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ch 3

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so why must i go against everything ive been taught??

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sorry for the short section but here it is.

I slowly back into the corner of the bathroom. If there's anything I willo never forget being told it's NEVER tell people of my abuse. It will only get worse if I do. When my back touches the wall he quickly closes the gap and holds me by the collar.

"So Frankie, tell me. What's the verdict? I already know you selfharm. What else are you trying to hide?" he presses me against the wall and pulls me off my feet.

I begin to stutter unable to control my voice, "I... You... you can't do this..." I mange letting out a struggled breath.

"That's what you think? I can do whatever I want little Frankie." he tightens his grip and presses his lips to mine fast and hard, "Tell me what I can't do Frankieboo."

As he smirks knowing hes won a warm feeling fills my cheeks and I know I can't hide anymore, "You... I... yes." I answer in defeat, "They do."

"Do what Frankie? You'll have to be more specific." he loosens his gripletting my feet touch tbe ground and lays another hard kiss on my lips, "What do your parents do to you Frankie? You tell me and I'll let you go into that stall and do exactly as you plan."

I stare into his eyes knowing another shade of pink is entering my cheeks when he loosens his grip allowing me to relax a bit, "They hurt me..." I start looking at the ground, "He beats me... she starves me... they drink." I don't dare to look at him.

"See now was that so hard Frankie?" he gives me one more kiss this time a bit nicer and lets go of my shirt, "You can go on now... if you want."

I think a moment not sure what to do next, "I... I can't... not with you in here."

"Good then let's go." he says holding out his hand.

I look at him curious and a little worried but I decide not to fight him and take his hand following him out of the bathroom and into the hall. He leads us to my class and stops at the door.

"I want to see you in the caffiteria today. I'll wait for you in the hall so you don't have to go in alone but i do want you to eat." he squeezes my hand and walks away to his class.

I stand in the hall a moment still to tence to move but I must. If I don't the teacher will notice I'm still gone and come looking even though I'm right at his door. I open the door and quickly move to my seat in the back ignoring the eyes staring at me.

The rest of the day was a breeze for the most part. When ever I was in the hall Gerard would be right there to greet me. He would never give me a moment to myself to do any of the things I normally would have to during the day. He insisted we walk home so I wouldn't get to my least favorite destination as fast. With how much I hated this idea fearing my dad or mom would see us I also thought it was the best.

When we reach the house he pulls me into a quick hug and rubs my back gentally a sighn of effection I never remeber being shown from anyone, "Stay strong okay kid? Keep your light on. I'll be by later."

"But... but mine's on the secound floor how-" he cuts me off placing a finger on my lips.

"Never question me okay Frankie? That's the only thing you ever need to remeber." he holds me a moment longer and walks away leaving me on the front door facing the house.

As I look back to watch him leave a pair of hands grab my shirt and pull me into the house. I struggle to get away but the doors slamed and I'm shoved to the ground. I see the light in the livingroom but then a blindfold suddenly covers my face and everything goes dark.

please tell me what you think? :) happy reading
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