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Frank was looking at me and the plate of food he placed next to me, and I was glaring at him. I'm not going to eat it cause, well Frank cooked it! Everything he makes and he ends up burning it, Cajun he calls it. I've had Cajun food and it tastes GOOD, not like ash. 

"Geraaaaaard," he whined as he threw his head back and folded his arms. "Stop giving me that look and just eeeeeaaaaat!"

I shook my head, pouting. He knows his food is gross, so why does he keep cooking. Taking the fork I stabbed the...corn I think, and flung it at him. That should tell Frankie how much I like his food. He lunged towards me, and grabbed my collar. 

"Listen here, if you don't it your food right now I'm going to MAKE you eat it," he spat in my face. "You got that?"

I stuck my tongue out at him and started to eat. Ugh, never again.

After I got settled in, Frank announced he was making dinner. He probably doesn't remember the last time I ate his food, I mean he spent a whole day trying to wash the vomit out of his shirt. I don't want him to go through that again. But I was still mad at him from earlier, so when he announced that our meal was ready, I closed the bedroom door and locked it. For a tiny apartment, this room is huge! I looked around at all my paintings, comics, drawings, poems, notes, and stories, and all of the pictures he took. On his bed was the dog plushie I gave him, it was torn and ragged. One of the button eyes were missing and so was an ear, and it looks like he sewed the mouth to resemble one that's been shut for good. 

"Gee," Frank said knocking at the door. "Dinner is ready. It's been ready for the past five minutes. Get out here, you need to eat."

I didnt respond, not like I could've in a regular situation. I know I need to eat, but I don't want to eat with him. 

"Look Gerard, the only reason why I want you out here, with me, is so we can talk about earlier. I just need to understand something."

I sighed, opening the door to reveal a frowning Frankie. Patting his back and kissing the top of his head, he lead me to the kitchen. On the table was a giant box of pizza, and in that box was a vegetarian pizza with white sauce. Frank's and mine favorite. Well, mostly Frank's...

After dinner we were sitting on the couch, me in his arms and lap. Frank was resting his head on my shoulder, looking at me with those mesmerizing hazel eyes. 

"So," he whispered into my ear. "Can you tell me why you freaked out earlier?"

I shook my head, is this really what he wanted to talk about? 

"Can I guess why?"

That earned a nod. 

"Did the kiss make you think of...them?"

I nodded as I started to cry again. 

"I'm so sorry Frank," I whispered grabbing his shirt collar and hiding my face in his chest. "We can't go through anything without me thinking of them, and what happened."

"Shush, Gee. Please calm down, it isn't your fault. Do you want to know something?"


"I will love you no matter what, whatever gets thrown in our way I know we will be able to overcome it. Together."


"Yes sweetie?"

"I think I might want therapy. I mean I want to go through a day without thinking about it."

"Gerard that's...that's a good idea, and you want to know what else?"


"You're talking."
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