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ch 4 lew lessons to be learned

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so its a pretty bad night and im doubke checking nothing i type tonight. reveiw if youd like but im fully aware of most of my mistakes.

Gerard POV time

gerard POV

"You will mever be in this family!! Go to your fucking room boy!!" he yells in my ear.

This is something that happens every day. I don't know what I did to be exsiled but as normal I dont fight him. I just go down stairs and lay in my bed. The one thing I do right is defend my little brother. He wants to be loved by them and when they say no I'm always the secound resort but I love my brother.

While listening to black flag blast through my head phones theres a loud knock at my door. I jump and sit up looking at my door a moment. As I slip off my headphones and move to the door theres another knock. This time not as loud. I open the door and see Mikey bowing his head low in defeat.

"Mikey what did he do?" I ask holding him by the shoulders.

he flinches and I feel dampness under my hands. As I slowly raise his sleeves I see slashes on his arms, "Mikey! Come with me now little brother. I will help you okay?"

"I'm fine... I just want to sleep Gee... please can i stay down here tonight." he asks shyly.

I take his hand and lead him to the bathroom ignoring his words and take off his shirt, "Oh God Mikey! Why did he do this to you?!?" there's an edge to my voice I can't hide any longer, "Miey what did he say you did?!?"

Mikey shivers and leans on me, "I... I don't know this time... I just want him to love me. Why won't he love me?" he slumps lower and droops his eyes.

"Oh no you don't Mikey. Sit up. I'm cleaning you up then you can rest." as I hold him up and wipe off the blood he begins to sob, "Don't Mikey. You can't cry because of that man. I'm here to love you okay? He does't." as I finish he lays his head on my shoulder, "That's my boy Mikey. Just come and relax okay?"

I help him up and lay him in my bed making sure the cuts are covered. Before I let him sleep I give him some water and two of myy pain killers to help with the pain. Once I know he's swallowed them down I let him sleep. I lay down net to him and hiold him making sure not to fall asleep to keep him safe.


As the years go by I become the one to take care of Mikey all the time. He's always seen me as more than a brother but once highschool starts everything seems to change. I don't understand it. He wants to do things on his own now like he doesn't need anyone. Like I was never there in the first place. The feeling sucks so now here I am searching for someone else who needs cared for.

Today I have to ride the bus and I already know of the kid down the street from me. his parents think they're keeping his punishments under wraps but that's not the case at all. Every time I go on late night walks I can hear his screams from the sidewalk below. I'm not sure what they're doing to that kid but what ever it is I know it's hurting him.

When I get to the bus stop I see him sitting on the sidewalk, "Hey kid." he looks up at me slightly in surprise and shoke but before I can say anything eles the bus pulls up and he runs on.
I can tell this one will be a challenge. I like a challenge sometimes. I climb on the bus and look to the back of the bus to find the kid. just as i thought he's slouched over looking at his music player.

i go to him and smile, "is this seat taken?"

he looks at me not as surprised as i'd hoped and nods. he doesnt like this idea but it only maes me laugh. the first step to our test... make him like me. how hard can this be?
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