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Chapter 1: "Good News" is a Double Edged Sword

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The team makes a rescue, and Archie makes some rather interesting acquaintances.

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Full Summary: Archie has never found it easy trying to tell Atlanta how he feels, but how's he supposed to get a word in edgewise when a troublesome twosome enters the picture? The entrance of two new descendents bring about Archie's worst fears and woes, but who are they? Meet one girl and one boy, descended of Patroclus and Briseis. Oh, what's a descendent of Achilles to do when his ancestor's two most famous lovers get caught up in an already difficult non-relationship?

Author's Note: I hate it when people don't read author's notes. In any case, there are a few important details in here. First off, this story contains homosexuality (though if you know the true story of Patroclus and Achilles, you really should be expecting that), so be comfortable with that. The legends are not from the movie Troy (Patroclus and Achilles were not related, damn it!), but of the Iliad. That's only important so you know they were, in fact, lovers.

Secondly, I'd very much like you to know that the other characters in this story are not new additions to the team. God, I hate that. That's all you really need to know before the story starts. This is something I just had to write, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And by the way, congratulate me, because I never ever write chaptered stories!

P.S. The title is a work in progress. If you think of anything, tell me. Also, I screw up dialogue sometimes (I'll admit, I don't quite have the hang out if), so please do point any mistakes out to me so that I may correct and learn from them. Edit: I've fixed some of the dialogue errors (I spent the whole day actively studying while I was reading), but if you see anymore, do tell me. That's all, happy reading!

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans or its respective characters, but both the new characters introduced in this story belong to me.


"Seriously, Cronus, get a /life/," Neil yawned, ducking under a giant minion's swing. Cronus, of course, merely replied with his signature bad guy cackle. Atlanta took over, and soon, of course, Cronus' lackeys lay helter-skelter across the terrain, bruised and defeated.

Jay was more than a little bit curious, as it had all seemed too easy. Cronus had come barging in with two hostages, only to be defeated within the span of five minutes? Something wasn't quite right, the descendent of Jason could feel it in the air.

"What are you getting at, Cronus?" He asked, sword brandished.

"I think this time, Jay, you'll find the solution to be the problem," Theresa rolled her eyes at Cronus' reply; oh, how villains do love to be cryptic. The two unconscious hostages - a teenaged boy and a girl of the same age - lay in the center of the room as the God of Time made his 'daring' escape through a portal, as per usual.

"You know, despite the whole hostage thing this time, Cronus is starting to get really by the book," Odie said, as the seven teenagers approached the two forms forced into a slumber.

Jay nodded, but decided to focus on the problem at hand. "Come on, we should get them to Chiron," he ordered, picking up the girl and leaving the boy for Herry to bring along.


The next afternoon, the seven teenagers sat in the Gods' lounge, awaiting news from Hera. Neil was filing his nails, Archie and Atlanta were arguing over who knocked out more giants, Herry and Odie were having yet another insignificant little spat over the battle of brains versus brawn, and Jay and Theresa were talking about Cronus (much to Theresa's dismay).

The graying Goddess of Goddesses entered, hands folded and wearing a soft smile. Jay was the first to notice her entrance, and was relieved by her composure to know that she brought good news.

"Titans, I bring good news," Hera said unsurprisingly. "The two teenagers you rescued last night are fine. A few bumps and bruises, nothing that a good day's rest and a nice meal won't cure. They will be staying with us for the span of perhaps a week, so be cordial. Chiron is tending to them, and will soon show them to their respective dormitories."

"Wait, are they awake?" Asked Atlanta, to which Hera responded with a curt nod.

"Aren't they kind of freaked out by the whole centaur thing?" Inquired Archie.

"As it happens, they too are descendents of men and women of Greek lore. But never you mind, that is a matter for other occasions. You are all dismissed," Hera explained, gentle yet stern in manner.

"Who're they descended from?" Neil asked, never being one for courteous obedience.

"That is unimportant. Training is at 5 o'clock with Ares and Artemis; in the meantime you should all go and enjoy your day," the Goddess' tone spoke volumes, telling them that it was, indeed, time to leave.

As the seven of them got out and exited in a bit of a messy manner, no one took notice when Hera lightly grabbed the descendent of Achilles' shoulder.

"Archie, I should like you to meet them."

"Just me?" Archie asked, incredulous. "Why?"

"You shall know soon enough, please follow me," Hera, without awaiting a reply, began to lead Archie - who stayed affably silent - off down the hallways.

The two soon arrived in Chiron's study. At his desk was the elderly centaur, wearing rectangle spectacles and looking through some very old, very tattered book. To his left, sitting in an old recliner was a boy idly flipping through a magazine. He was probably about Archie's age, with freckles and curly, yet shaggy brown hair. At the other end of the room, skimming the rows of books, genuinely interested and humming a happy tune was a girl, again most likely the same age as Archie. She had blonde hair that reached just past her shoulders, and seemed to be rather tall for her age and gender, probably being just an inch shorter than Archie himself.

Chiron looked up, taking off his glasses. "Oh, I see you've brought Archie. Very good, I should like him to know first and foremost."

At this, Archie glanced nervously at Hera, who smiled reassuringly. "Know what?" He asked suspiciously.

Chiron smiled. "Archie, I'd like you to meet Brien," he gestured to the boy, who looked up and smiled a coy smile, the likes of which Archie had never seen a boy smile, especially not in his direction, "and Patricia." This time, Chiron gestured to the girl, who turned around eagerly, rushing to shake Archie's hand.

"Oh, it's so nice to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you! Well, of Achilles, but you're basically him. When Chiron said you were the descendent of him, why, I was so eager to see you! Oh, but I'm babbling, anyway, I'm Patricia!" Archie smiled awkwardly, retracting his hand and about to say something when the boy interrupted.

"Oh, don't fawn, Patricia. Can't you see your obsession is scaring him?" The boy said, rising from the chair - Archie could tell now that he was shorter than both himself and the girl, but still average height - and shook Archie's hand with much less force than the blonde. In fact, his handshake seemed almost... feminine. "I'm so delighted to finally meet you," Brien said in a more suggestive tone than Archie would have liked.

It all goes without saying, that at this point the descendent of Achilles was quite uncomfortable, if not more than a little bit frightened.

Chiron cleared his throat. "Yes, well, you see, Brien," the boy winked and Archie shuddered a bit, "is the descendent of Briseis, while Patricia," the girl stopped glaring daggers at Brien to giggle with feigned innocence and link gazes with Archie, "is the descendent of Patroclus."

At this point, Archie was most certain his face had turned a ghastly shade of white. He was shocked and horrified, and quite desperate - even more so than before - to leave that room forthwith. His mind reeled, trying to think up something, anything to get him the hell out of there, for, like any good descendent of Achilles would do, Archie had read the Iliad and knew this was very bad news indeed.

"Um... it's very nice to meet you both," Archie said quickly, his mouth rather dry and his hand rather clammy as he tried to pry it away from Patricia, who had recaptured it in hers while he was lost in shock. "Anyway, I, um, hate to leave, but I really have to go study, so I'll see you around. Okay... bye!" Archie gave a short wave before walking briskly out of the room. As soon as he was out the door, he burst into a jog.

"Oh, now look at what you've done," Brien muttered, placing his hands on his hips and pouting indignantly while glaring at Patricia.

In the meantime, Chiron laughed a gentle laugh and Hera smiled, feeling a vast amount of sympathy for the poor, unfortunate violet haired warrior.
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