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Chapter 9, Like you're under arrest with a guilty conscience

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That's what he gets for cheating on his wife!

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Tears stream down her face, her arms wave around erratically, angrily. He should have known better and now he was finally getting what was coming to him. His wife had found him at the Green Mill with another girl, of course. The bar was on pause, watching and waiting. Besides the heartbreaking sobs coming from the wife, there was not a sound in the bar, even the band had silenced to see the show.

It was getting difficult to watch. The poor girl in the booth finally gave up trying to leave and sat across from him with a disgusted look on her face. A gasp left her mouth when his wife furiously spouted that his mother wasn't sick at all, but in Florida on her 4th honeymoon.

Finally, just when I thought someone might have to go pull his wife away, she ripped her ring off her finger and threw it at his face. One last hateful look in his direction and she turned away, walking to the bar.

Silence followed, shock and awe filling the spaces. Movement brought everyone's attention back to the booth. His date for the night picked up her drink and scooted out of her seat. She paused momentarily and decidedly turned back to him. The liquid in her glass landed on his face followed quickly by her hand. Heel clicks sounded as she made her way to the exit.

Almost as soon as the door shut behind the pissed off date, the bar exploded into clapping, cheering, and laughing.

His wife was still at the bar, already on her third tequila shot. She sent one last glare in Travis "Smooth-Talker" McCob's direction as he quickly hopped out of the booth and made a break for the exit.

I headed over to the girl downing tequila and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.


"No problem, that was the most fun I had all week!" A laughing Ashley turns to face me and hands me a shot. We laughed and raised our glasses, doing the shots together in celebration.

A few hours had passed, Ashley had received many drinks and slaps on the back for her bravery. Pretty soon we were the last ones there, still laughing about the night. Ashley was currently texting someone she had met at the bar, I think her name was Taylor. Ashley was going to leave with her, but then decided to stay and hang out with me, which I was very grateful for. It was nice to have a fun night out. One without expectations or excuses.

"Charlieeeee..." I say in the obnoxious British accent Ashley and I decided to play out for the last hour or so.

"Lucy, I don't think you need another tequila sunrise." He said walking over with a smile on his face and a rag in his hand. He had begun to clean the bar up about 10 minutes ago, letting everyone know it was last call.

"No, Charlie. I would very much like you to call me and my lovely sister a trolly... or a boot... or, or. Ashley what do they call taxis in England?"

"Umm... taxis? I have to pee.. Oh! oh! I'm going to the lou!" She threw her hand into the air as though she discovered time travel and stumbled her way to the ladies room.

I laughed and laid my head on the bar. It was tiring thinking of words to say.

oh comfy bar, you're really not that comfy, but the tequila says otherwise

"Lucy? Lucy, you are not sleeping here again! You hear me? Hey! Sit up, you're ride will be here in a minute. Lucy, Hey! I'll give you a martini!"

"Oi! Charlie. I'm not a dog that you can bribe with a treat, but since you offered, I'll have a lemon drop. Thanks, love." I laugh and swivel around on my bar stool.

Ashley comes back to the bar, walking more gracefully now then when she left. She plopped down next to me and took a long pull of the martini Charlie had just set down in front of me.

"HEY! I worked hard for that, don't drink it all." I grab the glass from her as gently as possible as not to spill any.

"'Ello darling. Sharing is caring." We start scuabbling about sharing with siblings.

"Hey ladies, your rides here!" Charlie shouts at us over our drunken, British attack on each other.

I glance past Ashley to look at Charlie.

"Thanks Charlie!" Sliding off my stool, I dig into my pocket and hand my debit card to him. While he's dealing with the bill, I help Ashley off her stool and turn towards the exit.

"Patrick? What are you doing here?" I stop abruptly, throwing Ashley off balance causing her to fall to the floor.

"Oh my god, are you okay?!" I'm already laughing as I bend down to check on her, she turns over on her back. At first I think she might be crying but then I see that shes just laughing really hard, so hard that shes not making any noise, just shaking. I sit on the floor next to her and try to talk but were both laughing to way too hard to get anywhere.

"Are they okay?" Patrick asks Charlie in a very amused voice.

"Just drunk man." Charlie says from somewhere behind the bar.

"Patrick?" I ask again, finally breathing semi-normal. "Where did you come from?"

"Charlie called, said you needed a ride."

"What? I told him to call a taxi. Charlie! I told you to call a taxi."

"You don't want me here?" Patrick asked in a mock hurt voice, at least I hope it was fake.

"No! No, no I'm glad you're here. Hi Patrick. I just wasn't expecting to see you until tomorrow. Oh this is my sister, Ashley. Ashley this is Patrick." When no response comes from the floor, I look down to see my sister curled up, sleeping. Patrick chuckled from next to me.

"You two are definitely sisters." I look up at Patrick, my face bright with embarrassment.

"Don't worry, we'll take care of her. Come on, lets get her into the car."

"Maybe we should just let her lay there for a little bit." I grab Patrick's arm as he begins to move toward Ashley.

"What? Just leave her on the floor?"

"Yes, no. I mean, what I mean is. Charlie closed up right, so lets sit in a booth and have a beer or something. Maybe..." The alcohol in my system was making me way bolder than normal but by the time I got around to asking if he wanted a beer, I realized what I was saying and lost almost all of my confidence. I felt the blood rush to my face again and I quickly released Patrick's arm.

"How about we get your sister home and in bed, then we can head out to this 24 hour diner I know and grab some food. Right now I think you need food, not another beer, huh?" He placed his hand on my arm and gave me an earth shattering smile.

How can I say no to that?


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