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First Sight

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Katara and Zuko and Jet are off to face Azula, Aang and Ozai are dead, and Sokka, Suki, and Toph have no idea.

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Sorry the last one was so short guys, ya i just kinda lost my edge on that chapter and had no idea where to go with it. Disclaimer:me no own, please no sue. There is finally some tiny bits of romance.
Katara held the last Air bender in her arms, that was it, the air benders were gone, there just weren't any left. How would the next Avatar learn air bending? From scrolls like Katara had? Non e of that mattered now, Aang was dead, at least in body. What had Jet said about the spirit world? What did he know about it any way? Katara looked at Jet, who was leaning against her shoulder on her right side, almost asleep. His face was so peaceful, the little piece of wheat was drifting down as he tried to fall asleep, but continued to wake up.
"Jet?" she asked
"Yeah?" he mumbled
"Do you think is is really gone? Forever?" her voice broke as she looked at Aang, Jet's arm tightened around her shoulders. She had allowed it just because she needed the comfort.
"No. Doesn't he always come back as someone else?"
"Yes, he is always reincarnated." she answered
"Then no. he cant be gone, Aang maybe, but not the Avatar."
"I don't care about the Avatar, I care about Aang."
"I know, but we cant bring people back from the dead, not my parents, or your mother, or...Aang. Katara." he grabbed both her shoulders and forced her to look at him, his black eyes were soft and the wind blew his hair. "He wont come back, but he will always be with you." Katara knew that it sounded a little to korny, but it was just what she needed to here. after that Katara didn't want to talk anymore. She didn't even think she was capable of conversation right now. Looking at the pale boy she held in her arms...she let even more tears escape her eyes, when was the stream going to stop, they had left the island about a half hour ago, they weren't close to Ba Sing Sa yet, but they would be soon, would she cry the whole way there? Probably. She leaned back on Appa, who was flying a lot slower then usual, and let the wind flow threw her hair.
It felt nice, nice weather on this crazy and horrible day, Zuko looked at the clouds that he was trying to avoid so that they wouldn't get wet. Zuko wondered how he was going to take down his sister, he knew he could, but how? Challenge her? Surprise her? Surprising her wasn't to good of a plan since she was always one step a head of them, but how could she have predicted this? Their fathers death? Especially by Katara's hand! Zuko thought about that last thought a little more. Katara...he had never seen her like full of hate, that look in her eyes, she was going to kill his father if he hadn't done it...and that look on his fathers face when he did kill him...he had never seen suck hatred and terror all at the same time. He never thought he would see them in the eyes that looked just like his own. A sign of royalty.
What would Azula think of Katara? What would she make of this 'power'? Zuko couldn't imagine because he didn't know what to think of it let alone Azula. They would be in Ba Sing Sa soon and Zuko hadn't figured out what to do with Jet and Aang...Aang's body anyway. Zuko's heart hurt to see Aang fall, he had thought Aang was ready, he was strong enough. So what had happened? Why had Aang lost? When Aang had fallen...the look on Katara's face...the sorrow, then the anger, then hatred. When he saw that he knew better than to be the one to get in her way. That was why he had helped her use her powers. They were in no rush to get to Ba Sing Sa now, there was nothing Azula could do now. His father was dead and she was next, but first they had to get there before she was crowned Fire Lord. If they didn't...
"That's it." Zuko whispered "She isn't at Ba Sing Sa, she is at the Fire Nation!" He turned the flying bison around. Jet had jumped up and yelled to Zuko.
"What are you doing were going the wrong way!"
"Azula isn't at Ba Sing Sa, she is at the Fire Nation Capital! they had barely left the Fire Nation district." Katara's voice suddenly reached him
"Are you sure?" her wasn't the old Katara's voice that was high pitched and a little to loud for his liking, it was deeper and blank, lifeless.
"Positive." Zuko said
"Then lets go." she stated. Zuko really needed a break from driving so Jet took over for him, as he climbed the way up Appa's body he saw Katara, sitting with Aang's head once again placed in her lap, she held the glowing water once again to his chest, hoping. What could he say he thought as he pulled himself over the sattle and into a sitting position. That Aang wasn't coming back? No matter what she or anyone else did?
"Katara...?" she wouldn't look at him "Katara?" he asked again "Katara?" he tried once more, he started to walk over to her but in a instant a ice wall was between him and her. "What the- Katara!" he said "What are you-"
"This is your fault!" she said "Its your fault he is dead. You wouldn't let me help him, you knew he was going to die and you wouldn't let me help him! how could you! HE WAS YOUR FRIEND!" she yelled at him, she wouldn't understand that Aang had told him, made him promise that she wouldn't get in the way..or hurt. He took that and made it the Avatars last wish and had granted it. What could he say t her. She was right. "The only reason I'm still here is because Aang is still here."
"He isn't coming back Katara-"
"NO! HE ISN'T. AND ITS YOUR FAULT." she yelled at him and finally dropped the ice, but he wished he could still be looking at the ice rather then Katara's cold hurt filled eyes. Eyes that let him see the heart that was now, as heavy as a stone. They were about twenty minutes away from the Capital now, they could still here the fighting below. Sokka, Suki, and Toph were all still down there. fighting for their lost Avatar they hadn't even known was gone yet. Katara was right. All of this. Was ALL Zuko's fault.

They arrived at the Capital and landed quickly, Zuko had taken back over so that he could think more about what Katara had said, it was his fault...they were greeted with guards in all directions. Zuko realized he was so tired. Tired of fighting with guards, tired of fighting with family, with people, with anyone. So he just avoided them easily and quickly and crash landed threw the roof of the palace yelling "Azula!" as loud as he could. The fight was no where near over, he looked at Katara when he jumped off Appa and saw Jet helping her down. This fight was just begining.
REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE?!?!?!!?!?!?! thanks hopfully this made up for the super short chapter before 0.0 sorry about that. Idk why they are so short, if you like the short ones then YAY but im trying to find a good balance.
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