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Zuko, Katara, and Jet. They have to take down the Fire Lord, all by theirselves and now Ozai is alive and Aang is dead. how is this going to happen.

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Katara held Aang close to her and allowed tears to stream down her face, she could feel no heart beat inside the empty shell of the air bender that she use to love. "Aang.." she whispered no...this isn't could this happen..he was ready! Katara didn't understand but she didn't care, how dare Ozai do this. That was all Katara needed. She was filled with so much hate, so much anger, so much hurt...she had absolutely no problem killing the man who killed her best friend and first love.
A steady stream of fire made its way toward Katara, but Katara wasn't worried, before she could act Zuko was in front of her, Jet who was now standing behind her with his swords in his hands. She didn't need to be protected...but as Zuko deflected the flames she couldn't help but be thankful, she thought she had to much shock in here to be moving right now.
"Katara. We have to move him." Jet said "We can put him on Appa there might be a way to bring him back from the spirit world. But we have to hurry." roboticaly she did what she was told, it felt strange that the world would continue to spin while her world was completely over. She couldn't leave Aang, but when she caught sight of him, the Fire Lord, Ozai, the one who took him away. Katara snapped. "That's it! He isn't gonna take anyone else away from me!" Katara walked away from Aang with a anger filled heart, she felt so bitter toward Ozai, how could he? Who did he think he was that he could decided whose life to take away! She ran in front of Zuko right as he got hit with fire, he wouldn't throw fire with her in front of him. She would finish this.
"Katara don't-" Zuko started
"Don't!" she yelled at him and started to take deep breath "Zuko, I only need you to guard me, so mess up." she said and took her hands and faced them flat palmed against the air. Fire was slung at her, Zuko did a good job at blocking her with out getting in the way of her hands or eyes sight. She had to stay in contact with Ozai.
"Are you sure Katara?" Zuko yelled as he blocked another blow from his getting even closer father.
Katara narrowed her eyes as she looked at Ozai. "Positive. are you ready to loose a father?" she asked, but Zuko didn't have time to answer her because Ozai was in range and Katara concentrated and just as Ozai was about to throw anther flame, he stopped. Not by choice of course. Zuko had seen it only once before, Katara was blood bending. Her movements matched his father's. She slammed him into rocks, and almost drowned him to death but then picked him back up right before he ran out of air, but didn't give him a chance to breath as she threw him into the air and slammed in back into the ground so hard that he made a crater in the earth. Katara wasn't thinking straight, and she didn't want to, Katara remembered the feeling of being blood bended and she never wanted to do it, but this was different this was ENTIRELY different. Inside the crater Katara had lost eye sight, as she walked to the crater that was twenty feet away. she slowly walked to it. Having a chance to let out the breath she had just realized she had been holding. Ozai was in the crater, covered in blood, he couldn't move and Katara knew it. Zuko walked slowly behind Katara, seeing her so...furious, with tears rolling like crazy down her cheeks as she took down his father all by herself...he couldn't believe it. When she stopped at the edge of the crater she fell to her knees.
"What have I do?" she whispered. Zuko wanted to comfort her but didn't know how...
"You did what you had to." he said and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You did the right thing." he said and that was all he could say, his father was a horrible man, and he was glad that he was lying in the crater. He was nothing to Zuko.
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