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Dead in battle

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Ozai and Aang are fighting, this is all Aang now, can he really beat Ozai, mean while Katar Jet and Zuko go to defeat Azula.

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Okay, i really need reviews, im sorry this chapter took so long but i decided until the previous chapters each get over five looks i wasn't going going to write any more because it would kind of be a waste of time. PLEASE REVIEW at least rate. i wanna know someone is actually reading this stuff. that being said u guys know i don't own this.
Aang knew one thing for a fact, Ozai was out for blood, he would kill Aang, not just give him a wound or scratches, blood. Aang jumped out of a flame that was a inch from his face, all of a sudden he thought of Katara, her blue like the water that she bent, another blast of fire, this one pushed Aang so far the it broke three rocks before he finally caught his footing and pushed himself up with air. Aang wouldn't fight, he wouldn't give him more of a reason-a huge ball of flame rode toward him at full speed, Aang felt the heat around the air shield he had made, his strength was weakening, Aang knew he would loose this fight but he couldn't dwell on that for to long because the fire lord was coming closer and shooting more and more fire, red was all Aang could see was red and orange, inviting him to be consumed within them.
"No!" Aang shouted and he twirled his staff in his hands and pushed the fire back with his air. He tried to call water but it was to far away and he couldn't concentrate hard enough.
"Come on Aang." Katara voice spoke to him "Concentrate..." she whispered Aang's eyes that were shut tight now flew open and the waves behind him rose, higher and higher as he fought off the Fire Lord. Finally the water broke the surface and Aang called upon it, the water stretched to fit Aang's will and motions, the water burst and hit the Fire Lord, but it wasn't enough, he still stood strong, Aang summoned the earth and threw huge chunks of rock at the Master in a panic.
"On your feet Twinkle-toes!." Toph yelled "Light on your feet, move!" she yelled and then melted away as Aang moved and dodged and tossed rock at the Master Fire Bender. Pushing off the rocks, kicking them at Ozai, wasn't enough, Aang wouldn't fight him, he couldn't, it was against the monks way. Aang was a monk, didn't Ozai understand that the odds of finding the Avatar in another Nation was near impossible, let alone being born into the Fire Nation. "Think, Aang thought, think." he said, throwing air and rocks weren't working.
"When you firebend you have to be fueled, fueled by something, a drive, anger, the sun, heat around you, something. If you you take that away, we cant firebend." Zuko had told Aang once when they were training, how could Aang take away the sun? The source? He surely could take the man's anger away from him...take bending...

Zuko saw the fire, and the steam, the water and the air. Aang was fighting down below, Zuko pulled the bison downward, he wanted to see how it was going before he went to Ba Sing Sa, that and maybe he could get this damn Jet off the bison. Aang was flung into the sky and shot with fire, he put air around himself but the fire coated him. Katara was suddenly right beside him in his ear.
"Aang! No! Zuko we have to help!" she started o panic but Zuko grabbed her shoulders "Katara." she was still going on "Katara." he tried again "Katara! Listen we cant help! he has to win, its his fate!" he shouted well he pressed his hands into her shoulders. "Please listen to me! We cant help him." he said as he looked into those terrified big, blue, beautiful eyes that she had, just looking at her he felt sad, he wished he could help her, he wanted to help Aang but this was his fight and Aang wouldn't allow them to help, not this time. "Im sorry." Zuko said "but we cant interfere. We have to let Aang do this, by himself." his hands dropped from her shoulders to her hands that rested on her lap. "It'll be okay." he said then went back to directing Appa. Katara watched Aang fight, she saw the blow coming the kick to the head that Aang recived, and as Ozai finally captured Aang, he gave him the fatal blow that caused Katara to jump off of Appa and down to the water below, the water bender made a spiral of water come up and as she entered the spiral she landed unharmed.
Aang was laying down and people were yelling at both of them, Katara looked at Aang and flung water at him, to cover his hole body gently, she started to heal him, she used all her power, all of the energy she had, from above Zuko watched with Jet as the whole ocean started to glow as Katara worked her way steadily toward Aang who was covered in the glowing water. Katara was trying to heal Aang. Jet got up and flung himself off the bison, he also splashed into the water.
"Could he not wait until i went down!" Zuko growled but when he was finally out of the clouds and climbing off the bison, Katara held Aang and Jet held Katara.
"I cant save him, Jet...i cant save him." and as the two friends held each other Zuko knew that Aang, the only one that had enough power to defeat his father, was dead.

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