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All of my promises…turn out to be nothing but lies.”

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The first time was always the worst. You were so anxious; more often than not all worked up over nothing, your brain on overdrive and making the whole situation seem far worse than it actually was. It was like that with everything; your first kiss, your first time and the first trip you went on without your parents. Your stomach would tighten and be invaded by combat boot wearing butterflies and all thoughts of keeping clam would fly right out of the window into the sunset.
It was the first day back after summer vacation. And Gerard was nervous, so very, very nervous. Sam and BB were stood faithfully as ever by his side. Sam was busy looking up some writing tips on her BlackBerry, her silvery blue eyes darting quickly across the fingerprint smudged screen as the red haired girl tried to absorb as much information as she possibly could. Sam dreamed of being a writer, or failing that a music producer, and unlike everything else in her life, the eyeliner loving girl took her hopes and dreams very seriously as opposed to messing around.
BB was next to her, head titled to one side, a single deep purple ear bud nestled deep into her left ear.
“Did you hear about the start of the new academic year party taking place down at that new club tonight?” The black haired girl asks her friends, who shake their heads and take their seats at the back of the brightly decorated classroom.
“No,” Sam whispers, keeping her cheery voice quiet, eyeing the mousy haired lecturer at the front of the room sceptically.
“I did.” Gerard butts in, speaking for the first time since the three had entered the recently rebuilt, state of the art university campus, surprising both girls by knowing about a party. Gerard was not the partying type, he was more of the shy, reclusive leave me the fuck alone kinda guy. Not that either of the girls paid any attention to that of course.
“Mikey told me about it this morning.” He explains, noticing Sam and BB`s clueless, surprised expressions. “ Apparently, Abbie`s uncle or cousin or whatever owns the club so yeah…”he trails off uninterested, and carelessly throws his Misfits messenger bag under his desk, but not before removing a black spiral notebook and a scruffy, chewed on pencil.
“Wow that`s kinda cool, you gotta admit.”
Sam narrows her carefully painted eyes at the dark spooky haired writer a small scowl forming on her face while BB stares wordlessly into space, completely oblivious as per usual.
“Yes, yes.” She snaps, “Abbie is wonderful, can we talk about something else now?”
BB looks hurt and confused for a second at her friend`s uncharacteristic outburst but eventually nods and changes the subject to one about music, while occasionally scribbling down a few hasty notes to keep the sadistic Miss. Greenway, off her back.
“Ya know, I think we should go to the party, we ain`t got nothing better to do.”
Bb and Gerard groan in unison. Both hated large crowds of people. Though neither could deny that they did have nothing better to do that evening and it did sound slightly more pleasant than the mountain of work they had to do. so begrudgingly, their decision aided by Sam`s cutesy puppy dog face, they decided to go to the first day back party.

Fuck it`s noisy in here, Gerard thought to himself, the red haired teenager helping himself to a warm glass of beer from the bar, a vodka for BB and a fruity concoction for Sam, who was busy eyeing up BB when she thought her friend wasn`t looking.
It was almost sad the way she lusted after the black haired writer, but Gerard really wasn`t one to talk. After all he was now entering his third year of a (sadly) unrequited love for the gorgeous Ashley Iero, who didn`t even know that he even breathed the same air as him.

“B-but Frankie-“ a beautiful teenage girl with short shoulder length hair and dazzling eyes pleaded shamelessly with a chestnut haired boy, salty tears of shock and betrayal pouring down her flushed cheeks.
“Don`t, Jamia, please don`t make it harder than it has to be.” Frank bit back his smirk as he used one of the oldest lines in the book, already having eyed up his next quick fuck for the evening- a petite eighteen year old with purple contacts and electric blue spiked bunches. Not the hottest girl in the club, but by far not the ugliest. He could and had done better, but for tonight, Frank was content enough with her.
“Y-You said that you loved me!” Jamia spat at the short playboy, her eyes filled with venom and disgust. She was furious, not just at that jerk but at herself for believing his well practiced lies.
“Didn`t you hear Sugar?” Frank sneers, getting right up close, whispering hotly into her double pierced ear, “All of my promises…turn out to be nothing but lies.”
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