What?" she asked first.
"I want to have a baby with you," he whispered and Amy bit her lip.
"Peter," it had been a long time since she used his full name. Pete raised an eyebrow and Amy smiled.
"Let's," she simply said and Pete smiled like an idiot.
"Now?" he asked, placing a hand on Amy's waist. She shrugged.
"Why not, the sooner the better!" Amy giggled as Pete climbed over her and turned the lamp off.
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