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Zuko and Azula are in the middle of a battle to the death right after Katara has taken down the Fire Lord and Aang is dead.

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Okay guys imma make this short, sorry havent written even though my last story got more then 5 reads quickly, thank you for reading and i hope you like the story so far, im sorry some chapters are like a paragraph, its hard to tell how long it is going to be on the box your typing it in is smaller then the actually page. so it felt long and it really wasnt. my bad. Disclaimer: No own, NO SUE.
Zuko looked at his sister sitting on her throne, his throne, with thousands of people watching as she was suppose to be crowned with the Fire Nations golden symbol of solid gold.
"Stop!" Zuko yelled "Stop this now!" he yelled as he ran up the stairs toward Azula, of course guards were there in front of here already throwing fire like a mad man at him. "No I don't wish to fight. Not you." he turned his back on Azula's furious face. "I carry horrible news to the Fire Nation." he said "I know that I have been banished, i also left my kingdom, but I still hold the rights to the thrown-"
"No brother-" Zuko turned to Azula, the look on his face wasn't angry, it was sad, it was horrifying, Zuko's face held no emotion, absolutely none at all. That stopped Azula in her tracks.
"Azula." he turned to the people watching and whispering about him "Fire Lord Ozai is dead." he wouldn't tell them about Aang yet, besides, that would be good for them. He heard gasp and cheers and shock on every face he could see. He had wished he had brought his fathers body with him, but he didn't. "So!" one man shouted and stepped up on to the stairs far lower then Zuko he only stepped up about three of them and pointed at the flying bison that had landed in the middle of the throne room "The Avatar was a murderer after all, and you helped him!" he yelled and pointed at Zuko, and everyone nodded in agreement "You helped the murderer kill your own father!" there were shouts of agreement and pleasure as the mixed feelings filled the chamber, Zuko never really thought this part threw he just thought tell the people he is dead challenge Azula for the throne, but if his people didn't like he would fix his country. HE would take the throne. Yelling started, accusing Zuko to be a murderer, accusing Ozai of being a horrible leader, Zuko's ears were ringing from the echoing voices.
"Enough!" Katara's voice rang out, and everyone stopped, deadly silence filled the room as she took her time parting the group, everyone stepped out of her way, and she handled it well, her head held high she reached the stairs and stared at the man who had accused Aang of being a murderer as well as Zuko.
"You." her face was fearless, and full of anger and hatred that he had seen not even a day ago aimed at his father, then him. "You know NOTHING about the Avatar." she also turned to the people. "Avatar Aang didn't kill the Fire Lord."
People burst at her words, hearing mumbles that Zuko was a liar and a traitor, that Azula needed to be Queen, the mumbles grew back to the yelling of the people. "Aang didn't kill the Fire Lord." she yelled "I did. I killed Fire Lord Ozai, because he killed my friend. He banished his own wife and son, almost killed his own son because he refused to fight his father! The man that his killed thousands of his soldiers so he could catch the Avatar. And why did he need the Avatar so badly? Killing him would just start the cycle anyhow! So what was the point! Millions of people, woman and children, and honorable men! all killed for one 14 year old boy! And was it worth it! Think of the people that you lost! You really think your precious Fire Lord was worth it! Because I DO NOT!" she yelled at the people. "Azula is no better!" she looked at Azula who was starring at her with fire almost shooting out of her eyes, and yet she looked amused at the same time. Then she looked at Zuko, the look that she gave him...Zuko didn't know what to call it, it was...sorry? Guilty? She walked up the steps to Zuko and by surprise she grabbed his hand and held it up. "This man is perfect for your country! Not that crazy person sitting on your throne." she looked at Zuko and nodded to him and she gave his hand a squeeze and stepped away. Confused he turned to Azula.
"Azula, I challenge you to a Agni Kai." he said, she wasn't shocked, in seconds the crowd was outside the building and so were Azula and Zuko along with Katara and Jet, Appa, with Aang's body. Azula didn't say anything as Zuko and Azula got in the proper dress and stances. Katara was crouched down next to him, his eyes were closed and hers were wide open with worry.
"Zuko... are you sure?" she asked, she was suppose to help him but he wouldn't no longer hear of it. "I can help." she would try anyway.
"Katara...I'm sorry but your to weak." which was true, she wasn't sure if she would be able to get back up to stand threw this, her body felt so heavy and yet so noodly as well. Zuko opened his golden eyes and looked at her, he smirked. "Why? are you worried about me?" Katara just looked back at him with a honest stare.
"Yes." she said. which caught Zuko off guard, as much as Katara disliked Zuko he had went with her to kill the man who killed her mother, she ended up not being able to do it, after that her heart had opened to Zuko. She still held a little resentment for him chasing Aang and trying to kill them all the time but she understood now, even if she didn't like it.
"I'll be fine, and if not i know i have you to back me up." he smiled at her, a actual smile, and she could tell her eyes widened at him.
"I'll have your back." she confirmed
Then the gong sounded and Zuko got up and turned to face his sister, she shot at him with lightning, he dodged and charged at her, fire shooting from his mouth, something his Uncle had taught him. She dodged as well but just barley, Zuko's foot flew up and shot burst of fire, Azula's hand blocked it and pushed it away, Zuko suddenly remembered something. "The dragon dance." Katara whispered as she saw Zuko start the movements that he and Aang had once done together when they went to get Zuko's firebending back. Each movement was smoother then the first, and yet it was so strong, his fire brighter then ever before, Azula looked so confused. Katara tried to get up but failed she couldn't do it, she wondered where Jet was. She looked around but he was no where to be found, she wished she could get and look, but since she couldn't she looked back to the fight in front of her. Azula had just gotten hit with a huge fire flame that came from Zuko's fist. Azula paused and started to breath heavily two fingers were pointed at Zuko and Azula's stance was unusually wide. She looked back and forth between Zuko and something but Katara wasn't sure what. Then Azula caught Katara's eye, she didn't know how long she held that golden gaze but it was long enough that Zuko, looked away and tried to see what Azula was so interested in. He saw and blocked Katara, but not quickly enough, lightning flew from her hands, quicker then Zuko could move the two feet in front of Katara.
"No!" Zuko had yelled, but it hadn't mattered.
Katara had but up a water shield in font of Zuko the lightning deflected off of him, the lightning followed the water and ran straight into Katara. She held the shield until the lightning stopped but she fell, and Zuko threw one last flame and he lost two people in one minute.
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