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Thank you for that fascinating psychoanalysis, but I've had enough of that for one day, so shut up.

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Dear Gerard,

Sorry to hear about your test...that really sucks after you took the time to study, but it's just one test, right? And it's not like it was an exam or anything really important.
Or maybe you weren't really studying, but just staring at the same page for awhile in between video games and a ton of breaks? That's not the way to do it, buddy. And one night actually is not enough. You're tired at night, so you can't concentrate very well, and you obviously procrastinated because it was the night right before the test.




Dear Anthony,

Thank you for that fascinating psychoanalysis, but I've had enough of that for one day, so shut up. I had my first (AND ONLY) appointment with that psychiatrist today. Of course I didn't plan on talking to him so I brought headphones and listened to a very loud CD. But I could still see him, and he was looking at me and nodding his head every once in a while and sometimes talking, and treating me like a really special specimen. I flipped him off before I left, but I'm not sure if he noticed.

I am NEVER, EVER going back there again. My mom must really hate me. I'm wondering if it's because of the suicide thing. God, people overreact. I was having second thoughts by the time I'd sent that letter anyway. And now my mom keeps checking in on me in my room (grounded!) as if she's afraid I might try to hang myself when she's not looking.

And I wasn't procrastinating when I was studying for the test a couple of nights ago. I've just been busy. Only nerds like you who don't even need the grade to graduate like I do bother to study any more than that, anyway.



Dear Gerard,

You're so bitter. Get a life, seriously.

First thing you should know: Nobody has it in for you. The whole world is not stalking you or plotting against you- actually, some people just want to be friendly. I think you should give your mom a break. She's just worried, and she has a right to be.

Second thing: Maybe nerds do study more than one night.

But nerds pass their science tests.



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