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ch 2

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is the friendship worth it?... or is it more than that?

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When morning finally arrives i wake with a bad migrain. im sure its the hit from dad last night but no one ever knows about that. I do my daily rutein of checking where my bruises are and what needs hidden and looking at my stomach. My skin color has been looking a bit yellow and I'm worried about that. This was the begining of my trip to the hospital the first time. I'm scard mom, dad, or even worse the school will notice and say something.

There's a knock on my door and it swings open, "What the fuck is a boy doing here?!?" my dad screams pulling my head back by my hair, "Are you gay now too?!? Do I need to teach you another lesson?!?"

"N- no." I stutter, "I- I don't know who it is... I swear."

He pulls me back onto the bed and stabes his knee into my ribs, "You lying bitch! You're becoming a fag aren't you?!?" he presses his knee down with all his weight and smacks me across the face, "Don't you dare let me see this boy again! I want you home right after school. Be late and you'll pay."

With one last pull of my hair he stands and leaves the room. Rubbing my chest i suddenly realize... there's a boy at my door and I don't know if I want him here or not... is this friend really worth it? The obvious answer... yes but before I can go anywhere I take a razor from my dresser and go to the bathroom.

I sit on the edge of the bathtub and rub my head holding back tears. With the thoughts sworming through my head I make one sharp line across my upper arm. As the blood drips into the tub tears fill my eyes. How can someone like me have friends with a life like this? Nothing will ever change. Not for me. I make another line and then another bitting my lip harder with each stroke of the blade.

When I'm convinced I'm okay enough and ready to go to school I wipe away the rest of the blood and puton my teeshirt and hoodie to cover the mess. When I get outside I see Gerard sitting on the porch, "Hey... um Gerard, wh- what are you doing here?"

"You know you seem to ask that alot." he answers looking up at me, "Are you okay?"

I look down at the whole in my shoe and cross my arms, "Yeah... of course I am... why do you ask?"

"You hungry?" he asks ignoring my answer, "I was thinking eggs and orange juice. How does that sound?"

I hessitate and bite my lip, "Umm... yeah I can eat."

"But will you?" he asks doubt in his voice, "I don't want to buy unless you'll eat."

I look at him and then at the house, "Okay yes I will eat now can we go please?"

He smiles up at me and stands, "Yeah lets go there's this great cafe. Knowing my brother he will be there. Maybe you'll get to meet him... I think he's in your grade." at that we start down the block on the way to town.

"Alright kid time for school. We're late but I can get us excused." Gerard says entering the school and leading us to the main office.

I sit in a chair outside the office hoping they havnt called my parents. When Gerard finally comes back he smiles and winks at me, "Were you worried?"

"Is everything okay?" I ask sencing the worry in my voice, "They didn't call them did they?"

He smirks at me panic, "If you mean your parents no they didn't. Time for you to get to class and no stopping."

Hearing him say that makes me wonder if he knows about yesturday but i try to ignore it and go to class like he said. Why I insist on listening to him I don't know but here I am going to class. The worst class of all but here I am sitting in the back seat.

"Hey Franklin... You're late. Out with your boyfriend?" Thomas smirks pulling my notebook out from in front of me, "What's this?"

As he starts flipping through my things I grab at my side and claw my fingers into my skin, "C- can I please have that back?" I whisper in a low voice and wince as he begins to tare up the notebook and lays it in front of me.

"Gays aren't allowed around here Frankie boy you remeber that good and well." I grab my notebook and leave out the door headed for the nearest restroom.

"What are you doing kid?" a too fimilur voice chimes behind me, "I thought we agreed to class and nowhere else or are you one to go against your word?"

I look back and see Gerard following close behind me, "I just needed a mment that's all... I'm fine."

"Your notebook says otherwise. have they ever hurt you?" he asks acting like he already knows, "or is that just you and your parents?"

I stop dead in my tracks, "What did you just say??" I ask looking at the bathroom door.

"You heard me... kid. You and your parents right? No one here would dare touch you. Teachers and staff keep a close eye on that stuff but family abuse... not so much. So..." suddenly he pushes me into the restroom, How'd they hurt you? "Whats the story Frankie?"

so heres chapter 2 tell me what you think. spelling and punctuary mistakes might happen. ive tried taking readers advice and rereading through it but its hard to find anything myself. im dyslecsic. not an excuse but its hard to find issues

if theres a direction you would like this to go give me some input and i can see about it. theres this "relationship woth gerard. where should it go? love, betrayed, used, abused... many different ways happy reading :)
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