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Sozin's Comet Battle

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Aang has gone to fight Ozai, he has left the group and their friends to handle everything else, but can Aang handle Ozai?

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DISCLAIMER: A:TLAB IS NO MINE! ME NO OWN ANY CHARACTERS! PLEASE NO SUE ANDREALK12! THANK YOU! Hi guys! Well if you read the first chapter then you should like this one. I'm always open to suggestions on my stories :) I'm hoping to get my story to be pretty good and can always use help. I am also looking for a co-writer if anyone wants in? I'm moving pretty slow , i know, but trust me i really think you will like this. If you are not into violence or action stories you can skip this chapter, you will still be able to follow the story but you'll be missing out! Well... I'll be shutting up now...

Smoke, everywhere there was smoke, and even though Toph couldn't see it she could smell it, she was breathing it, she would normally just for a should rock shield around herself, but she had to kill the things that were making the smoke in the first place. Toph could feel the man that was about ten feet away from her on her left-wait...North East direction, Toph heard the earth spike drill him and toss him into the near by lake that Katara was using was a weapon, even though she didn't need to be near the lake it was a lot faster to already have water there. The only reason Toph could even tell it was Katara was by her stance, Princess always used the same stance. She could hear the ice that Katara was throwing at people, she could hear Jet, hear him yelling at the Fire benders as he took them down with swords that Toph has never felt before. Sokka was standing with his back against hers, Suki was in the air bring down a Fire Nation Airship, when she brought one down Sokka and Toph would jump on and they would take down the rest of the fleet.

Zuko had done his job, he had taken down all the guards that he had to, now what should he do? Before he thought that he already knew his answer, he would first need the bison, Appa, then he would go after his sister. He knew were she was and he would take her down before she had the chance to get away again. He ran past Jet, ran past Toph and Sokka who were now jumping onto the aircraft that Suki had to bring down, then he saw Katara fighting off about fifteen Fire benders. Way more then her ice could handle, he looked around to see if anyone had notice and was coming so that he could go on with his mission, no one. Dam he thought how could he leave knowing a friend was in trouble and he did nothing? he wasn't the kind of person that didn't help anymore.
Katara hadn't seen him coming but when the blast of fire weaved its way into the armor of the men that had cornered her and they had gotten so hot that they burned and she could smell it even when she was a few feet away, Zuko had killed six men with one blast. Katara could take care of herself, and she would show him that. She took a deep breath and when she lifted her hands all the water in the lake lifted like a wave she threw it on those men, and the water rushed at them, Zuko was smart so he had made a ball of fire around himself to protect him. He stared at the men who were now coughing up blood and water at the same time, then he stared at Katara who was now smirking at him.
"Your not the only one who can make a big show." They both looked around, everyone was doing amazing, no one had been lost...yet, he thought he could get away with out costing them anything. He turned and started running, but water rapped around him and held him still.
"Hey!" he yelled
"Where are you going?" Katara asked as she released him and the water crashed to the floor, the palace was destroyed by them so really it was rocks and fire he saw.
"I'm going to find Azula. I'm going to take her down." he said not looking at Katara, looking at his home that he use to want to be apart of, now he just wanted to get far away from it. Azula was in Ba Sing Sa,if he was going to get there before Sozin's comet he was going to have to leave, he couldn't be doing this, he had to go, NOW.
"Im going with you." she said
"What? Why?" he asked, but then he remembered...Azula had almost killed Aang with her lightning...and Zuko had helped. "Okay, come on. We gotta go now." he started running and Katara followed him onto Appa. "Yip, yip." and they were gone.

Sokka backed up to let Toph take the lead, he may be able to see but he was no metal bender, Toph kicked in the door and the second she did Suki was kicking the fire benders head together and Sokka knocked the other two out with the butt of his sword, the he cut the last one down, he didn't let his emotions get to him too badly, not today. He grabbed the wheel as Toph bent metal around the alive men, time to do thisSokka thought.
"Okay Sokka, you can do this." he said to himself, he grabbed the radio speaker that was hooked up to the whole aircraft and had speakers to let his voice be heard all over. "Excuse me soldiers, I hear we have a very special birthday today, can everyone meet in the main room to celebrate with cupcakes and a happy birthday song? Thank you very much." Smugly Sokka gave it like five minutes before he pulled the lever to let the fifty men fall into the ocean almost seventy feet below them Sokka laughed and Suki and Toph both rolled their eyes. "Okay you guys, here we go." Sokka turned the wheel and aimed for the other air crafts. He hit the top of three of the ten, then they had to jump, the men who hadn't fallen off the ship were now chasing them.
"Suki you go get another balloon! Hurry and come get us!" Sokka grabbed Toph's hand and pulled her along, he didn't want to take any chances. then they got cornered on the out side of the balloon, then Sokka tried to turn a corner to quickly and the slide, Toph was slung off the balloon altogether, Sokka being the only thing that held her. He had landed on his back so his shoulder was now disconnected and Toph couldn't see anymore. The men had now cornered and the men were coming at Sokka with their swords.
"Toph...i think this is it." he called to her and her hand tightened on his , Sokka tried to fight them off with his one sword but they knocked it right of his hand, then he threw his boomarange. "I don't think boomarange is coming back Toph." Sokka didn't see them but tears slide down Toph cheeks as she realized this was really the end. She knew that she could save Sokka, she was slipping anyway. "Toph. Toph!, no, what are you-" Toph dropped from Sokka's hand, for the first time ever Toph felt so lost and blind, but she didn't make a sound as she fell and Sokka faught off the fire benders trying to get back to the control room but it was to late, he couldnt see her anymore. "Toph!" he cried out into the sky with no little blind bandit.

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