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Chapter 8, I'm sour, but maybe I can be sweeten with his time.

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Shopping with my sister is kinda like going to war with fabric.

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"Well? What happened next?!" My sister, Ashley, asked from behind the changing room door.

"Nothing, we kinda just mumbled sorry to each other and kept walking to the gas station." Ashley and I were currently at the mall where she was spending her birthday present, a prepaid visa card.

We had been at the mall for two hours and still not been in every store. While Ashley was trying on every outfit imaginable, she was making me tell her about my recent boy troubles. I decided to start at the beginning, the day that Travis stood me up at the bar to take care of his possibly non existent mother. When Patrick entered the story (I left out his last name, mind you) she swooned at his shiny armor. The further through the story I got, the more unbelievable it sounded to me. When did my life become such a sitcom. I began to feel like I was in an episode of 'How I met your mother'. We were just walking out of American Eagle when my story took that villainous turn down Travis lane.

My sister turned to me with her mouth wide open, obviously in shock. She paused me quite a few times to ask what I said, what Patrick said, what Patrick did. Finally we made it to the point where Patrick and I were walking to the gas station and bumped into each other.

"What do you mean nothing? That was your moment! Oh my gosh, how can you be the older sister? Sometimes I just don't know about you." She rolled her eyes and moved on to Aeropostale.

"Well, you know my luck with guys. Remember Branden? Things were going great for a couple weeks then he just blew me off, like three times in a row! We found out he was trying to date Nikki on the side."

"Oh yea, what a jerk." Ashley agreed, pulling shirts and dresses off their hangers and into her arms.

"Or how about Cole? He bugged me and bugged me to go to homecoming with him junior year, then he just decided not to show up. I went anyway with Sara, and he showed up 3 hours into the dance, drunk off his ass and hitting on that one girl... I can't remember her name." I paused in my boy rant to adjust all the cloths that had found their way to me. While I was talking, Ashley had begun to pile everything on me so that I could hand them to her over the door in the changing rooms.

"You're right. You have had bad luck, but maybe Patrick is like your lucky charm. Ya'know, ward off bad luck."

"Well, I don't know about that, but well see how it goes. Who knows if I'll ever even see him again. The only reason we went to lunch was so that I could pay him back." A hand sticks up over the door, waiting for a new shirt to be set in its grasp. I toss a blue one her way when she starts talking.

"I don't think that's why he was there. He obviously wanted to warn you about Travis."

"What? That's ridiculous. He didn't even mention it until I brought it up." My eyes gave a good roll, I knew Ashley couldn't see me, but this was getting silly. It's just like her to make up crazy reasons for any situation to be amazingly romantic.

"Maybe he was just being polite and waiting for the right time. Then you brought it up, well right there is the perfect time, don't you think?"

"I don't know, I guess it's possible, but I still think it was just coincidence." I pass her the last dress.

"You should stop doubting yourself so much. You'll feel much better when he calls you. Ooooh I like this one, its always the last one you try..." She mumbled the last part to herself and opened the door,"Take a picture please."

I take my phone out of my pocket and snap a picture for her. This is how she shops, she tries on everything she can get her hands on, then the ones she likes the best we take pictures of so she can flip through them later and narrow it down from there. Its very time consuming, but I must admit, it was extremely useful when shopping on a budget or when looking for a specific outfit. After the photo was taken she returned into the little room for a minute and came back out in her own clothes. I was stunned.

"Only one picture? Are you feeling okay?" Normally, at least five outfits would make the first cut from each least. For her to only want one thing is amazing.

"Just wasn't feeling the rest. Anyway, back to you, just wait. He's totally going to call."


We had made our way through most of the mall and found ourselves in the food court. My sister went off to the pizzeria to use getting a slice of pizza as an excuse to flirt with the girl behind the counter, like always. I headed off to get myself some mongolian pork. As I was waiting in line to make my order, my phone started buzzing in my pocket. I fished it out and looked at the caller ID. Looking around for my sister, I exited the line and made my way to the pizzeria as I answered the call.

"Hello?" I knew who it was, but I didn't want to seem to excited.

"Hi Lucy," I loved how he always said my name when he called, it made me feel special. "It's Patrick. How are you?"

"Hi, I'm great, how are you?" My feet had stopped walking, my mind was on one track now, full attention on Patrick.

"I'm doing good."


Okay...are we going to talk or stand in the middle of a food court with a dumb smile on your face?

"Patrick?" I ask, thinking maybe we lost connection after the long pause.


"Oh sorry, I thought maybe I lost you. I'm in the mall so I probably don't have a great connection."

