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15 Bats, 4 Babies and a Sharpie

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Try and put the three things together and you get this:

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Chapter 60- The Rockfathers

Within the next few weeks, Nina was faced with fantastic news, in the form of her screaming and nearly giving Joe a heart attack.
"JOE!" she screamed as soon as she burst through the door. He turned his head and she jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist.
"What are you so happy about?" he asked looking down at her.
"You should be happy too! You're gonna be a dad," she gushed and Joe had to put her down before leaping into the air, whooping. Amy came in after her and smiled.
"She was so happy and was singing the whole way back," she said as Pete looked at her.
"What?" she asked looking at him.
"Did you get tested?" he asked and Amy shook her head, smiling.
"Liar," Andy muttered and Pete's eyes widened.
"So?" he asked and Amy just blushed, looking away.
"...yeah," she whispered and Pete's grin grew wider, him jumping up and running over to her, he scooped her up into his arms and kissed her all over her face.
"I'm gonna be a daddy! I'm having a kid," he shouted and danced around the room along with Joe as they laughed, dancing around each other.
"Pete," Amy spoke as everybody crammed into the living room. He looked up and arched his eyebrows. "Twins..." she spoke softly and his grin grew bigger.
"TWO! You hear that?! TWO BABIES!" he jumped around and literally did a back flip off the wall. Amy gasped as he landed and smiled again.
"This is /wonderful/," he gushed and Frankie ran up to him and jumped up and down like he was a boxer ready to go into the ring.
"Oh, oh can I be the godfather?" he asked excitedly. Meagan shook her head, laughing slightly.
"Yeah, and can I be the godmother?" she meant it to be sarcastic, but Amy nodded her head.
"Yep, sure, both of you can,"

"So, now there is going to be, how many people in this house by next October?" Gerard asked as the whole gang sat in the living room. Amy scrunched up her face in thought.
Me, Pete, Rachel, Baby #1, Baby#2, Kylie, Patrick, Baby #1, Sasha, Andy, Nina, Joe, Baby #1, Frankie, Meagan, Ryan, Mikey, Gerard and Molly
"Holy crap...19," she breathed and Molly chocked on her water.
"Seriously?" she asked. Amy nodded her head, scared. Nina sighed.
"We should buy a bigger house and all still live there, you know," she said and Joe kissed her cheek.
"Ah, I love my brilliant wife," he sighed and nodded his head.
"Let's get it rolling! We can't all stay cooped up in here forever, you know..."

Chapter 61- Sharpies

Within a weeks time, everybody was able to chip in to get the moving rolling. The house was bought and everything was moved, leaving the house empty, well except for the 15 that stood, observing the place.
"So, this is where it all started, ehh?" Nina wondered out loud. Andy nodded his head.
"Next month, February, will make it a whole six years," he said looking at the empty space. Frankie was sitting on the counter when he saw a sharpie under the refrigerator.
"Hey, a sharpie," he leapt over and moved the fridge, exposing its white and spotless back. He picked up the marker and his eyes shifted between the back of the fridge and the marker in his hands.
"Frankie's got an idea," he sang and everybody looked over at him.
"What?" Pete asked, stepping next to him. "Hey, that sounds cool," he grabbed the marker and wrote a message on the back of the fridge.
Petey Wheaty Wentz was here, and banged Andy's sister ten times in this house
Amy giggled as she leaned over him, observing the message.
"Let me see," she grabbed the marker and pushed him over.
Amy Hurley Wentz was here and has to resent that statement, it was twelve times, Lard Ass
Joe sniggered and stole the marker.
Joe likes twister and DDR. We played that about forty two times this past fall! :)
Nina laughed at it as he handed her the Sharpie.
Knee-Knuh was here with these freaks.
Frankie grabbed it next and huffed, saying he had it first.
If you ever find this, this means you are living in an apartment that was lived in by 15 freaks that had dirty sex, wild parties and ended up in love before. And let me tell you, this is gonna be on eBay in two weeks, huh?
Meagan laughed at his message and thought about what to write.
Meagan will eventually be driven insane by Frankie
Gerard took his time next, drawing a stick figure for each and everybody in the house. He threw it to Molly who added a caption to her stick figure.
These days were g-o-l-d-e-n. If these walls could talk...
Rachel drew a little stick figure of her and smiled as Ryan drew one of himself holding her hand and kissing her cheek.
"Awww," Amy and Meagan cooed together. Mikey snatched the sharpie and decorated the fridge with borders and crazy designs.
My mind has been warped...please save me...even if you don't get this for another three years
Kylie giggled, being one of the last people to get a hold of the marker and sighed, wondering what to write.
So I'm writing this, and enjoying my last moments in The Bat Cave.
Patrick yelped suddenly causing her to stop. His arms were around her waist, hands on her now five month belly.
"The baby, it kicked," he gushed and kissed Kylies cheek. "Write that," he whispered.
And the baby just kicked.
Patrick was the last and sighed as he capped the marker and stood back. Everybody burst into a fit of giggles.
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