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Opened Eyes

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Azula has lost the fight but has Zuko's victory forever been tainted

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Katara was alive, she could feel herself breathing, the air threw her lungs was puffing up her chest, but only a little bit. Katara could die right now, she didnt want to die, not yet anyway, she couldn't open her eyes, and she didnt hear anything. So as she saw the outline of a well known Air Nomad, she panicked and mentally started to chase after him. In her mind she followed him to the land that went from black nothingness to a blinding land that Katara didnt have the words to describe. She watched as gates appeared and Aang walked threw them. He the turned to look at her and tears welled in her eyes as she looked at that face full of life and smiling at her. Gray eyes gazing happily at her.
"Katara, you did a great god on the Fire Lord, im sorry that I left you." he said to her, Katara was about ten feet away from him, she was five feet away from the gate on her side, and he was five feet into the beautiful world that Katara wished with her whole being that she could be a part of. With Aang. But something told her that, that place wasn't for her, she looked at Aang with tears in her eyes that weren't really there. She couldn't go in that world and stay with her brother and father, her friends, Zuko and Jet, anyone for that matter.
"I can't stay Aang." she said
"What? Why? Everything is gonna be okay now Katara no one is left to hurt people, Zuko will fix everything, this was how it suppose to be." behind him avatar Roku showed him self and he nodded in agreement, then slowly Avatars of all the lives appeared. Slowly showimg up to agree with Aang.
"I cant." she repeated
"Very well they all said in unison. "We will give you back your life."
"Katara!" she heard her name being yelled from behind her, a small light was slowly growing bigger, Katara wasn't scared of the light, she welcomed it, and she would live again. The light was so warm and she could feel herself wrapped within that warmth, and Katara wrapped her arms around it and accepted it.

Zuko watched as Katara fell back of the pavement, she had protected him, drew the lightning to herself instead of allowing him to redirect it. This is the second time she had saved him today.
"NO!" he yelled as she dropped, Jet suddenly appeared and caught her before her head slammed on the ground. He ran to her, no this couldnt happen he took her from Jets hands and put her head on his lap. No this isnt suppose to happen to her...
"No..." he whispered "No, no, no you cant do this Katara." he said "I have to pay you back for saving me..not just me but the whole world." he said his head fell and it touched her forehead, his eyes were squeezed shut but he still felt her tears. She was crying? Crying. Crying! She was alive at least. Zuko's head went up and his eyes shot open.
"Katara?" he asked "Katara!" he yelled but it didn't work she wasn't awake. Zuko knew she could hear him so why wasn't she responding to him? The burn on her chest seemed to be less and less deadly each second. Zuko placed his forehead on hers and he looked at her. "Please open your eyes Katara." he said, Zuko looked at the beautiful water bender that gave her life two times today, for him and the world.
That was Zuko and Katara's first kiss. After about a second, Zuko could feel her respond to his lips, then her arms traveled to his shoulders and he thought she would push him away, but it didn't happen, he got yanked down to her, it was strange since she laid on his lap. the kiss was upside down and strange. Zuko loved it. After another second that felt like hours, he lifted his lips away from hers. She stared at him with lakes of crystals. Zuko knew he had lost it, and that he was in for some very mixed up feelings, but right now none of that mattered and Katara was alive and well. He caressed her face and smiled at her.
"Im glad your okay." he said
"Im glad I am to." she blushed
"Katara." Jet said softly "Your okay." he hugged her and she blushed even harder, she was now sitting up and Zuko was right there just in case she wasn't as okay as she looked.
"I am, Jet i need water." sh said "I need to heal myself." she said and Jet started to get up but he shook his head at him.
"No I'll get a healer for you, your too weak and you need to rest." he scooped her up in his arms and look at the crowd. "There has to be a healer somewhere go find one and i'll take her to my old room."
"Prince- Lord Zuko." he turned with Katara clinging to his shirt, he could hear her lightly hissing threw her teeth in pain and it tugged at him. His Uncle stood there with a elderly woman next to him. "This in June Lee nephew, she is a healer." Zuko thanked his uncle.
"Can you help her?" he asked June Lee. the elder woman nodded
"I can." she said Zuko started walking "Better to hurry." she said and caught up with him "Iroh send me my students." she saked and called back to him and he nodded and Zuko picked up the pace.
"Hold on Katara." he said "Dont leave me."
"I wont." she whispered but her eyes were closed
"Open your eyes." he whispered to her "Open them, stay awake."
"I will, im here." she said and barley opened here eyes.
"Thank you Katara, for saving my life, but why did you do that, why...i could have redirected it, you didn't have to do this."
"I know." she whispered and her hand lifted to his face "But something told me to protect you, so I did." she said
"What told you that?" he asked, he had to keep her talking, they were almost to his room now and she didn't answer his question until he placed her on his bed.
"Aang told me to save you." she said and then he was booted out of the room but the twenty students June Lee had requested.
"Aang?" he asked the closed door. "How?"
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