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The group has a big choice to make before Sozin comet. Aang has the biggest one of them all, is he really ready to face the Fire Lord. He thinks so. In my own Twist of A:TLAB Warning! Katara/Jet, S...

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First i would like to say thnxs for reading and that i don't own any characters, (unless i made them up then their mine!) so please don't sue me. I made changes to fit what i thought would be a good story but i don't own any of the story..well kinda cause i wrote it and made it to be my own...but still...okay well imma shut up now...


Sokka scanned the ocean for the ships that he and his friends were suppose to board later that evening, they would go toward the Fire Nation, tomorrow was Sozin's comet and tomorrow the world would change, for better or for worse. If the Avatar, Aang, didn't defeat the Fire Lord he would take over the world and all hope would be lost. But hey! No pressure!
"Hey, what are you so deeply thinking about over here?" her voice traveled to him, Suki came up right behind him, Sokka jumped and almost dropped the telescope.
"Can you not do that again?" he made a face at her but when she hugged him he practically fell into her, he always melted when she was around. The warrior girl was strong and sweet to him, so she just laughed at him. Sokka lifted the telescope to his eyes once more but saw nothing, so he and Suki wandered back down the path to meet up with the others. His arm still wrapped loosely around her shoulders "What's going on with everyone?" he asked seeing that the group was doing nothing, when they SHOULD be packing and getting ready.
"What does it look like Captain Boomarange?" Toph said as she laid back on a log "Were waiting for those slow poke warriors that you brag so much about."
"But you aren't even packed yet!" Sokka claimed
"I am!" Aang held up his glider smiling as he had Momo, his flying lemur, was perched on his shoulder. Sokka's face just fell.
"Okay." he put his hands up with a whatever face "Don't blame me when we defeat the Fire Lord and you guys don't have any stuff left!" he the flopped down on the beach, Suki laughing sat down next to him.
"I don't think 'stuff' is gonna be your first thought when you beat my father." Zuko spoke up his voice raspy, like always. "My father is powerful, more powerful then you can ever imagine, say that you will not kill my father, how do you expect to defeat him then? What other way do you expect to defeat the SECOND most powerful man on the earth?" Zuko looked at the empty fire pit, not facing Aang, the Avatars face fell along with his arms, his eyes flew to the ground in disappointment as his happy moment was shoved into the dark again. Aang had decided that he could not kill Lord Ozai, it just wasn't in Aang's nature to kill people, even if they were evil, there had to be another way. He would find that way, or at least he hoped he would, or else it could be the end of the world...
"Zuko, you could be a little more sensitive to Aang, he has a lot on his plate right now, he'll figure it out when the time comes, until then we just have to have faith in our Avatar." Katara said standing next to Aang with her hand on his shoulder
"For once I actually agree with the sweet-talking Sugarqueen over there, Aang is to stressed out right now, you should lay off a little. He is the dancing Twinkle-toes after all, I'm sure he'll be fine." Toph said, Katara's face had fell at her irritating nickname but she looked at Aang and still saw the worry in his grey eyes that Katara wished she could wash away with her water bending.
"But Zuko's right, I need to find a way to protect the world and not kill Fire Lord Ozai." Aang said, everyone in the group was silent, no one knew what to say, no one knew a way to save the world and NOT kill the evil man who they were trying to save it FROM. Not one of then wanted to kill people, even Fire Nation people, but there was no way around it. They had to fight, and they HAD to win.
"Ships!" Toph exclaimed pointing toward the water but her head still down toward the earth, the blind fourteen year old was the youngest in the group (not including Aang since he was 114 instead of 14) and yet Sokka enjoyed her company the most out of everyone else, except Suki, she kept the mood light and playful and he just really liked Toph. Sokka looked threw the telescope and deflated in disappointment.
"AW! I wanted to yell ships. Humph!" he said crossing his arms over his chest and and looking away with a stubborn and angry face, but when he saw the ships he smiled and jumped up in down. Everyone laughed at Sokka, and as the ships drew nearer Katara and Sokka could see their father on the biggest one holding onto a rope and smiling at them. Finally the ships boarded as Toph made path ways for them. Zuko had said no one visited here anymore at his family's home so she didn't think he would mind, and even if he did, Toph didn't exactly care very much.