"Oh, no I'm sorry, I forgot what I was going to ask you. Your're at the mall?" There's that nervousness again, the slight waver in his voice he had the day I woke up in his living room.

"It's okay. Yea, I got my sister a gift card for her birthday so were here spending it. Were grabbing lunch right now." I paused, wanting to ask but not sure if I should. "Um, would you like to join us, for lunch?"

"I would love to, but I can't, I'm working right now."

"Oh? I don't want to keep you if you're busy or anything." I had totally forgotten that he called me, and I began to feel like I was intruding on something important.

"No, I'm not busy. The band is taking a little break right now. I think they might be ordering lunch too, but I should probably let you go, you're with your sister right? I didn't mean to interrupt." My mind began to race to think of something to talk about, I didn't want to hang up yet.

"Yea, its okay though, she's hitting on the pizzeria girl right now. She does that every time we come to the mall, they would be pretty cute together but I don't think she's interested. Anyways, you had a question for me right?" Oh goodness, I can't believe I just blurted that out to him. I did a small face palm and tried to focus on Patrick.

"Right, I, well okay so you beat me to it. I was going to ask you to lunch this weekend, but then I guess I got a little nervous." His laugh came through the phone and tickled my ear. I smiled my biggest smile of the day.

"Well, if it makes you feel any less nervous, I'm going to say yes."

Wow, go Lucy, and mom always said I wouldn't learn anything from watching Buffy!

Another laugh graced my ear drum.

"That does make me feel better. So Lucy, would you like to grab some lunch Saturday?" For a very brief moment I thought of how Willow had said no to Oz because of Buffy's surprise birthday party and it had been so cute! Then she asked Oz out and POOF! cute adorable couple was born. Then I thought better. This isn't a TV show and besides I really have no plans to invite him to. My life is pretty plain.

"Yes, that sounds great."

"Hey, who are you talking to?"

"Great, what time should I pick you up?"

Patrick and my sister had spoken at the same time. I turned around to face Ashley and and waved to her in a 'be quiet, this is an important phone call' way.

"I'm sorry, my sister asked me something. What did you say?" I said into the phone as my sister rolled her eyes and sat down at the nearest table with her pizza.

"Um, I just asked what time I should pick you up."

"Oh, um, I don't know. 1 o'clock worked great last time. Should I just text you my address?" My stomach was doing flips, I'm so glad he called before I got my food. I'm not sure I'd be able to eat anything right now with how excited I am.

"That sounds great, yea just text me. Lucy, I'm sorry I have to go, breaks over." Disappointment rode his voice and into my head.

"That's okay. Thanks for calling. I'll text you."

"Yes, excellent."

"Have a good rest of your day."

"Thanks, you too, with your sister."

"Yea, we will."

"Okay, well..."

"Yep, um, bye?"

"Goodbye." We both seemed to wait for a good 5 seconds to see if the other one would start talking again before I heard someone yell Patrick's name, a sigh and then a click as he hung up. I closed my phone and put it back into my pocket.

"Well, who was that?"

My sister's voice brought me back to the present, I glanced down at her, big dumb smile still on my face. I tried very hard to act semi-natural. Sitting down at the table, I stole a pepperoni and asked how it went with pizza girl today.

"She wasn't working, don't change the subject. Was that Patrick on the phone? It totally was! Your face just got so red! I told you he would call. What did he say?"

"Not much, he just wanted to know if I would go to lunch with him this weekend." I attempted to play it off, even though my face felt like it was on fire. All of the blood in my body must have migrated there as soon as my sister mentioned his name.

"I told you! Thank god were at the mall! We have to get you a new outfit!" She started talking about colors and styles that look good on me and how I should put my hair up and what make-up I should use, but the whole time she was finishing up her pizza all I could think about was how it was still 4 days until Saturday. I had a hard time with about 8 hours, how on earth am I going to last 4 days?!

"Hey! Are you listening?" Ashley snapped her fingers at me.

"Yes, yes, but you need to take it easy. This is just lunch, I don't want to get all fancy and no make-up, you know I break out with that stuff."

"Oh come on, you look so pretty when you do your eyes up, just a little? Eyeliner? Please??" I laughed at her face and nodded my head. It was way to hard to say no to my baby sister. Which was a problem sometimes, obviously my mom and I spoiled her rotten.

Ashley cheered and motioned for me to get up. She took one last drink of her pop and threw her empty plate and cup in the garbage. We made our way out of the food court and back into the crowded stores, my sister on some kind of mission to find me the perfect outfit.


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