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Katara and Zuko go to face Azula, Aang is facing the Fire Lord and the rest of the group is fighting off the palace to keep them busy.

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So ! haven't gotten any reviews yet, which kinda sucks haha I need to know what you guys think to keep the fire going! I write a new chapter or two on this story every day, so i need to know where to go with it, even though i kinda do know where i left off and stuff :) anyway give me some reviews! I wanna get up in the 5's! Well I'll stop now...

Toph had lived (Yay!) but she only lived because Suki had caught her, she had pulled around the balloon she was going to use in order to save Toph, but she pretty much gave everyone a opening to get Sokka and because of that Toph had no time for 'thank you's
"Let's go get monkeyboy." Toph said as Suki pulled them back into the sky
"You got it." Suki said and all of a sudden Suki pulled them right next to Sokka's balloon "Need a lift?" Suki asked and grabbed a rope that had come loose from the balloon, she swung herself over to Sokka scooping him up and away from the pack of men he was trying to fight off (more like out run) with no sword. "Let's go destroy the rest of the-"
"Toph!" Sokka yelled, he went to the short earth bender giving her a bear hug
"Ugh, cant breath!" she said trying to push him away, Toph remembered how defeated she felt before she fell, how useless she was in the sky with no earth and not much metal to work with and she hugged the boy back. only for a quick second then they were both business. "We need to destroy the rest of these ships." she said and that's what they did. Slamming into every ship they saw. Toph was actually smiling the whole time.

Katara looked at Zuko, the scar on his face was something she had offered to hell but never had the chance to actually try and she was to rallied up to try now. They had a little ways to go before they reached Ba Sing Sa, they had enough time to form plans. A-Z if they wanted but Katara though even with every plan in the world it really comes down to Zuko and how he wants to handle his sister. Zuko was steering Appa and Katara sat there and watched him, and tried to figure out what he was thinking, the emotions on his face were blank.
"When we get there I'm going to challenge my sister to a one-on-one fight to the death." Zuko stated irrupting her thoughts
"What?! No, way. You said I could come, meaning that I could help right?" Katara said while she walked over to the edge of Appa's sattle and slide down the rest of the way to end up right next to Zuko and almost running into him and going right past him to fall off, but he had grabbed her shirt to steady her.
"I know, but I think I need to settle this between us, this is the end of a fight that we have been fighting since we were born." he said to her and then she understood, it was a score that needed to be settled "That and I dont want to give her the chance to hurt anyone else. Ex specially someone who can heal up the Avatar when he is done with my father, he'll need you." Zuko's eyes flickered toward her for a second to see Katara looking down at the furry creature. "You should rest." he told her "we'll be in Ba Sing Sa soon and if i fail..I'm going to need you." Zuko said, almost uncomfortably, to her as Katara silently nodded and scrambled back into the sattle to put a sleeping bag under her head. Visions of Zuko fighting Azula alone...loosing...dying...made her heart speed up. No she thought I wont let that happen. Katara may not care as much as she could for he Prince but she wouldn't let him die. Katara saw something move behind the sattle near Appa's tail, what was that? Katara had water already gloved around her hands as she went forward to attack whatever it was but when she saw him her face light up and her hands fell. "Jet?"

Jet looked as Katara and Zuko. a fire flared inside Jet, did Katara actually feel for that guy? How! He was the Prince of the palace that we were attacking in the first place! He was probably going to try and kill her or something, he followed them and hid away from them, so when Katara found him he was kinda shocked.
"Oh...hi." he said rubbing the back of his neck "I...just wanted to make sure you were safe." he told her truthfully as he got up and entered the sattle.
"That I was safe?" she said "From who?" Jet's eyes flickered to Zuko and back to her "Really Jet? even after he took out a bunch of guards and helped me?" she asked and he nodded
"I'm just protective of you...I'm sorry Katara." he said with the charm that he knew she couldn't resist Katara blushed and looked away with her hands behind her back.
"Oh." she said, Jet put his arm smoothly around her
"So who are we going to fight?" he asked
"The Fire Lords daughter. Azula." she answered as they sat down
"HIS SISTER?" Jet said and Katara nodded and looked over at Zuko flying the bison. This was going to be a long flight.

Aang was standing on a cliff watching for his enemy, Aang had talked to all the spirits of the past Avatar's and he knew exactly what to do now, he knew how to defeat the Fire Lord with out killing him. His friends had doubted him, and he had doubted himself as well. He was worried about his friends, but he couldn't think about them right now, he had to put the worry in the back of his mind until this was over. He looked at the water that he could see and thought of Katara, his teacher, friend, love of his life...and preyed that he could get back to her soon. Then he felt the rock that he was standing on and thought of Toph, his teacher and friend, he missed her smart remarks and pleasing laugh. He thought of Sokka and his boomarange and dream to be like his father, Sokka was noble and trustworthy and Aang knew that he would be a great leader. Suki, the greatest warrior he had ever known. Zuko...his friend in the end, and his teacher. Zuko would make the Fire Nation a great Fire Lord. All the people he met on his way to becoming the Avatar supported him (well not ALL) but he had people behind him, and counting on him. No matter what, he HAD to win.
And as of right now he was face to face with Lord Ozai.
So?!? What did you think? I know, Jet suddenly showing up like that was a little...not planned at all. Well your right. it totally wasnt but it was the only way that i could really get him more involved in the story haha. Toph is okay! Awesome. remember to Rate me and review me!
thank you!
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