"Dad!" Katara and Sokka yelled and ran to their father, Katara gave him a short hug and Sokka clung to him "Oh dad!" he cried "We missed you so much!" Katara said and Hakoda laughed at his son and daughter,as they finally let him go to breath
"I missed you both to." he said "Sokka, are you sure that you wanted me to pick up those swamp guys cause they... don't seem like the warrior type to me." Hakoda said as the Swamp warriors stepped off the boat. Sokka just laughed.
"Did you find everyone I told you to look for?" he asked and his father nodded "them and a couple other who knew you all on your travels and wanted to help.
"Others?" Katara asked "Like who?"
"Like me." he said
"Hey, Jet don't sell us short!" Smellerbee stated
"I would never." Jet answered, taking the wheat grass out of his mouth "Hi Katara." Katara was in pure shock, she thought Jet had was he here?
"Jet?" Katara asked, not sure it could really be him
"The one and only." he gave her that side ways smile that made her blush, Katara let out a laugh of joy and ran to him, she almost slammed into him but ending up hugging him all the same.
"I thought you were dead." she stated
"I almost was." he said "Then my Smellerbee and Longshot took me to a healer, one that was kinda like you but more powerful, no offense, and she fixed me up good as new!" he said
"Well." Sokka said stepping in between them "It's nice to have you back then JET." he said the name with a little bit of protective brother in his tone.
"Ah, Sokka, I hope we don't have any hard feelings you know." Jet said shaking Sokka's offered hand.
"Of course not." he said "You only tried to kill people in a village." Sokka said "No biggy."
"I'm different now." he said, then Jet spotted someone he didn't ever expect to see there to help take down the fire nation. "Lee?"
"Huh?" everyone said as Jet stared at Zuko, who was Lee and had Jet gone insane? "Your a fire bender so why are you here?"
Zuko rubbed the back of his neck as he awkwardly walked toward Jet and Katara once he reached them he stuck his hand out to Jet "Hi, my real name is Zuko...Prince Zuko." by this time Katara had stepped in between them and Sokka had drifted away to go talk to Hakoda about war plans. It was good he backed up, because Jet almost looked like his head was going to explode.
"YOUR WHAT?! YOUR TH DAMN FIRE PRINCE AND YOUR HERE!!!" he turned to Katara "WHY WOULD YOU LET HIM COME HERE?! ARE YOU CRAZY HE IS PROBABLY NOTIFYING THE FIRE LORD RIGHT NOW!!!!" Jet yelled, even though he would never hurt Katara Zuko stepped in front of Katara, blocking her from Jet's view. he wasn't worried he just didn't want Jet to get any ideas, Zuko was aware that Katara was perfectly able to defend herself but he could tell that she was happy he was here and that Jet was just misunderstanding things.
"Jet, I hate my father." Zuko said bluntly, which made Jet stop in his tracks "He is a horrible man and kills innocent people, he abuses fire bending and doesn't understand that he cant win the war, he is the one who gave me this scar and he hurt my mother. I want him defeated and DEAD. Now if you cant understand that i suggest that we just stay away from each other because its clear that neither of us are willing to leave, I know we hate each other but we should be able to get over it to save the world. That okay with you?" Katara glanced at Zuko, when did he become so powerful? She wondered, and why was HE standing in front of HER? She shoved Zuko out of the way,and faced Jet.
"What Zuko is trying to say is...will you stay here?" Katara knew that she had 'THE EYES' as Sokka would call them, and she let them loose. Jet looked into those big, clear, blue, beautiful...eyes of Katara's and sighed.
"Of course I will, for you at least." He draped his arm around her shoulders like Sokka had done with Suki not five minutes ago. Katara blushed and looked down.
"Anytime." he gave her that smile again, then Katara noticed he had really pretty eyes, hazel but yet not hazel, a deep brown maybe...
"Well kids!" Hakoda said squeezing the two kids in a bear hug that suffocated them to death "Are you ready to go fight!" he then dropped them and they both gasped for air. The way Zuko had looked at Katara still haunted her, but she quickly let it go and walked off the deck with Jet and started talking and mingling with everyone they had brought back, people and friends that Team Avatar had travel with and encountered on their travels. Maybe they really could win this war...Zuko thought.
Ya i know, crappy ending o.0 i have some serious writers block, but hey for my first ever fanfiction it isnt bad :)
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