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"C'mon Gee," Frank whispered, brushing my long greasy hair out of my face. "Time to get up and take a shower."

I stayed put, I didn't want to go upstairs. What if they were there, and what if they wanted to hurt me? I know I needed to shower, I haven't had one in a month, but I couldn't risk Michael coming in and doing THAT again. Could I?

"Gee," Frank yelled, pushing me out of the comfort and safety of my bed. "Get up and pack your bags. You can't stay here."

I nodded, clumsily walking to the closet where my overnight bag from when I was younger was. I packed my clothes, my sketchbook, my comics, and my notebook and sharpie. When I finished I turned to look at Frank, tears making their way down his cheeks.

"Gerard, I'm sorry I got upset," he sobbed. "They WERE my best friends, and I wouldn't believe they, let alone Mikey, would do that."

"It's okay," I mouthed, placing the strap over my shoulder.

"Okay, they're not upstairs," Frank said grabbing my hand. "I sent them to get booze for 'my supercool big-ass party' that doesn't exist."

My boyfriend led me up the stairs and through the house, and when we were outside I started to cry a little bit. I haven't been out side in 6 years, let alone out of my bed, and it felt so great to be here again. Frank tugged my arm and led me to his car, taking my bag and putting it in the trunk.

"Gee," he said when the trunk door closed. "We need to change your look. The whole vampire with long greasy hair isn't going to cut it anymore."

I covered my hair and glared at him. If he comes near me with scissors, I will kick him in the balls.

"Don't worry honey," he chuckled. "I can make you look smashing."

I nodded and hopped in the car, him following my example and hoping in the driver side. Keys in the ignition and the engine roaring to life, Frank sped away from the place I have known to be safe ever since the accident.

Looking out the window, I've noticed how much Belleville has changed in the past few years. It looked a hundred times scarier, I did not like it. In fact I preferred still living in the same house as Michael. We stopped in front of the old Barnes and Nobles I used to work at.

"You may need new reading material," Frankie chuckled taking the keys out. "Well c'mon Gee, it won't be that bad."

Inside Frank has found a pile of books and comics I would like. I picked out Ellen Degeneres' new book and showed it to him.

"I already read that." he said and gave him a questioning look. "It made me a lesbian, I only date women now."

Using the book as a weapon, I hit his head repeatedly. I sure hope he was kidding, wait its FRANK of course he's kidding.

'Jerk,' I thought rolling my eyes at him. He chuckled at me and I shyly smiled back, grabbing hold of his hand.

With the books taking up half of the back seat, Frank decided it was time to go to his place. I loved his house, it was always so clean and his mom was so sweet. Mrs. Iero was like a second mom to me, she was there when I needed comfort, she was there for us when Frank and I got in fights. She was always so supportive of her son, unlike Mr. Iero. He did NOT like me in any way, shape, or form. One time I went over dressed as a girl because Frank told his dad he had a girlfriend, I think it may have been my extreme amount if sass that gave it away.

As I waited for the familiar pathway, I then realized this isn't the right way to his house. Frank may have saw my discomfort about it because he rested a hand on my knee.

"Dad, well he uh," Frank said trying to find a place to begin. "Said that since I've been over at your house taking care of you, more than I should be, and that I wasn't over there taking care of him, I should move out of the house and he'll get the neighbors too."

"What about your mom?" I mouthed to him.

"She...She died three years ago."

"Why didn't I know? Frankie we could've gone to her funer-"

"We didn't have one! My dad said she was a lowlife who didn't deserve a funeral so he cremated her and dumped her ashes in the trash."

I couldn't even open my mouth at that, so I pointed to the side of the road telling Frankie to pull over. He nodded and drove the car into a parking lot. The painful and heartbreaking sobs he was making were too much for me to handle.

"I hate this," he whispered as he punched the steering wheel. "I hate showing that I'm weak, when I need to be strong fo-"

I pressed my lips to his, trying to get him to shut up. I hated him when he gets all downer and such, I had to cheer him up. Frank started to press his tongue to my lips, but I didn't immediately give him access. He then shoved his tongue in my mouth, placed both of his hands on my face and pulled me close. My hands went right to his shoulders, and as much as I tried I couldn't break the kiss. Tears started to overflow and spill down my cheeks.

"Mrfph," I tried to scream but Frank was biting my tongue. "FRANK!"

He stopped kissing me and I took that chance to push him away. Falling back in my seat I huffed, crossed my arms and looked out of my window. I glanced at my reflection and saw how puffy my eyes were and the stains from my salty tears.

"Gee," Frank whispered grabbing my shoulder. "Gerard, baby look at me."

I shrugged him off and continued my sulking. My eyelids started to droop and I saw right away the disgusting grins of my attackers.
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